#46 Cherry Gail St., Gabriel Subdivision II,

Hulong Duhat, Malabon City 1470

January 3, 1992

(0949) 607-3785 | [email protected]/[email protected]





NOVEMBER 2017                                                        NATIONAL CERTIFICATE II (NC II)



SEPTEMBER  2015                                                        LICENSURE EXAMINATION FOR TEACHERS

Secondary Education Major in Social Studies




2010 – MAY 2015                                                         OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY VALENZUELA

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


2009-2010                                                                    ST. SCHOLASTICA’S COLLEGE MANILA

Bachelor of Science in Management Psychology


2005-2009                                                                    ST. JAMES ACADEMY MALABON

High School Diploma, March 2009


2003-2005                                                                    ST. JAMES ACADEMY MALABON

Elementary Diploma, March 2005


1999-2003                                                                    STO. NIÑO LEARNING CENTER CALOOCAN






MARCH 2017 – AUGUST2018                                    –     Official bidder of the company for Newport

T&T FISHING CORPORATION                         Fishing  Corporation.

Account Manager                                                        –     Strategic planning for sales and marketing of the

daily produce.

–          Daily initial report of sales –  profit, loss & expenses.

–          Checks attendance,  gives performance appraisal and files incident reports for employees.

–          Does initial assessment for applicants.


OCTOBER 2016 – FEBRUARY 2017                            –      Assists customers’ concern regarding update,

TELETECH                                                                              modification and cancelation of orders.

Customer Service Representative II                            –      Gives assistance to drivers in delivering orders,

DoorDash                                                                              and managing their accounts.

–          Submits written report per case handled during the shift.

–          Zendesk, Oracle, Kronos



JANUARY2016 – SEPTEMBER2016                            –      Checks and validate written report made by sales

T&T FISHING CORPORATION                                             agents and account managers.

Accounting Clerk                                                          –      Report any sales discrepancies.

–          Accounting and bookkeeping of expenses and receipts.

–          Sales report and costing of every harvest.

–          Administrative work.

–          On-boarding requirements for newly hired employees.

–          Second phase of assessment of applicants.

–          MS Office



APRIL 2015 – DECEMBER 2015                                 –     Sells daily produce.

T&T FISHING CORPORATION                                      –     Submits written sales report.

Sales Representative



FEBRUARY 2014 – MARCH 2014                                –     Assists professors.

OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY           –    Observes teaching skills.

Department of Psychology                                         –    Creates lesson plans.

Microteaching Internship(100 HOURS)                     –    Executes lesson plans created.



JANUARY 2014 – FEBRUARY 2014                            –    Assists guidance counsellors.

ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY                               –    Encode psychological data.

High School Duffy Guidance Center                         –    Execute modules.

Guidance & Counseling Internship(100 HOURS)



NOVEMBER 2013 – DECEMBER 2013                       –    Observes patients.

THE MEDICAL CITY                                                        –    Submits daily log report.

Psychiatry Department                                               –    Perform all initial assessments of patients.

Clinical Internship(250 HOURS)                                 –    Execute daily occupational therapies for patients.


APRIL 2013 – JUNE 2013                                             –    Sources possible recruits.

SMART COMMUNICATIONS, INC.                               –     Does phone screenings for applicants.

Human Resource Department – RSS                        –     Sends application status to applicants.

Industrial Internship (300 HOURS)                            –     Administrative work.

–          Creates records of active pool of applicants.

–          Jobstreet, MS Office






Ms. Dominique M. Encontro

Communications Officer, Human Resource Department – Employee Relations

Smart Communications, Inc., Makati City

(632) 811 – 0211


Mr. Peter Uy

Team Leader, DoorDash Account

Teletech, Mandaluyong City

(0919) 928 – 0617