BudgetingFinancial Analysisforecasting

ü  Financial Forecasting for long range plans (3+9,6+6,9+3);

ü  Oversee/Supervise Liaison officer & Admin Clerk for day to day activities, including Government filings, procurement of monthly supplies, maintenance works of the building, recording of received invoices, and Issuance of checks to vendors;

ü  Accounts and Manages the end-to-end daily operations of Procure-to-Pay process with timeliness and accuracy;

o   Onboarding new vendors and tax type classifications;

o   Raising Purchase Orders, monitoring & Tracking PO balances, Uplifting POs;

o   Processing of invoices, ensure correct GL codes are booked;

o   Initiate the payment run for the aged vouchers for payment, ensure no double payment during the run, ensure the withholding taxes are correct and lists are already due for payment;

ü  Review and analyze day-to-day activities recorded in GL and subledgers of vendors & customers;

ü  Maintain lapsing of prepaid expenses;

ü  Prepares month end reporting process through monthly Journal Entries:

o   Submission of monthly Accruals and Amortizations;

o   Submission of Journal entries for other adjustments or reclassifications before closing;

o   Allocation of expenses per Department or Functional Unit;

o   Review and analyze Journal entries posted in the General Ledger per GL Code;

o   Ensuring correct accounting dimensions are recorded;

o   Review the costs per Functional Unit/department;

ü  Submits monthly report of Plan versus Actual expenses and YTD Forecasts & Provide meaningful explanations for financial variances & performance results;

ü  Track & Control T&E expenses (Cash Advances & Expense Reports);

ü  Analyze expense reports for cash advance liquidation and prepare journal entry;

ü  Review Monthly Balance Sheet and Bank Reconciliation;

ü  Files Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Government Statutory reports;

o   Review summary of taxes for remittance (Expanded, Final Taxes, Compensation taxes, VAT);

ü  Perform Intercompany Billing and Reconciliation and communicate with counterparts from different countries;

ü  Assists cash forecasting and ensure that the company has enough cash for day to day activities;

ü  Assist the auditor for schedules needed during annual audit;

ü  Track Fixed Asset Monitoring and monthly depreciations;

ü  Submits Annual Air Travel Summary and Carbon Emission: Reporting on Facility for CBRE Corporate Sustainability Compliance;

ü  Performs Annual Business Planning