Mariano Lumansoc Cnc operator/manual machinist

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Mariano Lumansoc

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Objective: To engage myself in a stable company that will require my qualification for improvement of the company.

Machinist at

Alajeal Oil Services

December 2017 – present

Perform maintenance on construction work, marine work, airport facilities, housing facilities garage & tool room, automotive, electrical, instrument work, tank farm, turbine and compressor, oil field equipment, both in the shop and in the field.
Setup and handling of conventional machinery engine lathe, radial drilling, universal milling, band saw machine and hydraulic press machine, compressor equipment and  overhead crane.

Machinist at Libyan Iron and Steel Company
January 2013 – November 2017 (4 years 10 months)

Set-up and Handling Roll turner  and Notching Machine operation to rebar steel and coil as per required size.
Set-up and handling Surface Grinder machine operation of bar blade cutter and share blade as per
required size and operate Overhead crane 100 tons by using remote control in safety manner.

Set-up and handling engine lathe machine operation of roller guide/twice guide as per required.

Machinist at NKOM – Nakilat Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd
November 2009 – July 2012 (2 years 8 months)

Handling and operation of machine engine lathe, milling, radial drill,band saw,profile cutting machine and overhead crane hoist 10 tons.
Knowledgeable about usage of standard carbide tooling, carbide tips, inserts, tool bits, reamer, end mills, gear cutter, fly cutter & face mill to perform any manual machinery work to include turning, boring, facing, grooving, threading, parting, drilling & etc.

Machinist  at Saudi Mechanical Industries Co.

July 2002 – December 2008 (6 years 5 months)

Operating  machine tool controls
Setting up and operating tools
Taking routine measurements and filling out inspection forms accurately
Operating a hoist and crane safely
Maintaining work area in a clean and neat manner at all times.
Reading completed work orders, ensuring that finished product and quantities match what is recorded.
Setting up and operating tools, which be computer numerically controlled.
To perform precision machining operations (milling or lathe)


October 1992 – February 2001 (8 years 4 months)

Reviewed machine specifications and blueprint to start the work on rolling process.
Used several tools to plan the manufacturing process, such as the area cut and materials to be removed.
Placed or load the piece on the lathe, milling machinery to make cuts on the decided area as per specifications.
Analyzed the finished products to ensure its effectiveness and defects in the design, presented the same to the clients.
Selected the tools to carry on the works as per specification and plans.
Monitor the machines on which the work is carried out, to ensure its proper working.
Maintaining work area in a clean and neat manner at all times.
Ability to repair and maintain the machinery working on.
Machinist at R.J.S. Construction & Development Corp.
June 1990 – November 1991 (1 year 5 months)

Responsible in the operation various machine like lathe, drilling, shaper and power cutting saw.
Perform other special duties that the foreman may specially assigned.
Mindanao State University – Maigo School of Arts and Trades, Maigo LDN, Philippines
Bachelor’s Degree, Majoring – Machine Shop Technology, 1986 – 1990


Machinery handle

Engine Lathe machine, Radial drill Machine, VTL machine, Boring Mill, Horizontal and Vertical Machine, Shaper machine, Surface Grinder Machine, horizontal band saw cutting machine and welding Machine.

MATERIAL USAGE: mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron steel, ductile iron steel, bronze steel, aluminum steel, pvc plastic, teflon plastic, nylon plastic, rubber, and wood.


Capable of using all standard inside and outside micrometer, bore gauge, calipers, height gauge, protractor, ruler, dial indicator, etc.