LILIANA FERNANDEZ GARNICA Psicologyst, spanish teacher, human resources

being integral to a successful team.Building a successful career of 20 years in business and high-level institutions through various stages I have formed with the following skills: Organizedgood monitoringresult orientedwith good listening skills and oral communication

Teaching and administrative support on training activities

Educational Psychology Department Coordinator
Coordinate all processes and structure of the Department of Educational Psychology, from the beginning, development of work programs, formats, procedures, personalized approach to follow up with students and teachers, management and dealing with difficulties in the academic and emotional development of students, develop and implement the entire process of admission to new students and finding thematic strategies in school for parents and supporting the activities of the College, all other activities related to the post. Direct participation in the evaluation process of new candidates based on Competence Process.


jun 2009 - actual teacher at BUCKINGHAM COLLEGE OF QUERETARO SC