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To be able to acquire a position that is best suited to any field of my studies that will enhance my knowledge/education and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace to be able to grow professionally.

Career Profile/Qualifications Summary:

Flexible when it comes to work and dealing with other people in the workplace; attentive and sensitive to the needs of others; hardworking and lucid in presentation; God-fearing and honest.



Pines City Colleges                             -Bachelor of Science in   Nursing

Magsaysay Ave., 2600                                 2001-2005

Baguio City, Philippines


Pines City Colleges

Magsaysay Ave. Baguio City                -Associate in Health Science

Education (ASHE) 2002


Immaculate Conception Academy  – Secondary Graduate
Batac, Ilocos Norte 2906                                1990-1994


Mariano Marcos Memorial                  -Primary Graduate

Elementary School                                    1990-1996

Batac, Ilocos Nortea




Provincial Address        : # 1-S Valdez  Batac, Ilocos Norte                                                                      Date of birth                 :  April 25, 1977

Place of birth               : Batac, Ilocos Norte

Civil Status                  : Single

Religion                       : Roman Catholic

Citizenship                  : Filipino

Languages/Dialect       : English, Tagalog

Specials Skills               : Computer Literate

Hobbies                        : Cooking, Gardening and Mountain climbing/trekking



June 2003-March 2005
Baguio City; Mandaluyong; Manila
Under the supervision of a Clinical Instructor, I have been assigned to different nursing areas such as the General Ward, Psychiatric Ward, Medical-Surgical Ward, Pediatric Ward, Medical Ward, Obstetrics & Gynecology Ward, and special areas such as the Operating Room, Delivery Room, and Emergency Room.


During my patient care, I have been trained to incorporate assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation in every nursing procedure and technique. I have learned to:

§  Assess patients and respond to their needs;

§  Observe, recognize and report significant patient symptoms immediately;

§  Establish a SOAPIE or Nursing Care Plan for the patient;

§  Administer prescribed medications and treatments within the scope of practice;

§  Maintain accurate and complete documentation of nursing care rendered to the patient.

Specifically, I have learned to perform the following tasks of a nurse:

Patient Care

§  Perform bedside care;

§  Obtain and monitor patient’s vital signs;

§  Assist in patient positioning & range of motion exercises;


Philippines Orthopedic Center( Quezon City, Metro Manila October 2003)

·  National Center For Mental Health ( Mandaluyong City: April 2004)




First Aid CPR (Camp John Hay Loakan Road, Baguio City

September 5, 6, & 7, 2002)

The Philippine National Red Cross (Baguio Chapter June 2003-2004)

National Certificate II in household service

(Technical Education and Skills Development Authority)

July 2015

Ship security awareness training and seafarers with designated security duties (Northstar Training & Consultancy, inc. August 22, 2018)

Basic Training (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Northstar Training & Consultancy, Inc August 13-21,2018)


2001-2005 Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Pines City Colleges