Leopoldo Contreras Pinco III Nurse / Caregiver





Email: [email protected]

Contact No: +639092352517

Address: Purok 6, Brgy. 4, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur


Date of Birth: March 09, 1987                                                  Age: 30 years old

Place of Birth: Agusan del Sur, Philippines                         Gender: Male

Civil Status: Single                                                    Height: 1.78 meters

Religion: Roman Catholic                                     Weight: 60 kilos

Passport No: EC7877490                                           Validity: 01 June 2021



Looking for a Caregiver position where I can bring into work my compassionate nature, ability to work with elderly and children and sound medical education background for the betterment of the society.


•        Compassionate and physically capable of working in all areas of caregiving

•        Excellent knowledge in emergency response, first aid and basic life support (adult and child CPR)

•        Strong knowledge of private facility caregiving practice

•        Good ability to maintain all relevant safety standard

•        Outstanding skills in coordinating with other professional staff

•        Sound basic housekeeping abilities including cleaning cooking and laundry

•        Outstanding communication and interpersonal skill

•        Superior ability to work independently



Volunteer Nurse

New Day Recovery Center Davao City, Philippines Job scope:

•       Completes physical & mental health assessments

•       Develops care plans for patients, helping them be as independent as possible

•       Administers prescribed medications, making constant adjustments commensurate with a patient’s condition under the supervision of qualified medical staff

•       Observes and reports behavioral changes

•       Helps patients improve their coping abilities

•       Works with patients’ families to help improve the patient’s abilities & help them deal with family member’s mental illness

•       Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms

•       Performs other position-related duties as assigned, depending on assignment setting

Volunteer Nurse

Elisa R. Ochoa Memorial Maternity and General Hospital Butuan City, Philippines Job scope:

•       Provide medications and injections as prescribed by the doctor. Administer Intravenous Fluids and oxygen ,if required.

•       Monitor vital signs like BP,Temperature,Pulse etc and record it.

•       Provide frequent patient evaluations including monitoring vital signs and perform essential procedures.

•       Refer any changes in patient’s status or untoward reaction to the doctor.

•       Monitor ,analyse and record urine and stool output.

•       Collect specimens including sputum,stool,urine and send it for medical analysis to laboratory.

•       Assist doctors during treatment.

•       Prepare the patient for various investigations like Ultra Sound, Echo,CT scan,MRI,Endoscopy,etc.

•       Provide general nursing care to all patients.

•       Give psychological support to the patient and family members.

•       Educate patient and family about the disease and prognosis of the patient.

Operating Room Technician (Orthopedic Department)

Bolts and Joints Philippines Davao City, Philippines Job Scope:

•       Preparing the operating room

•       Making sure all necessary supplies and surgical tools are sterile and ready

•       Keeping track of all items used during surgery to make sure nothing gets misplaced

•       Providing other assistance during the operation

Volunteer Instructor (First Aid and Basic Life Support)

Philippine Red Cross  Agusan del Sur, Philippines Job scope:

•       Arranging lectures and customized courses so that students can choose the best suitable option.

•       Preparing instructional areas, i.e., classrooms, dummies, off-site and on-site locations, other equipment and material required for program.

•       Instructing the students in a motivational way and making lectures interesting for them.

•       Performing administrative tasks such as maintaining records of the students, documentation, maintaining certificates, etc.

Project Coordinator

Philippine Red Cross Agusan del Sur, Philippines Job scope:

•       Be responsible (together with Project Team)  for the over-all implementation and monitoring of the Project in accordance with the agreed work plan following the administrative, procurement and financial policies and rules of the PRC and the EU;

•       Ensure that all personnel/employees under the project whether permanent or contractual in status, conduct their service and perform their duties in accordance with the standards laid down and expected by the PRC;

•       Ensure that the project team and volunteers are properly monitored;

•       Provide overall direction and support necessary to the project team staff to allow  them to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently;

•       Prepare chapter narrative and finance reports (monthly/quarterly, interim and final reports), with the bookkeeper according to agreed format and project plans and budgets to the NHQ coordinator/DMS,  through the Chapter Administrator;

•       Ensure the security and confidentiality of all data or information collected by the project;

•       Ensure that the visibility requirements of the back-donor are fully met;

•       Perform as delegated by the Chapter Administrator, as spokesperson for the project, and to ensure that the Project objectives, according to indicators, lessons learnt and best practices are properly recorded, documented and reported;

•       Organize with the assistance of  other team members and the Chapter as necessary, all meeting for both dissemination of information with all interested parties and project review meetings;

•       Undertake and perform any other activities and tasks as required by the PRC, as directed by the Chapter Administrator and Project Coordinator/DMS in NHQ.





Education Level: College Graduate

School/University:  Davao Doctors College

Major/Course:  Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Year Graduated:  2008


Nursing Licensure Exam: PASSED

Exam Date: November 28-29, 2009

PRC Number: 0558398


Course: Caregiver Training Course

Training Center: Filipino-Canadian Training and Development Center for Caregiver

Duration:  6 months



Certificate Number: 12110202005327

Issued By: TESDA (Philippines)


Training Title:  Basic Life Support Training (CPR)

Conducted by:  Philippine Red Cross

Duration (Hours):  56 Hours

Skills Acquired:  Knowledge and skills on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (Adult/Child)


Training Title:  Standard First Aid Training

Conducted by:  Philippine Red Cross

Duration (Hours):  56 Hours

Skills Acquired:   Knowledge and skills on first aid management


Training Title:  Caregiving on Elderly Patients

Conducted by:  Green Meadows Home Care, Inc.

Duration (Hours):  120 Hours

Skills Acquired:  Practical skills on Holistic care for elderly patients


Training Title:  Child Care with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Conducted by:  Davao Autism Intervention Center Foundation, Inc.

Duration (Hours):  120 Hours

Skills Acquired:  Practical skills on Holistic care for children with ASD



•       Computer Literate

(Microsoft Windows, MS word, MS Excel and MS Power point Presentation)

•       Can speak fluently in English language

•       Able to follow and execute instructions with minimal supervision





Chapter Administrator

Philippine Red Cross (Agusan del Sur Chapter)





Field Coordinator

Philippine Red Cross




Area Supervisor

Coca-Cola FEMSA