Laarni A. Awkit Nurse and Medical Technologist

Baguio City, Philippines

Laarni A. Awkit, RMT, RN

KD-17, Cruz, La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

Mobile: +639193241741   [email protected]



·         Graduate in BSMT (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology) and BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

·         Licensed Medical Technologist and Nurse

·         Flexible and easy to adapt at work.

·         Accomplishes job on time and tries best to produce the most satisfying outcome.

·         Willing to learn and master what is needed to achieve best results.



Assisted in the treatment of patients (with an internal medicine and neurologist doctor) whose ages range from thirteen to elderly; keeping the schedule of patients for appointments, laboratory tests, and follow-up check-ups.(From the year 2011 to 2017)

·         Focused care and assistance to patients with chronic illness, who are disabled, with emergent needs, and the elderly. Provided health teaching for preventive measures by advising and educating patients about the importance of proper diet, hygiene and other effective methods for disease prevention.

·         Assisted in executing diagnostic tests and patient preparation for further analysis and investigation of patient conditions.

·         Developed rapport with patients in order for them to share any concerns or questions.

·         Assisted in the initial administration of prescribed courses of treatment, which includes pharmaceutical medications.

·         Drafted and composed outgoing correspondence including reports for managers.

·         Negotiated with pricing from vendors concerning wholesale billing and other marketing procedures.

·         Kept organized documentation and records of prescription refill information for office of two (2) physicians (Internal Medicine/Adult Disease Specialist and a Neurologist).

·         Scheduled laboratory tests, x-rays, ecg, ultrasound, and other procedures (including Physical Therapy) for patients with the necessary preparations for each specific test.

·         Assisted in book keeping.

·         Assisted in dispensing and monitoring of pharmaceutical products and other medical supplies.




Rainbow Valley Drugstore and Laboratories                                      From 2003 to 2007

(As a Pharmacist Assistant and Medical technologist)

The Generics Pharmacy                                                                      From 2010 to 2011

(As a Pharmacist Assistant)

Benguet Specialist Clinic And Laboratories/Enpalapalad Diagnostic Center

(As a Physician Assistant, Medical Technologist, Nurse, and Secretary)

From 2011 to Present




Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines                                               March 1992 – May 1996

BS Medical Technology

National University, Baguio City, Philippines                                              March 2007 – March 2010

BS Nursing




Licensure examination for Medical Technologist                                     September 1 and 8, 1996



Licensure examination for Nursing                                                                                      July, 2010






DR. MANUEL P. KELLY JR. (Internal Medicine, Adult Disease Specialist)

Owner and Manager of Benguet Specialist Clinical Laboratories/ Enpalapalad Diagnostic Center

Phone number: +639179305447



Physician @ Benguet Specialist Clinical Laboratories/ Enpalapalad Diagnostic Center

Phone number: +639275659636