Manuel Baricuatro Electrical Construction Supervisor


Proven knowledge in supervisory and management to subcontractors as E&I QA/QC, E&I Mechanical Completion Field Engineer, Pre commissioning Technician, and construction E&I Superintendent (Craft Superintendent II) in company position. More than 20 years of experience in the field of Construction Industry on electrical and instrumentation works for Steel Mill, Power Plants (Diesel and Cool Fired) Oil and Gas refineries, Cement Plant, High Rise Buildings, Drilling Platform, Gold and Copper Mining projects, and Petrochemical Plants.

Craft Superintendent II KNPC
Fluor Kuwait Mena Abdullah 2, Clean Fuel Project
July 03, 2017 to the Present Ahmadi, Kuwait

Supervise and monitor the contractor E and I field activities. Ensure the conformance to standard, details, and specifications of the project as well as with the adherence to company safety program. Educate the contractor for proper submittal of engineering query with attach construction drawing proposal to the location that needs changes as per actual condition. Ensure that the contractor prepare the needed documents and QVDs in preparation to Live Up the electrical equipment.

Craft Superintendent II SADARA
Fluor Arabia Limited Energy and Chemicals Project
June 10, 2013 to October 01, 2015 Jubail 2 Industrial Area
Al-Jubail, KSA
Oversee, and directing the performance of contractor in the field construction activities for unit: 773, 778, and 779 in Waste Treatment area on electrical works for Substation, Pipe rack area, Boiler, Buildings, and Tanks area.

Ensure the contractors execute the work activities in conformance with plans, specifications, standard and details of the project, as well as with adherence to Fluor Safety program.

Identify current and foreseen problems, implement solutions and remedial measures to avert rise of another problems, and directing contractors for proper submittal of engineering query especially on site condition that requires proposal drawing to attached on the query.

Ensure the contractors working on documentation and QVDs generated per completed construction works per area and equipment, and issued punch list being rectified and closed.

Implement full compliance on LOTO to contractors having an activity on live equipment especially inside in newly live substation.

Craft Superintendent II Rio Tinto Joint Venture with Ivanhoe
Fluor Gold and Copper Mine Project
September 6, 2011 to September 24, 2012 Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia

Assigned in Pre Operation as Technician Electrical. Review pre operation planned and schedule, engineering drawing and specifications for thorough understanding of the system, construction work packages against drawing. Compiling electrical test pack folder, attending group electrical walk down for earthing system in scheduled plant area.

Oversee on contractors electrical equipment preservation per vendor and project specs for schedule checks located at material yard.

Performed electrical testing and troubleshooting on controls mismatched wire termination to make functional. Primarily, observed full compliance of LOTO. Uncoupled test running of electrical motors to accomplished B-check sheets documents needed for turn over group. Coupled run of conveyor motor to test and adjust for proper alignment and stability of controls and safety devices prior to hand over to client. Coupled runs of motor water pumps and air compressors to supply for the needs of process lines and other equipment as part of commissioning with client and vendor.

Project Electrical Superintendent Bukidnon Electric Cooperative
EEI Power Corporation 5MW Diesel Power Plant Project
February 14, 2011 to August 16, 2011 Santa Cruz, Bukidnon, Philippines

Assigned as PIC in the project. Performed and oversee the project preparation and scheduling for subcontractor work scope. Planning for budget cost and expenses during project operations. Staff loading for PMT team during operations.

Initiate directives for the duration and completion of design drawings to schedule contractor to mobilize their manpower and equipment to start project site clearing and development. Directing project team to conduct safety orientation and seminar for mobilize employees and workers so with the issuance of ID system and PPEs.

Monitoring on contractor activities to oversee on the conformance to project specs, safety, quality, and productivity base on project bar chart schedule during operations. Conduct weekly coordination meeting to contractor to review progress of work, update the schedule and discuss problems.

Craft Superintendent I Saudi Kayan
Fluor Arabia Limited Petrochemical Project
July 1, 2009 to March 25, 2010 Jubail 1 Industrial Area
AL-Jubail, KSA

Perform and oversee the contractor delayed E and I activities at Saudi Kayan ARAMCO metering building for sales gas, ethane, and crude oil. Observed and determine the cause of delayed activities and informed to my manager for immediate solutions on the problems. Closed supervision and monitoring to contractor if implemented solutions been observed and followed to accelerate the E and I activities and meet the client required date to energize the metering building. However, safety on work still takes place to consider while doing the pressured activities. Supervise to contractor for documentation and QVDs generated. Consistently, the metering building got powered and energized.

After live up of metering building proceed my duties to Ju-aymah Fluor project at ARAMCO Gas Plant. The project had one electrical substation, three spherical tanks with three butane motor pumps and one butane metering skid supplying butane to Saudi Kayan Chemical Plant. Coordination and directing to contractor for the solution on the problems that cause friction in the acceleration of E and I activities especially inside electrical substation for panels and switch gears cable glanding for termination. Directing to contractor field engineering to submit query with attach drawing proposal base on the site condition for approval to Fluor field engineering.

Oversee the area with completed construction work for construction RFI submittal to QA/QC for documentation and punch listing to generate QVDs, and ensure that contractor rectifying issued punch list and closed. Coordinate and ensure that contractor provides member to prepare and assist the vendor to test the electrical equipment especially during the witness of ARAMCO in preparation to receive power and energize the substation.

Craft Superintendent I SIP Chem
Fluor Arabia Limited Jubail Acetyls Complex Project
May 01, 2008 to June 30, 2009 Jubail I Industrial area
AL-Jubail, KSA

Coordination and monitoring to contractors E and I activities to ensure the conformance to drawings,
details and specifications of the project for areas in Plant Air, Potable Water, Waste Treatment area and Electrical Substation area. Initiate shop drawings for IFC standard detailed drawing not conforming to actual site condition. Supervise and coordinate to contractor for areas completed in construction work to submit RFI internally for their QC to check, and inspection prior to submit RFI to Fluor QC department for joint inspection to generate QVDs. Directing contractor to conduct safety tool box meeting to the crew every first 15 minutes in the morning to give instruction for the whole day activities as well as safety to do in doing the works. Initiate and produce a copy of electrical QR and TR from test packages for attachment on applying client permit to energize electrical equipment and uncoupled test running of electrical motors.

Craft Superintendent I YANSAB
Fluor Arabia Limited Petrochemical Complex
January 10, 2007 to April 30, 2008 Utilities and Offsite
Yanbu, KSA

Duties assigned as E and I superintendent in off plot and metering, direct coordination to area manager. Oversee the electrical activities of contractor along corridor area and YANSAB/ARAMCO metering skid and metering building E and I activities. Monitor and ensure that contractor activities are in conformance with project specifications and standard as well as adherence to Fluor safety program in performing their works. Directing contractor for the completion and documentation of E and I activities in metering building and metering skids for sales and ethane gas to meet the client given date to receive gas from ARAMCO in preparation for boiler first fire. Attend monthly progress meeting to contractor.

Performed proper coordination to ARAMCO operations and provide enough guidance to contractor during tie-in activity of controls for YANSAB/ARAMCO metering to existing Live ARAMCO control building. Ensure that contractor works on documentation and QVDs generated, punch list issued being rectified and closed. Consistently the metering skid receives gas from ARAMCO existing plant.

Electrical Superintendent Lycopodium
TICIP (The Industrial Company International Project) Newmont AHAFO Gold Mine Project
May 25, 2005 to May 30, 2006 Ghana, West Africa

Assist the overall management of the E and I project activities. Carry out the general directives and strategies of the department head in the various phases of field project operations within the assigned work area. Oversee the schedules and work of concerned craft services within the assigned work area to synchronize and conform to the overall project schedule. Plan for the execution of activities in each respective area. Expedite delivery of project requirements; manpower, equipment, materials, tools, drawing, and etc. Coordinate allocation of project needs among field supervisors in accordance with their work load. Supervise the activities of craft services with in assigned work area. Identify current and foreseen problems, implement solutions and remedial measures to avert rise of another problems. Evaluate productivity, project cost and progress of work in each assigned area. Conduct daily coordination meeting to field supervisors to review progress of work, update the schedule and discuss problems. Monitor the mechanical completion activities to complete the required documents (QVDs) and obtained Mechanical Completion Certificate. Consistently, the project completed two weeks ahead on the given schedule.

E and I Mechanical Completion Field Engineer McDermott
Fraser Diving Ltd. British Petroleum/AIOC-CA/PDQ Platform
March 2004 to October 2004 SPS Yard, Baku, Azerbaijan

Performed electrical mechanical completion, pre-commissioning at drilling platform, drilling equipment support and drilling support module. Site inspection as per BP standard of both electrical and instrumentation work scope at the production, drilling, and platform facilities such as electrical equipment installation, instrument devices installations, and cabling works to assure correctness and conformity to approved design and specifications. Verification for correct executions of work been incorporated completed and documented as per project quality standard. Coordination to the supplier – National Oil Well regarding work inspection, status of subcontractor’s work at Drilling Control and Monitoring System (DCMS) and Drilling Hoisting and Rotating equipment. Inspection of cable installation electrical equipment, power and lighting system and prepare punch list report. Check the contractor punch list rectification and closed. Generate PC ITR for Live Up Notice application for power, lightings and equipment. Performed RCD test and impedance for power and lighting system. Perform solo run test for electrical motors and record the readings for voltage, starting and running current, vibration, temperature for winding and bearings. Compiling technical data and information of all electrical equipment and instruments on the field and submit to project information management.

E and I QA/QC Inspector British Petroleum
ABB Lummus Global B. V LNG Ohanet Gas Development Project
Joint Venture with PETROFAC Ohanet, Algeria
November 07, 2002 to August 30, 2003

Performed in OSBL; Base De Vie, Wellheads and Manifolds. Review the approved quality control plans and inspection test plans for the project as well as the approved contractor’s electrical procedure and specifications as per the project requirements. Ensure contractor are following ITPs, perform checks and test as per plans and work in conformance with codes, technical standards, and project specifications. Supervised the electrical activities and monitor the contractor electrical inspector performance. Ensure that all site activities are carried out according to reference documentation for parts of the plant within the area of responsibility authorize their acceptance at quality control completion. Supervise and witness calibration for pressure safety valve, field instruments prior to install on the field. Witness on the test of Wellheads electrical power from solar cells, charge and discharge test of battery charge from solar cells. Witness the simulation and functional loop checks of field instruments from Wellheads to Central Processing Plant. Ensure the preparation and filing of visual and test inspection reports for E and I dossier book for final handover to client obtained MC certificates.

Electrical Foreman Shell Philippines
EEI Corporation Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant
May 16, 2001 to July 26, 2001 Batangas, Philippines

Front line supervision for process electrical and instrumentation construction works. Responsible for acceleration of construction activities on the installation of conduits, cable trays, cable pulling and cable termination for electrical panels, instrument JBs and field instrument devices in adherence to safety, quality, and productivity. Submit request for QC inspection for completed items or equipment for documentation and generating QVDs.

Electrical Foreman Philips
EEI Corporation Phase 2 Project
Jan. 31, 2001 to May 11, 2001 Calamba, Philippines

Responsible for the group on installation of electrical panels, conduits, cable trays, bus duct, power and lighting system.

Electrical Foreman Pacific Plaza Twin Tower
EEI Corporation Port Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines
Aug. 12, 2000 to Dec. 23, 2000

Responsible for the group of roughing-ins installation along north ground floor for power and lightings.

Electrical Foreman Yuchengco Group of Companies
EEI Corporation RCBC Plaza Tower Project
July 26, 1999 to Aug. 11, 2000 Makati City, Philippines

Responsible for the group roughing-ins installation from 5th level to helipad of 54th storey building for power and lighting system. Energization, testing and circuiting.

Electrical Foreman
EEI Corporation
March 18, 1999 to July 25, 1999

Office assignment in EEI Technical Craft Services and responsible for evaluating applicants qualifications per position applied for the pay grade level. Filing of records for demobilized employee from projects. Manpower pooling and mobilizing of workers per project needs and request.

Electrical Foreman Bechtel
EEI Corporation 1000 MW NPC Coal Fired Power plant
March 17, 1997 to March 19, 1999 Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

Mitsubeshi Heavy Industry
1200 MW NPC Coal Fired Power Plant
Masinloc, Zambales, Philippines

Responsible for the group on channel base setting installation and assembly installation of MCC panels, 7.5 KV switch gears, 7.5 KV bus duct (indoor and outdoor) up to ready for power receiving. Assembly and installation of 2 units by 35 tones overhead cranes up to load testing.

Electrical Foreman Republic Cement Corporation
EEI Corporation Expansion Project
Aug. 6, 1996 to Jan. 17, 1997 Bulacan, Philippines

Responsible for the group on completing works on electrical and operator station assembly inside central control building. Actual routing design and installation of instrument, control, and power cable tray from inside central control building to outside cable tray rack structure.

Electrical Foreman Fluor Daniel
EEI Corporation SPPC Bitumen Blowing Fecilities
Sept. 4, 1993, to July 26, 1996 Malaya, Pililla, Rizal

Fluor Daniel
Shell Philippines Star Project
Ambulong, Batangas, Philippines

Responsible for the group on execution for E and I on the installation of conduits, cable trays, Power and lighting system. Cable pulling and termination of instrument cables to field instrument JBs and devices. Power and control cables to control panel terminations and loop check test for live up of control system.

Graduate in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City.

CAV, College Diploma and Work/Employment Certificate, Work Recognition Certificate.

Seminars Attended:
Total Quality Management Orientation Seminar
December 21, 1994
Foreman/Lead man Development Program
October 21, 1999
Supervisor Development Program
March 28 to 31, 2000
Calibration for Process Instrumentation
MERALCO Foundation Institute
November 10, 2003 to November 28, 2003

Performance Award
Plaque of recognition as best Electrical Foreman of Fluor Daniel Bitumen Blowing Facilities project
Shell Philippines Petroleum Corporation.

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Philippines Tel. No. +6324014169
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