Mar Kenneth Antonio Animal husbandry

New Zealand

Mar Kenneth A. Antonio
951 Oreipunga road, Rd2 Cambridge
3494 Cambridge New Zealand
Phone #: +64211243969
email: [email protected]
Current location: Cambridge New Zealand

An experienced and have wide knowledge on the care and management of animals and has good communication skills


Age: 24
Date of Birth/Place: September 22, 1994/ Santiago city
Gender: Male
Civil Status: Single
Height/weight: 5’7” / 54kg
Nationality: Filipino
Religion: Iglesia filipina independiente
Language/Dialects Spoken: Filipino, English, Ilocano


▪ Profound ability to adapt to the environment easily and has strong determination
▪ Provides quality managerial skills to every farm handled
▪ Excellent communication skills, both oral and written; and with great interpersonal skills
▪ Open-minded, and flexible


▪ Position: Farm Assistant October 19, 2018 – September 27,2019
Company: EG Family Trust
Location: Cambridge New Zealand
 Cows in
 Vat wash
 Turn on the milking machine
 Turn on the feeder
 Turn on the tank cooler
 Milked cows in automated milking parlor
 Clean the milking parlor and equipment after milking
 Set up the milking parlor for next shift
 Feed the calves with warm milk and concentrated feed
 Moved calves
 Drench calves
 Fencing using rail and standards
 Weed spray
 Clean the calf shed
▪ Position: Animal Husbandry and Production January 20, 2017- January 23, 2018
Company: Corban creek/ Manthe Dairy Farm
Location: De forest Wisconsin USA
▪ Monitor the Maternity Pen and Dry Cow Pen
– Check for calving cows
– Assists calving cows and heifers when needed
– Transfer the newly born calf in heater box or calf hut
– Milk the fresh cow and feed colostrum to the newly born calf
– Observe and detect the dry cow pen for possible in-heat
▪ Prepare the Milking Parlor
– Put the milk hose from the tank
– Prepare the teat dip, clean towels, and milk filter
▪ Push the feed using the feed mower
▪ Move the cows from pens to the parlor holding area
– Observe cows with health problems
▪ Clean the pen using the skid-steer/ bobcat
▪ Turn On the milking machine
▪ Milked cows in an automated parlor
– Check the milk for mastitis
– Medicate cows with mastitis using Amoxicillin/Penicillin
▪ Turn On the tank cooler
▪ Clean the milking parlor and equipment after milking operation
▪ Feed the calves with warm milk and concentrate feed
▪ Observe the calves with either diarrhea or pneumonia
▪ Make sure all the cows are in good health and are comfortable
▪ Assist in foot trimming
▪ Clean the calf hut
▪ Put bedding for the calf

▪ Position: Dairy technician May 23, 2016 – June 23, 2016
Company: Dairy multiplayer farm
Location: Isabela State University Echague Isabela
▪ Feed the cows
▪ Milk the cows
▪ Maintain the cleanliness of the site
▪ Give Medicine to the animals
▪ Assist the baby to drink milk
▪ Ear tagging


Isabela State University (main) 2011 – 2016 Echague,Isabela
Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry
Major: Animal Science

University of La Salette High School 2007 – 2011
Santiago city isabela

Arabiat Elementary School 2001 – 2007
Arabiat, Echague, Isabela


▪ Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) NC II Animal Production
▪ Isabela State University- (Goat & Sheep)
Echague Isabela
July 8 to 28, 2015
Animal Husbandry Field Practice

▪ Isabela State University- Native Pigs
Echague Isabela
July 29 to August 18
September 17 to Oct 9, 2015
Animal Husbandry Practice

▪ Isabela State University- Native chicken
Echague sabela
August 19 to September 8, 2015
Animal Husbandry Field Practice

▪ Isabela State University-Dairy Multiplier Farm
Echague Isabela
September 9 to 16 2015
Animal Husbandry Field Practice


▪ Roger Manthe
Farm Owner of corban creek / Manthe Dairy farm
De forest Wisconsin, United State
E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Contact Number: 608 – 345 – 7859

▪ Nilo Padilla
Project manager of Dairy multiplayer farm
Isabela State University
Contact Number: Not applicable

▪ Edilberto Fajardo
Manager in Cagayan valley Small Ruminants Research Center
Isabela State of university Echague Isabela
Contact no:Not applicable