Kier M Polistico Food and beverages

I can communicate verry well i cal speak 4 languages such

Polistico, Kier M.
Permanent address; Marinig blk 18 lot 64 Cabuyao, Laguna Philippines,
Present address: Saudi City of riyadh
Mobile Number: +966581735904
Email Add: [email protected]


I want to expand my knowledge abilities and learn many things,That are useful to my career at the shortest possible time so that i can contribute most to the company i also want to deal with the other people.


Permanent Address: Southville Marinig blk 18 lot 64 Cabuyao, Laguna

Present Address: Saudi City of riyadh KSA
Birthdate: January 6, 1992 Birth
Place : Ampayon Butuan City
Height : 5’8’’ ft.
Weight : 70 kls
Sex : Male
Civil Status : Single
Religion: Roman Catholic
Nationality : Filipino


Elementary: Cabuyao Central 2000-2006
High School: Southville 1 National High School 2006-2010
College: Don Bosco Institute of Arts and Sciences
Course: Computer programming


Position: Service Crew/Dining/Cashier team leader
Company: Adobo Connection Address:
Address SM Sta. Rosa Laguna
Date: April 9, 2012

Position: Customer service representative ( call center agent )
Company: Teleperformance:
Address: shaw bullivard mandaluyong city
Date: June 25, 2012 – january 29, 2013
Reason for Leaving: Resigned

Posistion: Customer service representative ( call center agent )
Company name: Teletec
Address: Alabang city
Date: March 6, 2012– Febuary 15, 2013
Reason for Leaving: Resigned

Position: Customer service representative ( call center agent )
Company name: EGS Expert global solution
Address: Centris quezon city
Date hired: April 16– january 30, 2015
Reason for leaving: resigned

Position: Barista
Company Name: Coffee day
Address: Saudi City of Riyadh (KSA)
Date hired: Febuary 18 2015
Reason for leaving: up to present

Training Center: Interlink Manpower Development
Duration: August 20- 24, 2012
Address: Suites 405-406 Topas Building, 99-101 Kamias Road, Quezon City, Philippines
Title: Food And Beverage Training and Workshop in Food and Beverage Hotel Operation


➢ Strong knowledge in all the areas of customer service including, restaurant and hotel. Excellent relationship building with customers, very reliable and professional person, wide skills in management. ➢ Strong leadership skills and capability to motivate and manage staff to accomplish great results. ➢ Expert in planning, expense control, cost analysis, training, staffing, and quality management.
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