kuku wasiu waiter

glassware and crockery.

Provided customer services for up to eighty customers everyday.  Assisted customer in menu determinations.  Served dishes at tables according to order.  Recommended wines and other drinks to customers.  Assisted the manager to clean and close the restaurants after the hours.  Attended monthly staff meetings and tr aining sessions.  Answer guest queries in a polite and helpful manner.  Clearing cutlery and dishes away from tables.  Passing food orders through to the kitchen staff promptly.  Ensuring all hotel corridors are kept clear from rubbish, glassware and crockery.


August 2013 – April 2015 head waiter at PREMIER HOTEL, IBADAN, NIGERIA.


oct 2015-dec 2016 general helper at NATIONAL CORPORATION TOURISM & HOTEL, ABU DHABI. December 2016 GENERAL HELPER

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