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Ma. Laarni B. Noma

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To obtain a challenging position in an international organization, utilizing my current skills and abilities, with the opportunity for professional growth. Results oriented administrative professional.  Customer Satisfaction focused and team oriented.


1.     MANULIFE PHILIPPINES               March 8, 2016 – August 18, 2016


Position Title (Level)     :           Agency Administration Officer

Specialization               :           Administration

Role                           :           Sales Support/Event Administration/Office Management

Industry                      :           Insurance


The Agency Admin Officer provides sales support to the Sales Territory Head in the achievement of manpower and productivity targets of the sector through the following :


·         Generates and prepares statistical data and reports that will aide in the development of tactical inventions

·         Coordinates and organizes sector activities and events

·         Prepares and customizes reports and updates on both sector and national sales promotions

·         Monitors budget and expenses of the territory

·         Pre-screens contracting kits for new recruits

·         Takes the lead in the installation and upgrade of the E-proposal sytem and Manutouch

·         Conducts periodic training /orientation for staff o0f agency intermediaries

·         Tracks and maintains logistics and supplies of the sector

·         Prepares liquidation/reimbursement reports of the territory head

·         Coordinates with other business units in the tracking of special projects/initiatives that impact the sector

·         Prepares monthly letters/correspondences to agents and leaders


2.     GENERALI PHILIPPINES                           September 10, 2014 –December 31, 2015


Position Title (Level)     :           Admin Specialist

Specialization               :           Administration

Role                           :           Sales Support/Event Administration

Industry                      :           Insurance

Work Description        :


Responsible for providing administrative and clerical services to Bancassurance Channel Head.

·         Assist the Admin Head in handling projects such as events, kickoff  and other management initiatives

·         When needed, support the planning and execution of major projects, conferences and other offsite meetings

·         Handle EVP’s calendar, meetings and other related activities

·         Generate/provide properly formatted sales reports

·         Develops Business presentation materials for communicating meetings with branches/area production updates

·         Travel/Accommodation requirements of Managers/Financial Advisers

·         Document dispatch

·         Adhoc administration duties

·         Manage interoffice communication /correspondences

·         Works closely with different departments to ensure that support are given to sales force

·         Managing inventory of supplies, monitoring stocks and sourcing of suppliers


3.  ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK c/o JOHN CLEMENTS                      May 28,2014 – Jul 21, 2014


Position Title (Level)    :           Project Admin Assistant (contractual)

Specialization              :           Administration

Role                           :           Office/Project Administration

Industry                      : I         International Bank

Work Description        :


Provide office support to the various department of the bank as assigned in the Administrative pool.



4.     COGNIZANT/ING INSURANCE ACCOUNT                                       Oct 28,2013 –Mar 24, 2014


Position Title (Level)    : Senior Process Associate

Specialization              : Insurance

Role                           : Customer Service

Industry                      : Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description        :


·         -Assisted  customers on their insurance related inquiries.

·         -Placed stock investment orders as per instruction of client.

·         -Ensured account verification procedures are followed

·         -Responded to specific account and procedural information requests

·         -Actively resolved client issues

·         -Made outbound follow-up calls to client if issues are not resolved at point of call

·         -Maintained working knowledge of clients’ products , services, policies and procedures

·         -Maintained accounts on appropriate systems



5.        BANK OF AMERICA CONTINUUM                                             May 2, 2013 –Sept 30, 2013


Position Title (Level)    :           Financial Representative

Specialization              :           Financial Products/Credit Cards

Role                           :           Customer Service

Industry                      :           Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description         :


·         -Assisted customers on card related inquiries.

·         -Handled  incoming  cardholder chat and responded to their queries

·         -Matched customers’ needs to Client’s product and services

·         -Used negotiation skills  and influencing skills to overcome customer’s objection end encourage buy-in

·         -Communicated relevant information to customers and shared learning with colleagues


Accomplishment                      :

-Awarded as the “Solution Expert of the Team”, happily assisted team members on complex concerns and situations


6.        E*TRADE FINANCIAL                                                               Aug 24, 2012 –Jan22, 2013


Position Title (Level)     : Financial Representative/US Broker

Specialization              : Financial products/Brokerage

Role                           : Customer Service

Industry                      : Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description         :


Utilized  excellent problem solving  skills  and confidently delivers information and education  to E*TRADE FINANCIAL’s customers ; provided clear  and  accurate responses regarding customer inquiries ; met defined quality and availability expectations; provided a comprehensive operational understanding of the financial services industry

·         -Answered incoming calls of accountholders

·         -Provided information on trade related inquiries

·         -Provided highest level of service by quickly and accurately identifying customers’ needs and providing the appropriate solutions to their problem

·         -Communicated with various support groups and made use of all internal systems  and resources available to obtain information for the resolution of client’s concerns

·         -Proactively anticipated problems and solutions


Accomplishment                      :

-Successfully passed the Series 7 and 63, US broker Examination.



7.        IBM PHILIPPINES                                                                        Mar 11, 2011 – Mar19, 2012


Position Title (Level)    : Bid Support Specialist/Deal Facilitator

Specialization               : Clerical/Administrative Support

Role                           : Administrative Executive

Industry                      : Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description         :


Generated and submitted sales proposals and coordinated sales activities for the IBM North America salesteam.  Assisted bid teams on engagements across all IBM brands and lines of business in developing and delivering high  quality and responsive  solutions , proposals and contracts.



Accomplishments         :


-Commended several times for going out of the usual work hours to assist New York sellers on their immediate needs to  close bids

-Commended by managers in promoting harmonious relationship within the team;

-Garnered high score in performance appraisal after first year of service



8.   GARETT AND TALON INCORPORATED (contractual-part time)Jan 25, 2011 – Feb 25, 2011


Position Title (Level)    : Order Processor

Specialization              : Customer Service

Role                           : Customer Service – General

Industry                      : Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description         :


Processed  flower arrangement orders and cascaded  to member florists.Answered  incoming florist calls and addressed their concerns.



9.    NATIONAL RELIEF FOR CHARITIES (part time)                            Oct 28, 2010 – Jan 2,  2011


Position Title (Level)    : Part Time Charity Donor Solicitor/outbound account

(Specialization           : Customer Service

Role                           : Customer Service – General

Industry                      : Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO

Work Description         :

Solicited donations for the various charitable programs of National Relief Charities and its subsidiary organizations.


Accomplishment          :

-Successful in meeting daily quotas for solicitation



9.   PHILIPPINE AXA LIFE INSURANCE CORP                               Sep 2, 2005 – Sep 15, 2010


Position Title (Level)    :           FACILITIES MGMT ASSISTANT (Supervisor / 5 Years & Up Experienced Employee)

Specialization              :           Facilities management

Role                           :           Others

Industry                      :           Insurance

Work Description         :


Assisted  the Senior Manager – Facilities Management Department on the following areas:


A.    Janitorial

-Established work schedules, supervises the daily activities and throrough daily checks of premises, ensures compliance of janitorial personnel to their everyday tasks such as trash disposal, office cleaning etc.


B.    Repair and Maintenance

-Scheduled repair of work items identified through daily checks

-Received , prioritized and attended to request for repairs and maintenance of various departments

-Provided regular updates to the concerned department of scheduled repair and maintenance


C.    Transportation

-Received transportation requests for company special trips

-Assisted the Manager –Facilities in scheduling daily trips and reassigning routes to drivers utilizing company vehicle.

-Prepared payment request of vehicle lease rentals

-Monitored insurance and registration requirements of company vehicle


D.    Courier Management

-Supervised the dispatch of incoming and outgoing mail/cargo to ensure on time delivery to recipient

-Answered queries regarding document status sent to couriers

-Investigated complaints on existing couriers and recommended corrective actions


E.    Company Insurance

-Maintained master of files of company non life insurance like fire/theft/earthquake etc.

-Reviewed annual insurance coverage prior to renewal


F.    Canteen Concessionaire

-Monitored daily operations of concessionaire


G.    Others

-Monitored and controlled expenditures related to janitorial, transportation, maintenance and mail related expenses

-Assisted Facilities Manager –in following up concerned parties both external and internal , status of pending concerns

-Periodically assessed the efficiency of the department to effect changes which will improve service

-Processes billings for payment to contractors and suppliers

-Ensured adequate supply of materials, equipment and tools to minimize disruption of support services


Accomplishments :


•         Improved office efficiency of staff by boosting their morale and engaging them in team building activities to attain corporate objective as well as fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

•          Maximize and developed skills of janitorial personnel by teaching them additional jobs such as data entry, preparation of pouch for delivery and mail sorting





10.   INFONXX(NOW KGB)                                                                   Sep 24, 2004–Nov 4, 2004


Position Title (Level)     :           Administrative Assistant to the Call Center Director

Role                           :           Clerical/Administrative Support

Industry                      :           Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO


Work Description         :

Provided secretarial/Administrative support to the Director of Call Center Operations .



11.   AIR PHILIPPINES CORPORATION                                               Aug 2, 1999 – Oct 4, 2004


Position Title (Level)    :           Administrative Assistant (Supervisor

Specialization              :           Clerical/Administrative Support

Industry                       :           Transportation –Airline


Work Description        :

Administrative Assistant assisted the Assistant Vice President –Inflight and Catering Department on the administration of the Departmental requirements in support of Air Philippines operations aside from secretarial duties.


o    Prepared and monitored purchase requirements of the department.  Followed up with Purchasing regarding  departmental requirements.

o    Monitored and prepared expense reports for telephones being used by the Department.

o    Ensured correspondences received thru e-mail are distributed accordingly.

o    Supervised the janitorial service requirements of the office occupied by the Department.

o    Arranged for the laundry of linens/bed sheets of the Cabin Crew lounge. Ensures laundry and complete number of sheets are returned.

o    Arranged/monitored delivery of water for the office water dispenser on a weekly basis.

o    Scheduled and ensured office equipments, vehicles and other properties are regularly given the necessary maintenance checks.

o    Files, labels, and stores all pertinent documents needed by the Department to support APC’s operations.

o    Maintained the 201 files of all Administrative personnel as well as Scheduling.

o    Monitored transportation schedule and performance of In-flight Services Drivers.

o    Coordinated with catering suppliers any feedback from the crew/passengers on items being served in-flight.

o    Coordinated with the Manager-Catering, the schedules for food presentation.

o    Issued manual, uniform, and equipment to the Cabin Crew.

o    Maintained records on manual, uniform and equipment issuance. Prepared all the necessary documents for requisition.

o    Maintained files of all applicants and their status for easy reference. Coordinates with HRD on all requirements pertaining to recruitment e.g. interview schedule, testing schedule, and provincial recruitment.

o    Prepared, consolidated, and monitored budget for In-flight Services and  Catering.

o    Prepared reports for submission to Accounting a Productivity Pay Report, Meal Allowance Report, and ensures on-time submission for payroll purposes.

o    Prepared report for Training Allowances for Trainees/Cabin Crew/Line Administrators/Trainers undergoing/handling classes.

o    Maintained/summarized  petty cash fund for In-flight Services and Catering.




•          Successfully planned and coordinated yearly team building of line administrators and cabin services

•          Successfully planned and coordinated the very first Ms. Air Philippines pageant

•          Manned and supervised Contingency Operations of Cabin Services in Manila in the 2P541 crash last April 2000; Launched additional  flights with volunteers to assist relatives of passengers and crew

•          Successfully passed Air Transportation Cabin audits from 1999 to 2004

•          Optimized production of cabin crew manual by internal preparation of updates



12.   PHILIPPINE AIRLINES INCORPORATED                                      May 18, 1992 – Aug 30, 1998


Position Title (Level)    : Office Clerk A (1-4 Years Experienced Employee)

Specialization              : Clerical/Administrative Support

Industry                       : Transportation / Logistics

Work Description        :


·         Provided secretarial support to the Administrative Assistant of the Assistant Vice President – Cabin Services .

·         Typed large volume of letters, reports, documents, memos and minutes of staff meetings

·         using word processor.

·         Drafted and prepared routinary memorandums which included letter of coordination to different

offices, request memos for transportation, booking of hotel  accommodation , manuals and

other cabin crew related correspondences such as appreciation/commendation letter, letter of

reprimand on different infractions.

·         Answered phone calls which included handling routine questions regarding cabin crew status

and concerns, relaying messages and transferring calls

·         Opened, sorted and distributed large volumes of daily incoming mail to all department staff.

·         Filed and maintained company records.

·         Photocopied letters, memos and statements.

·         Collected and assembled information needed for management updates and staff meetings

·         Transcribed legal tapes of Cabin Crew Clarificatory  Hearing

·         Maintained office equipment, arranged for repair when necessary.

·         Maintained inventory of office supplies.



•          Developed and maintained closed personal rapport with cabin crew, co-workers and all levels

of staff and helped create a pleasant office environment

•          Commended several times for assuming additional positions as necessary i.e. Scheduler, Coordinator etc. during  ContingencyOperations

•          Taught co-workers how to operate newly installed computer software

•          Commended several times due to high level of professionalism during Emergencies





13.   EXTRAORDINARY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION                     Sep 2, 1991 – Feb 25, 1992


Position Title (Level)    : Administrative Assistant (Marketing)

Specialization              : Marketing/Business Development

Industry                       : Construction / Building / Engineering


Work Description        :

Assisted the Marketing Head in ensuring that proper office support is given to sales force in terms of client servicing, compensation and benefit .


·         Checked discrepancies in the record of the sales force.

·         Conducted weekly counterchecking of commission releases.

·         Monitored incentive programs launched.

·         Checked results with concerned department regarding action taken on buyer’s complaints.

·         Prepared database of information regarding status of each buyer.

·         Assisted the Marketing Head in other market related activities such as Open House Exhibits

·         and Brokers Monthly Meeting.


Educational Background


Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Communication  graduate of University of Santo Tomas Year 1991, CUMLAUDE, Junior Chamber of Business Administration Scholar , Recipient of Management Academic Excellence Award


Additional Certifications :

Licensed US broker ; Passed Series 7 and 63 Exam ( October 2012)

LOMA 280/290 Basic Insurance Certification (2009)/ Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification (2009)

Module 1 & 2- French Conversation Fluency (2002)

Basic/Cobol /dBASEProgramming Certificate (1989)


Personal Particulars & Preferences

Date of Birth               : 6 Nov 1971

Nationality                   : Filipino

Religion                      : Roman Catholic