Lealita Miranda Quantity Surveyor

New Zealand
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Philippines, 1715                      Email:      [email protected]



OBJECTIVES:  Continue learning and be upgraded with incoming advance technologies in many phases of building construction.



·         30 years of experience in quantity surveying, supervision of engineering design activities and worked in building construction.

·         Supervision in the field of construction both in vertical and horizontal projects.

·         Knowledge and experience in quantity-take-off, estimating, budget & cost preparation  and cost control including in document controls, contracts, evaluating subcontractor’s billings,  filings, inventories  and other office works.



August 15, 2005 ~ Present

Freelance QS / Estimator (Homebased)


Job Description:

·         Prepares list of scope of works, quantity take-off of materials, bill of quantities, terms and general conditions, other attachments for the contract which includes technical specifications, permits and safety requirements, explanations.

·         Prepares documents needed for securing building, electrical, sanitary and fire protection permits prior to start of construction.

·         Carefully considers samples and availability of finishes for client’s approval.

·         Makes an ocular site inspections at the proposed site of construction.

·         Other technical duties that made necessary.


July 1997 ~ August 15, 2005

Assistant Quantity Surveyor


Pacific Star Bldg. Se. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City

Projects Undertaken:     MRT-3 Buendia Station, MRT-3 Depressed 1-3

MRT-3 Trackworks (from Pasay road to Pasay rotunda)

LRT2 DEPOT Marcos Highway Santolan, Pasig City


January 1996 ~ July 1997

Senior Quantity Surveyor


Vernida  Bldg. Amorsolo St. Legaspi Village, Makati City

Projects Undertaken:     4-Storeys Commercial Building, Pasay Road Makati City

4-Storeys Commercial/Residential Building Pasay Road Makati City


January 1995 ~ December 1995

Senior Quantity Surveyor/Supervising Concrete Engineer


Herrera St. Salcedo Village Makati City

Project Undertaken:       36-Storeys Comm’l/ Residential Condo.  Herrera St  Salcedo Village Makati City


October 1992 ~ August 1993

Quantity Surveyor/ Materials Control Head


Herrera St. Salcedo Village Makati City

Project Undertaken:       23-Storeys Comm’l/ Residential Condo. Valero St Salcedo Village Makati City


Job Description:

·         Prepares subcontract agreement documents, purchase order based on bill of quantities, terms and general conditions, other attachments for the contract which includes technical specifications, design drawings, notice-to-proceed, safety requirements, explanations.

·         Handles incoming/outgoing correspondence, billings, records & files of all the documents.

·         Monitors and prepares monthly site expenses, details, summary and cash flow forecasts and monthly summary of expenses

·         Purchases of site office requirements such as equipment/furniture and other office consumables

·         Purchases and issuance of safety gadgets for all technical staff at the site.

·         Evaluates Subcontractor’s billing report and prepares acceptance & transmittal report.

·         Gathers all appropriate data for the preparation of monthly progress accomplishment report  which includes, key plans, test results.

·         Prepares quantity-take-off of materials based on approved plans & specifications,

·         Carefully considers samples of finishes for client’s approval, checks workmanship/quality of finishes, checks the delivery of materials on site.

·         Coordinates with the technical staff regarding deliveries, testings and other site concerns.

·         Prepares, inspects and checks the area to be concreted, formworks and rebarworks and schedules concrete pouring.

·         Other technical duties that made necessary.

August 1997 ~ July 1998

Professional Practice

·         (2 Residential Projects)


September 1993 ~ September 1994

International Technical Trainee

International Labor Organization (ILO) & Philippine-Japan Technical Training Association



Job Description (Assignment: Estimating Department)

·         For earthworks, prepares quantity take-off on volume of area to be excavated & filling materials.

·         For structural works, prepares quantity-take-off of materials on concrete, formworks & rebars.

·         Prepares daily accomplishment Japanese language.

·          Other technical duties that made necessary.

Job Description (Assignment: Construction Site)

·         Checks on the quantity of accomplished scope of work per quality and workmanship.

·         Checks the formation of rebarworks prior to concrete pouring.

·         Surveys and checks the elevation prior to concrete pouring.

·         Assists Supervising Engineers in preparing technical reports and other site concerns.

·         Coordinates with subcontractors regarding accomplishment report.

·         Other technical duties that made necessary.


September 1989 ~ September 1993

Project Officer


Consultant, Department of Justice

Justice System Infrastructure Program (JUSIP)

Construction of Hall of Justice Buildings

Projects Undertaken

Hall of Justice Buildings in the following locations:

Laoang, Northern Samar                        October 1989 ~ January 1990

Catarman, Northern Samar                    December 1989 ~ April 1990

Legaspi City, Albay                               May 1990 ~ August 1991

Ligao, Albay                                         May 1990 ~ March 1991

Tabaco, Albay                                       June 1990 ~ December 1990

Iloilo City, Iloilo                         February 1991 ~ March 1992


Job Description:

·         Assists the Contractor in interpretation of plans, working drawings, engineering details, specifications and other related documents.

·         Counter-checks with the contractor and the implementing agency (Dept of Public Works Resident Engineers) the layout of the proposed building in accordance with the approved plans and specifications; all the testing of concrete materials for reinforced concrete footings, columns, beams and slabs in accordance with the engineering details and specifications.

·         Recommends to the Owner(DOJ) the suspension of work for such period due to unsuitable weather condition which is unfavourable for the execution of work, or failure on the part of the contractor to correct bad conditions.

·         Conducts weekly meeting with the contractor and the DPWH to undertake problems encountered at the site during construction and the status of accomplishment; prepares minutes of the meeting for submission to the Owner(DOJ).

·         Reviews and recommends cost estimates and related documents in case of change orders, extra work orders and supplemental contract to the Owner(DOJ).

·         Other technical duties that made necessary.


June 1988 ~ July 1989

Professional Practice

·         (2 Residential Projects)


January 1986 ~ May 1988

Junior Project Engineer


Malibay, Pasay City

Projects Undertaken:     22 Units Townhouses for Naval Services Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City


January 1985 ~ December 1985

Office Engineer


Legaspi Village, Makati City



Elementary       :           Dominican School (1969~1975)

Gov Forbes Street, Manila

High School      :           University of Santo Tomas High School Department (1975~1979)

Espana, Manila

College             :           University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering (1979~1984)

Espana, Manila


Degree                        :           BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING



Professional License in BS in Civil Engineering

May 1984 – CE License No. 0038282



Date of Birth                             :           April 8, 1962

Place of Birth                            :           Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Height                                      :           1.62 meters

Weight                                      :           65 kilos

Sex                                           :           Female

Civil Status                                :           Married

Husband’s Name                      :           Ariel E. Miranda

Occupation                               :           Batch Plant Supervisor

Special Skills                             :           artworks, crafting, driving, volleyball playing, sewing, basic

Photography, Computer skills

Language spoken                      :           English, Filipino



For latter submission


I hereby certify that the aforementioned information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


June 1979-March 1984 BS Civil Engineering at University of Santo Tomas Espana, Manila, Philippines