Mary Joyce Guerrero Quality Assurance Analyst

Philippines Mary Joyce Guerrero
honestI am passionate when I am doing my job. Dedicatedloyal and trustworthy person. A good follower and leader. And most of all I do respect people in my surroundings.

My objective is to participate in an organization wherein quality, dedication and expertise are valued. Apply the knowledge and skill acquired in the field of nutrition and food technology industry. Assist in any idea that can improve processes and standardize operating procedures.


2013-2017 Bachelor of Technology major in Nutrition and Food Technology at Technological University of the Philippines

Cum Laude (Honor Graduate)


September 2017-December 2018 Quality Assurance Analyst at Asiapro Multipurpose Cooperative (Nutriasia Inc.)

The laboratory analysis I perform while rendering at Nutriasia are pH, Brix (hand refractometer and digital), viscosity, TA, SALT, Oil analysis(Free Fatty Acid, Peroxide Value, Iodine Value, Cold Test, Cloud Point, Moisture, Color), Water analysis(Total Dissolve Solids, Chlorine Test, pH), Protein Analysis, 3MCPD Analysis (sample preparation through injection of sample and operating Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometer)