Kathleen C Faustino Personnel Management

I can do a Multitasking Job

Good Day!

I’am Kathleen C. Faustino, graduated a 4 years degree bachelor of science  business administration major in Human Resource Management.

Here’s my Personal Info.

Birthdate: November 28, 1996

Age: 22 y/o

Height: 5’5

Weight: 60 kg.

Citizenship: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

My work Experience

I worked in a fastfood chain for almost 3 years while Im studying. But last year, the hotel near in my previous work, wanted to hired me as Receptionist in there hotel. That’s why I worked now in a Hotel while continuing my study until I graduated. And now, I’am applying a job in Canada as a Personnel management to be able to use my knowledge and skills.




2014-December 2019 Graduated a Bachelor of Science Business Administration major in Human Resource Management at Santa Isabel College of Manila


December 18, 2018 up to the present Receptionist at Citystate Hotel