Maricel Angeles Channel Specialist

Driving skillSoft and hard Skill for Sales

BS in Commerce Major in Banking and Finance ( Far Eastern University)
High School, Torres High School
Elementary, Arsenio H. Lacsonl School
Management Courses/Certifications
Productivity Through Effective Supervision ( UP Institute for Small Industries)
Coaching Basics for Managers and Supervisors (Harry Pound Consultants)
Coaching Skills for Effective Performance Management ( Harry Pound Consultants )


Profile in Brief:


I am an open-minded, loyal, organized, passionate and highly motivated person. I take pride in my work and all my endeavours. Someone with a need to produce results. I am the type of person to meet challenges head-on rather than sweep them under the rug and hope they go away. While I’m an optimistic person, I am also realistic about the current situation and how satisfactory or unsatisfactory it is. Driving is what I love most, because driving is like a life, always looking ahead and thinking about where am I going.


I am well experienced in Sales and Distribution, having worked for both Retail and Food Industry; it gives me different perspective as needed. I am fortunate to have worked with organization like Monde Nissin Corp., and Distribution Company; Made Distribution, who gave me business acumen and developed my selling and leadership skills.


I love working with People, training and people development is another area where I am very passionate. It gives me great fulfilment to see those who I get the mentor or coach succeeds.



Key Accomplishments:


·         One of the Pioneers that helped Condi/Made be the benchmark in Food Service Industry in the Philippines and was able to grow the business from Php 5M to Php 30M.

·         Increase the coverage from 200 accounts to more than 1000 accounts.

·         Widened the must carry products per outlet type per principal

·         Planned and executed distribution programs both for Institutional and Gen. Trade operations for Condi/Made Distribution Enterprise

·         Helped the accounts to develop their own Menus using our products in a cost efficiently ways.

·          Double the business of NOR Distribution Enterprise despite of MNC getting our Top Key Accounts and directly serve by them.




Employment History


Channel Specialist Level – 3 (2016 – 2019)


Mekeni Food Corporation is a wold class Frozen Processed Meat Company and known for brands such as PICNIC HOTDOG, CHICKEN LONGANISA and MEKENI CLASSIC TOCINO.


·         Achieved 33% or Php 17M growth from 2017 versus 2018 sales.

·         Widened the range of selling products.

·         Crafting marketing promotions to create brand awareness.

·         Customized sell-in program for Top 10 accounts to protect the growth of the customers.

·         Manage merchandisers to achieve the required KPI.

·         Organize merchandising modernization.


Sales Supervisor NOR Distribution Enterprise (2011-2016)


NOR Distribution Enterprise is an exclusive distributor of Monde Nissin Corp., one of the biggest local food company known for brands such as, Lucky Me Noodles, Skyflakes, Fita and Graham Crackers.


·         Increase the business Sales for Monde Nissin Corp in our assigned area in 5 years from 50M to 60M

·         Involved in the design and implementation of Distribution Model to reach 28% of  total area universe of stores

·         Spearheaded merchandising innovations in Level 1 & 2 accounts

o   Cross Merchandising ( multiple contact points )

o   “What’s Hot What’s New” ( new product display )

o   “Creative Category Management” ( simplified Catman )

·         Part of the “Project Day One” program initiated by MNC. (Geo-tagged for Distribution, MS Blueprint for Market Stalls, Upgrading of System (ERIC) etc.

·         Manage the Booking Operations (L1 and L2 accounts) and achieve the highest growth with 11% double digit growth.


Sales Supervisor Made Distribution Enterprise (2000-2011)


Made Distribution Enterprise is Food Service Distributor carrying a multi-line products such as Nutriasia, Mondelez, Century Canning, Del Monte, Nestle, etc.


·         I started as a Salesman; we started with 5 booking Distributor Sales Personnel, with average monthly sales of 5M, and we grew the business to 30M average per month in 5 yrs.

·         I was awarded as Salesman of the Year and with Highest Achievement in opening of New Accounts for Heinz Tomato products in 2002.

·         I was promoted as Sales Supervisor 2 years after and handled 3 people covering the south and central area of GMA.

·         We were able to achieve consistently the KPI per principal for more than a half decade.



Encoder / AR Officer Valiant Distribution Inc (1997-1999)


·         Assigned as an Encoder for VISMIN area in DEL MONTE Division for 6 mos.

·         Transferred as Accounts Receivable Officer after 6 months in Johnson and Johnson Division

o   Posting of collected invoices in the ledger

o   Monitor all overdue accounts and directly submitted to the OM

o   Approved and Hold the sales orders if necessary

o   Managed delivered Sales Invoices via Accounts Receivables Invoices Transmittal (ARIT)

o   Monitor Bad Orders, Returned Good Stocks, Credit and Debit Memo.



Personal Development:


·         Productivity Through Effective Supervision  ( 2007)

·         Coaching for Effective Performance Management ( Facilitator – Noreen Latagan) 2008

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making ( MNC – LEN ) 2011
Coaching Basics for Managers and Supervisors (  Facilitator – Noreen Latagan) 2013
·         Gung Ho ( Facilitator Jojo Baldo 2013 )