Another sky is young…
Another frozen future has passed.
Another breed, another cast.
The rivers will run, brought to life by the sun, the circle is still unbroken.
Oh, what a sight to see.
Reborn life, destined for all eternity.
Hail the king!
For he has chosen not to drain the godsent child, a gift from the skies of life divine.
Now we know.
A glimpse of hope grow inside, a change of tide.
Answered prayers of survival.
The offspring of the unknown gods beautifies the aura of this dying breed.
So they succeed in their quest for continued time.
The knowledge of the everlasting, never-dying.
Cursed to be walking in the shadows of death for a lifetime.
No more fears for what the years will bring.
Rebuild the shattered dream.
And now a brighter future has come, another end remains undone and an era begins,
bringing life free from sins.
Oh, it’s a token, the circle is broken.
(The drop of blood from her mouth slowly fell down to the ground.
The child inside dried her out. The king’s beloved is no more.)

The chosen one felt the time had come to show the world what had grown within.
This day of life, a sacred moment in time, when joy and pain collide.
It takes a life to create a life.
Now she’s gone.
Anger and hate.