Josua Tenorio Chousal Master on Computing Systems, Automotive Mechanic Engineer & Informatic Administrator Mayor

Metepec, México LindeIN Profile


Give my best to have constant advances and growth by the use of my knowledge learned in my two degrees. Achieve targets that begin with an objective to be achieved.

CERTIFICATIONS & CONFERENCES: IX International Congress  of Engineering Technology Tec of Monterrey campus Veracruz 2008. SIIA (Automotive International Symposium) 2008. SAE Automotive Congress 2009. School from Youth Leadership Institute 2011. Course of 80 hrs. Of Automotive Design in Rigoletti 2012. Certification in CAM, systems CAD CAE for Industrial Applications & Automotive 2013. Operative Systems: Windows from 98 up to Windows 10. RDBMS: Boorland C ++, Visual Basic. Management of Corel video studio x7. Management of Notepad++ for making a WEB site. Management of the 5’s, HTE’s, Poka Yokes, Kaizen, Scrum y Kanban. Certification of CATIA V5 in 4d Reality in Toluca endorsed by the STTP (2016). Sine April 1st taking a course given by Oracle, beggining with programming on Java code.

IDIOMS: Spanish (Natal), English (90/95%) and French (50%).


2008 (March to September) Tune UP Mechanic y practising.

2013 (March to August)

Instituto de la Juventud Puebla Part of the program designated driver. As social service lender.

2014-2015 (November to March) Social service lender in the zone of agreements of the FCA de la UAEM Méx

Robert Bosch Toluca in MSE 6.3 (Manufacture) From March 30 of 2015 to 29 of September 2015 Creator of the intern Bosch web site of MSE 6.3 in English & Spanish. Wish is used worldwide on the Bosch net. Finished a data base on Excel for the drawers of spare parts of the lineas 778-779 of cooling moto ventilators ,Wich the use nowadays.  Informatics Administrator practicing where I also applied my knowledge as Automotive Mechanic Engineer.

BMW ISAR Group. (April 2016 – May 2016) In charge of the technical support on informatics and in charge for the internal server of BMW/ Minicooper of ISAR group.


September 2007-July 2013

Grupo ISIMA Pino Suarez Toluca Campus y Grupo ISIMA  Puebla Campus

Automotive Mechanic Engineer

September 2011-Dicember 2015 ( Title in process 07/06/2016)


Degree as Informatics Administrator

March 2014-March 2016

Grupo ISIMA  Bravo Campus

Master on Computing Systems

Finished March 18 2016 with the first place in grades average of the generation.


09,2007/06,2013 7.8/10 at Grupo ISIMA Toluca and Pueb la

Automotive Mechanic Engineer, recent protest of my title.

09,2011/12,2015 8.4/10 at UAEM mex FCA

Grade taken on distance mode by web.
Informatics Administration Mayor

03,2014/03,2016 9.4/10 at Grupo ISIMA Posgrades

Master on Computing Systems
Finished with the best average grades of the generation