Marvin M Barbacena New accounts/bank employee

Philippines Marvin M barbacena
Can do labor workcan troubleshoot computersComputer LiterateFLEXIBLE

My name is Marvin M Barbacena,32, I worked in a Bank for 9 years up to now, my first job was a clerk in one of the prestigious school in the country, after i finished the contract i work in a retail store that sells appliances i decided not to be regularized because i want to explore the opportunities that might come. then i work in a power industries, I worked there as a digitizer for 9 months, then i decided to go, then i worked in a customer service that caters the US mobile user i worked there for 2 months because of the time complexities i decided to go. Then im currently working in a bank where im the new accounts.

As you can see i have different jobs with different industries but all of the jobs nature is almost in customer service.  I want to apply in a farm because i want a job that is not in the office i want a job in agriculture. Though i have no experience in farming but back in the days when we were in elementary,  high school and college, every vacation we do a farm work to help my uncle and auntie i do the labors like lifting a sack of copra, sweet potato, corn and rice,  hunting native chickens, and we also do planting, harvesting and since we are near the sea we also do fishing.

Hope this will help in my application.


2013-present Under grad: Masters in Business administration at University of Manila