Karen Mira Forensic Biology Graduate

Crime Scene InvestigationDNA AnalysisDNA mixtures interpretationEvidence evaluationEvidence examinationEvidence interpretationLaboratory workReport writing

I am a highly motivated MSc Forensic Science graduate from the University of Strathclyde, specialized in Forensic Biology and with practical and laboratory experience in various techniques applied to forensics, from the examination of evidence for biological fluids, to the interpretation of DNA profiles. With a strong interest in the forensic field and curiosity of learning forensic science abroad, I undertook my 3rd year of my bachelor’s in England as part of an Erasmus exchange program, where I continued developing my forensic knowledge. Disciplined, organized, perfection, adaptation and attention to detail, are adjectives that define me.


Sept 2017/Nov 2018 MSc Forensic Science (Forensic Biology) at University of Strathclyde, UK

Main Subjects: Impression and Biological Evidence, Policing and Criminal Law, Crime Scene Investigation and Management, DNA and DNA Mixtures, Evaluation of evidence, Expert Witness, Writing Court Reports

A crime scene exercise was performed, from the collection of evidence at the scene, to laboratory examination and report writing, ending with defense of report in court. The specialization in biology gave me the knowledge of DNA analysis, including extraction, quantification, amplification and the interpretation of DNA profiles using GeneMapper, familiarizing us with the possible artifacts that may appear. Also, the interpretation of DNA mixtures, evaluation of DNA evidence and writing court reports. Trough laboratory work and during the crime scene exercise, I have developed strong practical and organisational skills, sense of responsibility, time planning, team communication and the effectiveness of building good relationship with others.

Oct 2016/July 2017 PGDip in Forensic Biochemistry at Egas Moniz University Institute, Portugal

Main subjects: Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Palynology, Crime Scene Investigation, Law

During this year, several were the international professionals invited to lecture various modules. Practical skills and knowledge in crime scene investigation and court testimony. Use of forensic lights and instrumental analysis (GC-MS) with interpretation of results.

Sept 2015/Oct 2016 BSc in Forensic and Criminal Science (Study mobility program) at Nottingham Trent University, UK

A mobility program for studies was done at NTU, having obtained a final classification of 70.1 %.

Skills acquired:
– Strong law knowledge
– Editing and analysing images in a forensic context (eg. checking whether the document was changed, the actual size of an object, overlapping two handwriting to determine if it was written by the same person)
– Forensic photography
– Crime scene analysis, impression evidence and documentation
– Practical cases in forensic toxicology

Research project: “The impact of caffeine on blowfly fecundity and survival”. Aim was to observe the ability of flies to lay eggs and their survival in control cultures and in cultures containing different concentrations of caffeine. This study aimed to verify if caffeine affects the behaviour of the flies, influencing the post-mortem interval.

Sept 2013/Oct 2016 BSc in Forensic and Criminal Science at Egas Moniz University Institute, Portugal


Fev 2019/Fev 2019 Waitress at Restaurant Raízes, Portugal
Jan 2018/Jun 2018 Waitress at Alla Turca Alla Italia, Scotland, UK

Working as a waitress while studying strengthened the ability to manage my time and work as a team, improving communication and organizational skills. Also, the interaction with the customers gave me more confidence and the ability of problem solving when facing daily challenges.

Aug 2019/Present Recepcionist at "Mosteiro do Leitão" Restaurant

Performing a recepcionist job at a recognized restaurant, where I welcome the customers and allocate them to their table, doing also the payments at the end of their service.