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Meresa Kahsay Kiross
17 Kebelle street, Mekelle Tigray, Ethiopia
Certified Electrical Engineer with 8+ work experience working with Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, primary focus on Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and Power System.
Summary of Skills
Dedicated Electrical Engineer with experience in:
Electronics circuit tracing and troubleshooting, building installation and quantity estimating, industrial and residential wiring, electrical system troubleshooting and maintenance,
MOREE (maintenance or repair of electrical and electronics equipments), office equipments, control system circuit making with contactors and PLC programming,
Software installation on windows, electrical motor and generator maintenance and repair
Auto electrician such as ignition system, lighting system and starting system of any vehicle
Transformer and motor winding and design, creating circuit from operation of control system, wiring of control system,
Programming c++, Networking, object oriented, math lab, Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel,
Microsoft power point, outlook. Platforms: PC, windows vista, windows xp, windows 2000
Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities and posses a wide range of technical skills
Able to run Engineering projects from inception to success.
Preparing, reading and interpreting technical information.
Posses strong analytical troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
Excellent communication with strong organization and time management
Accuracy responsibility and accountability excellent attention to details and well organized
Enjoy being part of a team, as well as managing and motivating and training a productive team and thrives in high pressure and challenging working environment.

Professional Experience
Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Mekelle Tigray
CNS Technician II (Supervisor) Jan 2011 to present
Air traffic control communications systems such as HF and VHF radio communication systems, and related facilities, including: Localizer and Glide slope Antennae, Distance Measuring Equipment, Primary Surveillance Radar, Secondary Surveillance Radar, Voice Communications and Control Systems, and other related facilities are maintained and operated and all senior technicians work under the supervision of the CNS technician II.
Review and/or Prepare NAVAIDs and/or ATC Communications Related Studies
Design digital plus analog circuit complying with civil aviation specifications.
Interact with PCB (printed circuit board) and mechanical designers with respect to finished circuitry packaging.
Arrange and involve in electrical Design Reviews.
Search and test electronics related new technologies and parts.
Report clearly and precisely on test results and work status in verbal and writing.
Manage and monitor prototype activity from parts selection by actual build.
Evaluate and identify existing products issues if any.
Assist in part plus component research and searches.
Develop and establish test fixtures for electronic systems production along with development work.
Assist production issues troubleshooting on current subassemblies and concluding assemblies.
Electrical / Electronics Technician II Feb 2009 to Jan 2011

Performs routine and complex preventive and remedial maintenance on assigned Range systems and other associated electronic equipment to the component level, as well as troubleshooting complex problems and providing guidance to other technicians as required. The equipment includes, but is not limited to, electronic transmitting and receiving equipment, digital and analog circuits and computers, industrial measuring and controlling equipment, microwave amplifiers and transmission lines, high voltage power supplies and keying circuits, indicators and displays, and camera/antenna positioning systems.
Applies technical knowledge of electronics principles in determining equipment malfunctions and applies skills in restoring equipment operations.
Applies comprehensive technical knowledge to solve complex problems by interpreting manufacturers’ manuals, technical orders, or similar documents.
Performs basic fabrication and/or installation tasks for the construction of mechanical and electronic assemblies for electronic equipment using detailed technical documentation, data and procedures.
Operates assigned electronic equipment and Range systems in accordance with detailed operating instructions.
Prepares and maintains accurate maintenance management and operations documentation.

Electrical / Electronics Technician I Jul 2008 to Feb 2009
Troubleshoots and repairs mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical/electronic equipment, including programmable controls, numeral controls, power supplies, drives, gages and test equipment.
Plans and performs work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical/electronic and mechanical theories and principles, writing specifications, local and national electrical codes, properties of various materials, and principles of operation and application of electronic equipment.
Installs, starts up and shuts down equipment in accordance with company safety procedures for machine activation and shutdown and in line with OSHA requirements.
Advises operators and line mechanics of operation procedures and requirements for working safely with electrical/electronic and mechanical equipment and components.
Informs appropriate management and line mechanics of potential electrical/mechanical problems and inherent dangers involved.
Maintains company-required performance and maintenance records for identified equipment.
Performs preventive maintenance functions as directed.
Assists maintenance personnel with technical troubleshooting.
Assists and trains other maintenance and other technical-level employees.

Electrical Electronics Engineer I Sep 2007 to Jul 2008
Provide technical guidance to lower level technicians. Performs other related duties as required
Design, prepare, install, execute and maintain electricity power-producing equipment.

Ensure activities are constant with program critical path and respond suitably to changing priorities.
Control activities and assigned tasks to accomplish agreed objectives.
Perform throughout product development life cycle beginning from research level breadboards followed by functional prototypes to production equipment.
Convey project objectives and schedule along with updates
Tests and trouble-shoots electrical components by applying the theory of operation of transistors, solid state components, integrated circuits, motors, servos, power transmissions, and other electrical devices utilizing electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, blue prints, color codes, publications, and other technical data.
Troubleshoot repairs, aligns, and calibrates audio equipment and voice communication systems to the component level, utilizing schematics, theory of operation, general and system.
Nav-Aid Technician Jan 2007 to Sep 2007

Evaluate and oversee design and construction projects involving non-visual Navigational Aids.
Prepare performance specifications for non-visual NAVAIDs Direct Technical Staff Working on Design of NAVAIDs and Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications Systems
Review/Develop Design, Construction Packaging and Phasing Alternatives for NAVAIDs and/or ATC Communications Components of Aviation Development Projects
Interface with Clients regarding NAVAID and/or ATC Communication Systems components of Aviation Projects.

Ethiopian Institute of Technology Mekelle (Mekelle University)
Masters degree in Communication Engineering CGPA 3.38/4. Feb. /2016
Mekelle University
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering CGPA 3.11/4. July/2011
Maichew Technical College
Advanced Diploma in Electrical Technology CGPA 2.97/4. July/2005

Certification and trainings

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Training Center
AMHS(Automatic message Handling System)
VOR(Very high frequency Omni-directional radio range) and DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
High frequency (HF) and Very high frequency (VHF) radios
Solid state devices and their applications