justus mwesigye security officer

united arab emirates
health and safetysecurity

A highly competent, self motivated and well trained security officer. Organizes and implements the safety management system and maintains safety standards in a professional manner. Excellent communication skills in languages like English, Arabic, African and so on. Proficient in computer with Microsoft application and general networking.
Three years at snow white security systems in day to day security service where I managed to obtain skills like; monitoring and searching vehicles and people, monitoring premises, monitoring and assuring safe work conditions at work places, ensuring the employees compliance to company rules and regulations , CCTV monitoring, law and order.
Three (3) years as a security officer at snow white security services, in general security ,CCTV monitoring, incident investigation, site inspection, security monitoring and so on
Four(4) years as an oil and gas field service worker at Abu Dhabi company for onshore oil operations(ADCO) in preventive, corrective maintenance.
A certificate by NEBOSH management in occupational health safety and environment UK)-2015
A certificate by the Institute of occupational safety and health (IOSH managing safely -UK)- 2014
A certificate in fire fighting and prevention by orient management consulting and training (Abu Dhabi)-2014
A certificate in first aiding and lifesaving by Orient management consulting and training (Abu Dhabi)-2014
A certificate in Hydrogen sulphide gas and BA awareness by Gulf human resource
development (Abu Dhabi) – yearly
The Uganda advanced certificate of education.- 2009
The Uganda certificate of education.-2007

Highly trained in risk assessment.
High competency in accident dangerous occurrence and near miss investigation.
Site inspection, hazard identification and their control measures.
Ability to increase safety performance on continual basis.
Monitoring and maintain safety gears and equipment.
Implementation of all safety control provisions.
Making others aware of their safety responsibilities.
Improve of all unsafe working conditions.
Promoting of positive health and safety culture in the organisation.
Ensuring all adequate safety equipment are used.
Ensuring the use of proper and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)
Advising on all safety issue like remedial actions to be carried out after an incident.
Inspection of equipment, machines and plant.
Conducting of required safety training like pre-employment safety induction
Provision of first aid to the injured personnel
Fire fighting
Construction inspection and supervision like road, building, plant and so on.
Ability to interpret technical information and safety standards
Ensure safe working procedures to avoid injuries at work.
Preventive maintenance inspections to plants and machines
Assessing of the real hazards in the workplace and advice on the controls where necessary.
Report work hazards and advice on the remedial actions.