karen hernandez Payroll Specialist



Full Name:                                          KAREN D HERNANDEZ, MBA

Current Designation:                     Payroll Specialist – HR Services, Human Capital Division

Present Company:                          Air Materiel Wing Savings and Loan Association Inc. (AMWSLAI)

Cor Boni Serrano and 18th Avenues, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines





Over 15 years of work experience in Financial Institutions and Human Resources Management
Knowledge of payroll principles, practices, regulations and procedures.
Skills in performing detailed computations and reports.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to communicate with different levels of management.
Customer-oriented, innovative, hardworking and an excellent team player.
High emotional intelligence and quickly establish credibility with stakeholders.
High degree of professionalism.
Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
Recommends in the development of new procedures and policies related to payroll operations and compensation and benefits.


Air Materiel Wing Savings and Loan Association Inc (AMWSLAI)

Payroll Specialist – HR Services

Human Capital Division

June 2008 – present


Duties and Functions:


Responsibility 1 – Payroll Processing and Benefits Administration
§  Administers payroll system of the Association using HRIS.

§  Processes payroll and other allowances or incentives (if any) of the employees.

§  Ensures accuracy of payroll data computation prior posting. He/she updates employees’ records regarding changes on exemptions, insurance coverage, loan payment, other deductions, paid time not worked, status or rank, vacation earned, suspensions and etc. and also reconciles errors.

§  Prepares summary of report of earnings and deductions. Compiles and maintains all payroll data.

§  Ensures payroll cut-off has been followed.

§  Ensures that the salary has been credited on a timely basis.

§  Prepares schedule of bi-monthly reports for paid loans, capital contributions/savings deposits/special products and other accountabilities.

§  Records and maintains data concerning transfer of employee between departments or branches resulting to benefits and allowances adjustments.

§  Maintains confidentiality of employees’ salary. Confers with immediate superior on matters relating to salary computations, salary rates, fringe benefits, bonuses and other remunerations.

§  Submits extracted report to our bank for crediting of net pay to ATM accounts.

§  Prepares and submits monthly reports on payroll costs per department/branch to accounting.

§  Handles monthly reporting and posting of contributions and payment of loans to Social Security System (SSS), and Home Mutual Development Fund (HMDF or Pagibig). Likewise, monitors remittances to Philhealth.

§  Keeps abreast with Bureau of Internal Revenue, SSS, Philhealth, PagIBIG, Department of Labor and Employment wage orders and other government implementing rules and regulations on statutory benefits and inform his/her immediate head on the new memorandums/orders (if any) that would affect the Association.

§  Computes annual allowances such as clothing, educational and the likes.

§  Prepares computation of employees SL/VL, 13th month pay, and year-end tax refund/payable.

§  Computes maximum loanable amount and Single Borrowers Limit for employee loans.

§  Computes separation pay and remaining leave credits.

b.      Responsibility 2 – Total Compensation Management System

§  Conducts research on emerging trends, issues and best practices on implementing total               compensation.

§  Conduct research on pay, benefits and allowances based on current job market value across the              same industry.

§  Participates in salary and labor market survey to determine prevailing pay rates and benefits of                other organizations.

§  Conducts research on market salary data to develop salary structures applicable to the Association.  Likewise, provides inputs for salary range structures and recommends cost     effective allowances and market-based benefits.

§  Ensures all job grades are aligned according to pay scales.  Designs salary classification and           compensation programs.

§  Recommends necessary inputs relative to rewards program.

§  Assists the unit in the implementation of the annual manpower budget.

§  May conduct surveys and analysis regarding compensation within the Association to gauge         equity.

c.       Responsibility 3 – Others

§  Prepares authority to disburse for signature of the Assistant Vice President of Human Capital Division and the Chairman for submission to Accounting and Finance Division.

§  Prepares the annual budget of the Division.

§  Drafts memos and other correspondences pertaining to payroll and benefits.

§  Acts as witness when releasing separation pay to employees.

§  Performs other tasks as may be assigned.

Employee Relations – HR Services

Human Capital Division

April 2016 – present


a. Responsibility 1 – Industrial/labor relations


Reviews and analyzes incident reports on employee violations at hand and recommends possible action/sanctions to be undertaken.
Prepares notices to explain or to inquire (for HR related policies).
Prepares drafts of sanctions or disciplinary actions or memos concerning employee violation in accordance with Association’s Code of Discipline.
Assists immediate head in formal consultation procedures on variety of issues as required and provided for by law.
Keeps abreast with newly implemented policies of DOLE and informs the management. He/she analyzes and recommends possible changes/updates on the Association’s Code of Discipline in accordance with the Philippine Labor Code and industry practices in labor relations.
Implements and cascades Association policies pertaining to industrial/labor relations.
b. Responsibility 2 – Employee Relations


Gathers information concerning employee attitudes, morale, and efficiency relative to the development or creation employee engagement programs (wellness activities, recreational facilities, and other initiatives), which encourage creativity and productivity of the workforce.
Initiates and recommends activities/programs for employee motivation and satisfaction as a form of engagement to the Association.
Assists in the preparation of company activities. Coordinates the venue, prepares materials, selects caterers and checks all other logistics needed to ensure smooth conduct of any activity.
c. Responsibility 3 – Others


Prepares/drafts communications or correspondences as required.
Performs other related tasks assigned from time to time.
Employee Services Associate

Human Capital Division

February 2007 – May 2008


Duties and Responsibilities:



Maintains and manages timekeeping records of employees.
Encodes leave applications of employees in Peopleware system.
Maintains updated and accurate leave chart of employees.
Verifies authority for overtime filed by employees.
Prepares timely and accurate report of unused leave and submits to the concerned department for commutation.
Process and prepare payroll of employees based on timekeeping records.
Prepares monthly report on tardiness and prepares correspondence to employees who incurred more than 3 times of tardiness in a month.
Answers queries to employees on timekeeping issues.
Employee Insurances

Ensures employees are covered/enrolled under the life insurance provider of the Association.
Receives enrollment/updating forms relative to employee’s insurance coverage.
Prepares correspondence on reporting new/terminated employees to the insurance company.
Checks insurance billings and ensure the amounts to be paid are correct before submitting to the Accounting Department.

Prepares correspondence relative to employee benefits.
Reviews and analyzes company benefits and welfare program and make necessary recommendations.
Recommends procedures, conceptualizes guidelines and policies to improve the benefit system of the Association.
Attends to inquiries of employees and manage to transfer phone calls to appropriate department and deliver messages in absence of the concerned person and respond to all queries for organization.
Receives updating/enrollment forms for Pagibig, SSS and Philhealth. Receives loan applications for Pagibig and SSS.
Coordinates with uniform provides for purchase/productions of office uniforms of employees.
Prepares contracts and board resolutions.
Prepare mission and travel order of employees.
Provides assistance during corporate events of the company.
Performs other related tasks as maybe assigned by the immediate superiors.
Administrative Assistant

Executive Office

February 2003 – January 2007


Office of the Chairman and President
Handles and relieves the department from administrative work.
Prepares and summarizes reports; provides statistical analysis and comparison.
Prepares correspondence of replies and memorandum.
Schedules appointments and discusses with immediate superior his availability and priority schedule. Confirms and arranges with the concerned department or visitor, the immediate superior’s availability.
Handle VIP’s concern/inquiries. Ensures inquiries are properly addressed or endorsed to the concerned department/personnel.
Sorts and routes communications and coordinates with messenger correspondence, reports or documents for mailing or delivery.
Handles and ensures organization of department’s records/files; files and keeps correspondences and other pertinent records.
Answers telephone calls and give information to callers or routes call to appropriate personnel and places outgoing calls.
Arranges travel schedules and reservations.
Maintains an updated telephone and address directory of frequently called numbers.
Office of the Corporate Secretary
Transcribes minutes of the meetings of the committees and board meetings.
Keeps and secures the records (voice files for transcription and hard copies) pertaining to regular, special and committee meetings, general membership and elections.
Provides copies of minutes of meetings of Board of Trustees for confirmation.
Assists in the preparation of all pertinent documents needed prior to board and committee meetings.
Organizes files of the Board of Trustees’ meetings and other related documents/reports.
Prepares action items taken from board or committee meetings for approval of the Chairman and President and disseminate the same to the concerned departments for compliance and/or appropriate actions.
Ensures that all documents and communications for signature of the Corporate Secretary are signed.
Receives all communications addressed to the Office of the Corporate Secretary.
Prepares outgoing communications of the Office of the Corporate Secretary.
Attend to the orders/instructions of the Corporate Secretary.
Performs other related duties that may be assigned by the immediate superiors.
Data Encoder

Billing and Collection Department

November 2001 – January 2003


Compiles and organize data to process and enter into databases.
Code documents correctly and accurately to process and assess members accounts.
Sort work orders and key them into the appropriate database.
Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the immediate superiors.


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy                                                         2001

De La Salle Lipa


Master in Business Administration                                                                           2016

Trinity University of Asia




Status                   : Married

Date of Birth      : 14 December 1979

Residence           :  # 95 10th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Mobile                  : +639205563694

Email                     : [email protected]




Service Excellence Awardee (Staff Level)                              June 2012

Service Excellence Awardee (Staff Level)                              June 2015


I hereby affirm that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.