Mahfuzur anu building construction management

ontoario or Alberta. canada& USA any place N/a
& building construction management.salesmanwaiter

I am born in country father is a farmer and my mothers is a house wife.and my dream & skills for growth of company,in exchange to stable and well settled carrier plan.i know do work of restaurant waiter,construction full job and have a others experience.


1995-2000 S.S.C at Balagonj D.N.high school.balagonj.sylhet.bangladesh

I want about my school nick name Anu.and my teacher, classmade, say always once upon a time i have a leders of man in dream was not success.i was a very good student.English,History books,and read in meditation when reading in i men.i used to write article as well as newspapers and magazines.weekly balagonj barta,monthly balagonj sonban.daily jalalabad reports published.

2000-2003 H.S.S.C at Balagonj degree college .balagonj.sylhet.bangladesh

i worked very well in social service.


2007-2019 4man/management at Ahmed saed khakfan al-zokhri trad.& cont.

i know life Change of work.and now i am management of company.i am handle 15 people of work.i know all of building work.