Maridel Orozco Caregiver


Job 1:

Job Title:  Domestic Helper

Company/Employer Name: Private


Job Description: All Domestic Helper Task.


Job Responsibilities:

     Established positive relationships with the children by designing creative games and activities.

     Maintained child’s health and well-being by providing meals, assisted with hygiene such as, bathing, changing diapers, and followed regular routines of child’s eating

and sleeping schedule.


Job Location: Hong Kong

Job Start Date with exact month and year: June 2000

Job End Date with exact month and year: July 2002


Job 2:

Job Title:   Caregiver

Company/Employer Name: Tova Mendelovitz

Job Description: General Personal care task including daily personal and oral hygiene, bathing, dressing, laundry, bed & bath linens, preparing and serving meals, cleaning and assisting elders in emergencies.

Job Responsibilities:

     Assist the elders in daily personal hygiene and oral hygiene.

     Completes all duties timely and in a positive manner.

     Assist elder in arrangement of room and putting personal items away

     Wash, dry, fold and put away laundry if scheduled.

     Clean-up dinner dishes and utensils, washing them and putting them away, cleaning tables, kitchen and mopping floors.

     Timely assist with all other assigned duties and projects.

     Arranged and prepares medicines to be taken on schedule by providing appropriate reminders.


Job Location: Ramatgan, Israel

Job Start Date with exact month and year: January 2007

Job End Date with exact month and year: February 2016



Job 3:

Job Title:  Caregiver

Company/Employer Name: YOM TOV LEVI Job Description: General task for Caregivers Job Responsibilities:

     Supported in personal hygiene bathing and clothing.

     Prepares dietary meals and encourage the patient to eat.

     Performed cooking, washing and cleaning.

     Shopped for food product on a day by day basis to give the patient best meals.

     Demonstrate and remind the patient medication.

     Comprehensive knowledge of performing homemaker functions.


Job Location: Bat Yam Israel

Job Start Date with exact month and year: June 2017

Job End Date with exact month and year: Present




Collage details:

1-   Collage name: University of Science and Technology I NEUST Nueva Ecija

Collage location: Nueva Ecija

Study start and end Dates: June 1997-2000

Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Industrial technology.