Lea Jeane Bacay Rimando Engineer


Professional Work Experience:


1.    Company                   :           Engineering and Research International LLC

M40/119, Mussafah Industrial City, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Position                   :           Projects Engineer / QA Engineer

Duration                  :           July 2009 to September 2018


Scope of Responsibilities:


As Projects Engineer

–        Review all Client queries and preparation of technical & commercial proposals which shall meet the project specifications and requirements by the Client.

–        Review contracts, LPO, and other documents prior to sign the final agreement.

–        Coordination with suppliers and subcontractors.

–        Assist and support the Country/Technical Manager on daily project activities including commercial pricing.

–        Preparation of method statement, risk assessment for obtaining client approval.

–        Direct coordination with client in any technical & commercial aspects.

–        Submitting of relevant documents for obtaining NOC’s and providing instructions to Geologist/Supervisor in the field operation.

–        Preparation of project information sheet and other documents for proceeding to site work and regular monitoring and coordination with Supervisor/Geologist.

–        Preparation of draft geotechnical report prior to review of geotechnical manager.

–        Raising of PO for internal use for supplier and subcontractor.

–        Preparation of invoice to be submitted to Client as per the actual work completed in compliance to contract agreement.


Other Duties

–        Business Development which includes telephone and personal meeting with Clients for project requirements and other concerns.

–        Updating Company prequalification and registration with government agencies, oil & gas, etc.

–        Direct communication with current Clients to ensure a long term and future business.


As Quality Representative

–        Developing, implementing, communicating and maintaining a quality plan to bring the Company’s Quality Systems and Policies into compliance with the quality system requirements.

–        Promoting quality achievement, performance and improvement throughout the organization.

–        Establishing quality objectives and ensuring that targets are achieved.

–        Preparing staff training schedule.

–        Conducting and ensuring that all quality audits are implemented in accordance with the programmed schedule.

–        Following up with customer complaints, corrective and preventive actions.

–        Setting up and maintaining control of quality records or documentation.

–        Attending Management Review Meetings.

–        Conducting internal audits as per ISO quality system.

–        Ensuring all departments follow and comply Company Quality Manual including national, international standards and legislation.

–        Maintaining and implementation of document control system as per the company procedure.






2.    Company                   :           Matrix Laboratory LLC

P.O. Box 11591, Al Qusais Industrial 5, Dubai, U.A.E)

Position                   :           Geotechnical Engineer

Duration                  :           May 2006 to June 2009


Scope of Responsibilities:

–     All day to day operational matters of site inspection, daily drilling work program, work orders to drillers, and laboratory testing program for geotechnical investigation projects.

–        Performing site visits & prepares site inspection reports.

–        Conducting internal audits in the laboratory

–        Checking calibration certificates of the laboratory equipment

–        Visual description of disturbed, undisturbed and split spoon samples.

–        Preparation of draft borehole logs based on visual description and laboratory test results.

–        Checking Client specification compliance with site works.

–        Answering all Clients inquiries or doubts with regards to report.

–        Preparing reports for soil investigation in accordance with BS 5930 per Dubai Municipality requirements.

–        Recommending type of foundations depending on the type of structure which will be established.

–        Calculating allowable bearing pressure for shallow and raft foundations.

–        Calculating allowable compression and uplift loads for a particular pile diameter.

–        Giving soil profile and soil parameters as per building code 1997.



3.      Company                    :           Verman Construction and Marine Services


Position                   :           Civil Engineer

Duration                  :           June 2005 to April 2006


Scope of Responsibilities:

–           Attend meeting and bidding conferences.

–           Monitor accomplishment or progress of work and daily activities.

–           Monitor materials needed for all project.

–           Monitor over all status of the company.

–           Design and estimate.

–           Prepare progress billing.

–           Prepare a work schedule and shop drawings.

–           Check all drawings as per actual works.

–           Prepare bar cutting schedules.

–           Prepare all construction data prior to construction

–           Attend pre-bidding and submitted quotation at Herma Shipyard in Bataan

on the following project:

o   Proposed 30,000 DWT Drydock.

o   Dismantling and Relocation of Warehouse.

o   Construction of Perimeter Fence along Barangay Bato-Bato.

o   Rehabilitation of Ex-Foundry Building.

o   Construction of Cyclone Wire.

o   Perimeter Fence along Admin Building.

–           Do some necessary documentation as needed on Malaysia Project such as:

a.  1000 units UKM housing project.

b.  Reclamation of Jelutong Project.



4.      Company                    :           F.F. Cruz & Shimizu (J.V.) Corporation


Position                   :           Apprentice / Quantity Surveyor

Project                     :           Batangas Port Project – Phase II

Extension of Pier and Container Terminal Berths

Duration                  :           June to October 2004


Scope of Responsibilities

–        Take charge of survey works with the aid of survey team.

–        Monitor accomplishment, manpower, equipment. Checking drawings as per actual works of rebar installation, earthworks, form setting and concreting of pile caps

–        Estimate concrete and prepare pouring request assignments.



2000/2005 BS Civil Engineering at Batangas State University


2009/2018 Projects / Quality Engineer at Engineering & Research International LLC
2006/2009 Geotechnical Engineer at Matrix Laboratory