Maria Oliva Nursing Assistant

New Zealand


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Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

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GOAL: To be a part of an organization that offers divers job responsibilities and open its door for career advancement and has the vision to recognize that success is a bi-product of its commitment and respect to its employees.


2005 – December 2015                  Health Care Attendant, VIP/Royal


TAWAM HOSPITAL in affiliation with  JOHNS HOPKINS – Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

·         Assist patient when they need a procedure for Endoscopies, X-Ray, Angiography, Ultra Sound, CT-Scan, MRI, Orthopedic, Opthalmology, ENT in Poly Clinic, transferring from one ward to another or one bed to another.

·         Help transport patient to the following areas: * Polyclinic        * Day Surgery * X-ray  * Endoscopy * Operating Room, etc.

·         Perform routine tasks under the supervision of registered nurses. Bringing up the nurses order such as presentation to pharmacy, collecting materials from central stores.

·         Taking sample specimen to laboratory and all kinds of medications from the pharmacy and distributes to all wards

·         Accompany body to morgue.

·         Fetch patient from home for dialysis and sending back after dialysis

·         Assist nurses in taking patients from home to hospital.

June 2013 – December 2015         Clerk ( Poly Clinic )

TAWAM HOSPITAL in affiliation with JOHNS HOPKINS Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

·         Register patient in all Poly Clinic such as; Neuro Surgery, Neutrology, ENT, Pain Management, Chest, Surgery, Acupuncture, Paeds Neurology, Medicine, Derma, Ortho, Paeds Ortho, Psychiatry, etc.

·         Check In the patient

·         Modify patients file if there is an error

·         Send patient to cashier for Walk – In and Self Pay Appointment

·         Book appointment for Walk – In patient

·         Prepare all the tick sheets and the stickers for the day.

·         Perform other duties as requested by medical staff.

April 2009 to January 2010         Insurance Data Entry, Finance Department

TAWAM HOSPITAL in affiliation with JOHNS HOPKINS Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

2002 – 2005                        Housekeeping Supervisor

West Coast LLC Co. / Tawam Hospital

Al Ain United Arab Emirates

1998 – 2002                        Camp Supervisor – Housekeeping

CLEANCO Trading Company

Al Ain United Arab Emirates

·         Worked as a Camp Supervisor for the Staff Girls accommodation.

·         Looking after accommodation facilities and assigning girls to different location for cleaning services.

·         Cleaner ( Tawam Hospital )

During this period, I was seconded to JC Penney

Collections at Jimmi Mall in Al-Ain.

1996-1998                                        Office Assistant

Office of HH Sh. Hammad Bin Jasim Althani

Doha, Qatar

·         Worked as an office assistant and carried out all routine office work such as arranging papers, photocopying, filling, attending telephone calls, arranging appointments for meeting, etc.

1994-1996                                        Food Checker/Counter Supervisor

Chopsticks Restaurant

Manila, Philippines

·         Assigned as a food inspector and counter supervisor

1990-1993                                        Customer Service Assistant

Manila Midtown Hotel

Manila, Philippines


Secretary  –  Filipino Community (FILCOM – AL AIN) 2014-2015

Assistant Secretary –  Filipino Community (FILCOM AL AIN) 2013-2014

1978-1982   Don Mariano Marcos High School

1971-1977   Balumbato Elementary School

Other Qualification:

1985-1987 Steno Typing Course at Sacred Heart School of Cavite and Secretary-ship course with computer literacy


Aug.2014 to 2015                –  Desktop Laptop Maintenance Troubleshooting
Nov.10, 2014                        –  Service Excellence Training Course
Feb.2011 to 2014 to 2015  –  PCASSEMBLY (Facilitator& lecturer)
March 03, 2012 to 2014    –  Re-competency Test Report as follows:
1. Neck and Back Injury Preventions
2. Disaster Preparedness
3. Part 4 of 4 Competency Test Report
4. Infection Control Competency Test Report
5. Hazardous Materials competency Test Report
6. Fire Safety competency Test Report
7. Age Specific Competency Test Report
April 2013 – 2015             –   Net Working (Facilitator& Lecturer)
Jan 6- March 2012          –   Basic Budgeting and Accounting (Short Course)
October 4, 2011                –   Hoist and Slide Sheet Training, Tawam Hospital
Sept.2, 2012                      –   Financial Literacy- Rotana Hotel, Al-Ain, UAE
Jan. – Apr. 2010               –   Advanced ICDL (ShortCourse) , Rotana Hotel, Al-Ain, U.A.E
Feb. 2010                          –   CPR/Basic Life Support , Lecture Hall, Tawam Hospital Al-Ain, U.A.E
Feb. 02, 2010                   –  Telephone Techniques , Lecture Hall, Tawam Hospital Al-Ain, U.A.E
Nov. 2, 2010                    –  CPR -3 steps Management Re-competency

December 8, 2010          –  Bullying Workshop

Sept. – Nov.2009            –  Graphic Design and Adobe Illustrator CS3 (short Course), Rotana Hotel- Al Ain , UAE

March – May 2009         –  International Computer Driving License (Basic Computer)

Modules:  Data Base, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

Hilton Hotel- Al Ain , UAE


Ms.Jennifer V. Rosanes
Al Mazroui ICAS LLC
Mr. Nelson Nico
Tawam Hospital
O.R Department
Eleuteria Mainit
Staff Nurse –VIP Dept.
Tawam Hospital

Date of Birth   : 19 April 1969
Place of Birth  : Montpellier Alegria Cebu, Phil’s.
Nationality      : Filipino