Maricris Ramirez-Baniqued Experienced Operations Manager / Project Manager



I am a highly trained and experienced Operations and Departmental Manager who worked my way up from a Telesales Agent, to Team Lead, to Department Manager, to Assistant Operations Manager, to Project Manager and VP for HR and Admin and now as Operations Manager. With more than 12 years’ leadership and management experience in a Call Center Industry, Retail and Online Sales, Marketing and IT Solutions, and now currently managing operations in an Architecture firm, I have dealt with simple problem solving tasks to complex project and people management. I have a wide range of experience in Telesales, Quality and Assurance, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Product and Skills Training, HR Management, IT related Project Development and overall Operations Management. I am exposed in creating business analysis, market research, operations set up, target and benchmark setting, training needs analysis, performance metrics, data analytics, product presentations, complaint handling, client and supplier negotiation, business plans and project management.

I have a very keen attention to detail supported by my experience in QA and Software Engineering projects; I am an experienced problem solver due to my tenure as leader and manager; a detailed planner and an experienced Coach/Trainer/Mentor.

Company:  Upwork / Family Home Experts; Brisbane, Australia; Feb 2018 to Dec 2018

Operations Manager

Oversee the whole PH operations of the Australian based Architecture firm. I am directly responsible for the whole offshore team based in different parts of the Philippines who are mainly Draftsmen and Admin people. I recommended a performance assessment process, improved Admin procedures by implementing automation system, managed the drafting and admin team job assignments and deadlines. These tasks helped the CEO and the Brisbane team take off burden of dealing with contracts, lead management and other admin tasks and be able to focus on client relationship and construction projects.

·       Admin Team – Researched and implemented automation procedures applicable for Architecture firms which lowers down manual tasks by 40%. This resulted to Admin team being able to level up their skills and be able to handle more complex jobs such as digital marketing which was previously outsourced.

·       Drafting Team – Established a project management system using Teamwork Projects that enables the team and the management track and monitor their tasks online. Also implemented QA process for the drafting team that helped the Brisbane team lessen their hours of checking the drawings which is now handled by PH.

Company:  Mangosoft Apps Inc.; Marikina City, Philippines; Apr 2017 to Jan 2018

VP for Human Resources and Admin / Systems Development Project Manager

Directed, oversee and managed the operations of Mangosoft Apps Inc., – a start up company. As VP for HR and Admin and also the assigned Project Manager for Development Team, I am directly reporting to the CEO. Created and executed operations improvement plan that started from an overall analysis of the current situation of the company to implementation. The improvement plan involves streamlining the internal and external procedures to maximizing manpower of all departments. Also established project management process for Development Team, which includes client acquisition, project management, development, deployment and support.

·       Support Team – Maximize HC from 3 Support Team to only 1. This lessens the cost without sacrificing the quality of work for Support, which enables us to assign the saved amount for Development improvements.

·       Development Team – Established and organized the Team, per project and per category of support. This improves the management of each project. Shift 1/3 of the developers from Node JS Dev to PHP Wordpress Dev so the company would be able to acquire Website Development Projects that gives additional income and could better support our OPEX while we are still developing our main business solution software. Headed the ERP Software development plan that focuses on modular, phase by phase execution and deployment. This ensures that the system can work independently and or connectively.

Company:  Compass Call Hub; Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines; Apr 2005 to Feb 2017

Assistant Operations Manager (Jun 2015 – Feb 2017)

Directed the planning, design, process flow, monitoring and validation of all projects of the Philippine branch especially the departments that are directly reporting to the Assistant Operations Manager specifically HR Department, Training Department, Product Specialists Team and the Systems Development Team. Lead the improvement plan for employees from hiring to endorsement to operations by conducting training needs analysis, creation of new training processes and rebuilding teams that needed overhaul. Spearheaded development projects which includes coordination, project planning, process flow, checkpoint validation, product demonstration and launching. Handled qualification of software applications and projects before final endorsement to the CEO. Major projects handled:

HR Department – Directed the planning for an effective Hiring Plan, which allows the company to save cost by 200% in creating effective Recruitment strategies and methods instead of acquiring Recruitment Agencies or Headhunters. Also devised a resolution to Payroll Process that eliminates errors by creating better process flow that allows faster validation from Operations to HR to Accounting to Management.
Training and Development – Created new Training Modules for Retail in advancing their sales skills by adding Expert Sales Training to the program that resulted to 104% increase of individual 3 months after deployment
Product Specialists Team – Formulated After Sales Service Enhancement Program, which includes revision of product assessment handling, costing and training for technical support. This project lessens customer complaint by 70% and zeroed out DTI complaints.
Development Team – Managed and qualified software applications such as Kata Phone and Contact App, Kata Messaging App, KataCloud, MegaVPN, OWTel App and EM Market that were successfully launched on Google Playstore. Also handled in-house android-based application projects like Mobile POS, Mobile Warehouse etc. Handled major website projects like the company’s own brand website – and online store – Headed and managed in-house software projects like WebSMS, After Sales Status Tracking and other legacy systems.
Establish Project Management System and Support Management System
Other Special Projects Handled:
Set Up Singapore Retail Branch (Apr 2015 – Sep 2015)– Plan expansion, handled Staff/Leaders Training, Process Audit and re-establishment, Market and Competitor Analysis.
Oversee Indonesia Retail Branch Operations (Apr 2015 – Nov 2015) – Handled Staff/Leaders Training, Process Audit and re-establishment, Market and Competitor Analysis.
Manager – Product and Training Department (Jul 2013 – Jun 2015)

Prepare product and application reports used for further enhancement of existing and upcoming products/apps by conducting study, research and testing and directly submit to CEO and development team. Formulate Training Modules/Training Kit and conduct training depending on the needs of Staff per department and per position. Set up presentation for product launching, demonstration and exposition depending on market and audience. Handles and manages Whiz Centers that supports the after sales service of the company. Assist Marketing Team for product promotions and product presentations to create brand awareness.

·       Facilitated 16 Day Training for all Sales Personnel that gave Sales improvement from average of 104% vs. target productivity after 3 months.

·       Co-presented the products during Global Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong last Oct 2013 and Apr 2014, which created 3 major OEM businesses to other countries.

·       Promotion: From Assistant Manager to Manager (Oct 2014)

Assistant Manager – Quality Assurance and Client Retention Department (Nov 2009 – Jul 2013)


Handles QA Department that provides Call Quality Assessment, analyze issue and recommends improvement plan to Operation Staff. Also managed a specialized team that handled accounts requesting for discontinuation.


·       Recommended Projects such as Pre-emptive Escalations, Fraud Handling Process, and Account Retention to improve quality of calls of all departments with positive productivity result.


·       Able to consistently managed Client Retention Rate benchmark at 90%.


·       Took over previous management and successfully fix people and leadership issues of the QA and Client Retention Department by providing Leaders Training, Disciplinary Process and Coordination procedures with Operations Team.


Assistant Manager – Telesales Department (Apr 2005 – Nov 2009)

Handles all campaigns of Telesales Department and provide Sales Plan and Strategies in ensuring target productivity and call quality is exceeded monthly.

·       ALL agents and Leaders hit and exceeded their target for 5 consecutive months from Aug – Dec 2007

·       Record holder of the highest Productivity Commission ever received by an STL.

·       Promotions:

o   Senior Team Leader (Aug 2007 – Jan 2008)

o   Team Leader (Sep 2006 – Aug 2007)

o   Senior Telesales (Jan 2006 – Sep 2006)

o   Telesales Agent (Apr 2005 – Jan 2006)


Company:  Sta. Maria Business Association (SMBA); Bulacan, Philippines; Jan 2004 – Feb 2005


Secretariat – In – Charge (Jan 2004 – Feb 2005)

Creates recommendations for monthly seminars of members by coordinating to the local Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce.  Also handles all records, documents, collections and minutes of the meeting of the organization.

·       Created database system for member records and collection which transform the organization from manual recording to automated recording

·       Set up, handled and facilitated Events and Seminars for the members of the association such as Crisis Management, Business Economy Foresight, Fund-raining events for a good cause and other events that establishes the presence and the value of entrepreneurs in the Municipality of Sta. Maria.


Major Trainings and Seminars Attended

·       Diploma in Social Media Marketing – Shaw Academy (Distinction Award) – Online (Nov 2016)

·       Diploma in Digital Marketing – Shaw Academy (Merit Award) – Online (Nov 2016)

·       Management Guide – OWTel Philippines – Shangri La Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines (Jul 2011)

·       Leadership Skills Enhancement – OWTel Hong Kong – Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Jan 2009)

·       Essential of Leadership Training –  Teledevelopment – Robinsons Equitable, Pasig City Philippines(Aug 2006)

Major Projects and Trainings Conducted

·       Are you Sales Fit – Sales Kick Off and Training Event – Shakey’s El Pueblo Ortigas Center Pasig City, Philippines (Apr 2014)

·       Product Presentation for Kata i2 (Nov 2013 – Starmall EDSA), Kata i3 (Jan 2014 – Starmall EDSA / Robinson’s Forum)

·       Kata Retail Sales Training – Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines (Aug 2013)

·       Leadership Training – Coaching/Mindset Training/Delegation/Taking Criticism – Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines (Feb 2011 – Jul 2012)

Awards and Accreditation

·       Special Award: Process for Unorthodox Issues (Dec 2011)

·       Special Award: Rebuild & Reconnect Quality with Operations (Sep 2011)

·       Senior Team Leader of the Year 2007 (Jan 2008)

·       Top Team award (Jan 2006, Mar 2006, Sep 2006, Mar 2007)

·       TESDA Skilled Test Passer – Computer Programmer (Jan 2004)


Diploma in Computer Science (Awarded a Special Citation – representative for an inter campus I.T. Competition)

STI College – Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines – 2004