matranillo jr rivera antipas cargo services agent

proficient exel and microsoft word

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A person with great passion to work and strive to learn and develops. Open to feedbacks, coaching and new challenges. Can maintain good performance and records. Have a high respect to colleagues and is born to work driven with excellence and to achieve long and short term goals.


It is my great desire to be affiliated in this world class airline company where there are doors for opportunities and advancement that I may somehow contribute in this company’s mission and vision where I can enhance my technical knowledge and experienced I have gained in my previous work.



Department: Courier Department(Hamad International Airport)
Courier monitoring and inventory
January 01 2017 up to present

Duties and Responsibilities:

Receiving and checking courirer shipments from Airside to Courier facility,conducting daily inventory on all the courier shipments that are stored in HIA customs area.
courier shipments.

Monitor and identify those shipments that are stored there for 72hrs or 3days already and put it in the 72hrs designated storage area.

Gather all those shipments which are beyond 72hrs and send report on that, create a excel sheet and sending the report to the supervisor through email.

Department: Cargo Export
Cargo Build-up Agent
August 26, 2012 –December 31,2016

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning and collecting flight schedules and flight drag sheets given by the supervisors or manifesting agents as per flight allocation.
Sending transport command request of cargo shipments using CROAMIS SYSTEM and performing build-up jobs,recording and scanning of all shipments using CROAMIS handheld scanner.

Assigning a unit load device that will be using for build-up job using handheld scanner after all the cargo shipments are collected or gathered in a particular working station.

Instruct cargo handlers to load the joining cargo shipments according to its handling requirements and assigned unit load device (ULD).For open pallets/containers coming from the work station, build-up agent must check if the air waybill numbers ,the total pieces and the destinations loaded on that particular unit load device are correct and similar to the cargo flight booking list.If open ULD has space, tap up more cargo shipmets in order to maximize the build-up.

Giving instructions to the cargo handlers to lash the joining fresh pallets or close the containers properly after loading the cargo shipments.If there are heavy shipments on the pallet, plastic,spreaders or wooden planks, and belts are required to arrange the loading.

Recording all the details including flight numbers, master air waybill number, pieces and weight and destination on each unit load device (ULD) with the use of handheld scanner.

Coordinating and cooperating with the cargo supervisors with regards to the special loads and other concerns.

Designated Airline (ASIANA Airlines)
Cargo Agent
February 15, 2007 – August 20,2012

Duties and Responsibilities:
Receives cargo through transfer manifest from the shipper or forwarder.
Check cargo if booked through cargo booking list.
Check all necessary information are accurately entered into the transfer manifest such as master air waybill number, flight number, destination, description of commodity and total number of pieces.
Check the conditions of cargo such as labels and packing.
Get the actual weight and chargeable weight of the shipment.
Receives cargo from the acceptance agent guided by the copy of cargo booking list so can immediately plan the combination of master air waybill in different unit load device (ULD) positions.
Instruct cargo handlers to load the cargoes according to its handling requirements and assigned unit load device (ULD).
Record the master air waybill number, pieces and weight on each unit load device (ULD) on the Build-up form.
Input assigned unit load device (ULD) using Cargo System Program in computer in preparation of cargo manifest.
Receive and check the air waybill or documents entered data are correct against transfer manifest.
Check all necessary information are correct such as shipper and consignee details, flight details, nature and quantity of goods, computation of chargeable and other charges, and attachments.
Segregate air waybill and attachments.
Prepare Notification to Captain (NOTOC) form for special load and dangerous goods shipment.
Submit all documents to an outbound agent.
Send pre-alerts to the final destinations of all loaded cargo through telexes.
Get the actual weight of build-up cargo including the tare weight of every unit load device (ULD) by accomplishing Final Cargo Load Advice form and send through fax machine to the aircraft load planner for weight and balance purposes.
Inform the airline security to escort the towing of cargo going to the aircraft side.
Bring pertinent documents to the aircraft and endorse to the cabin manager.
Monitor the loading of cargo to the aircraft.
Inform the Captain through Notification to Captain (NOTOC) form for special load or dangerous goods shipment.


March 31, 2017 Aviation Security Awareness Recurrent Release 2017

February 26, 2017 Dangerous Goods Category 8 (initial)

March 9, 2016 Dangerous Goods (Category 8 recurrent GEMS online)

October 8, 2015 Handling Bomb threat Calls (GEMS online)

July 15, 2015 Aviation Security Awareness Recurrent Release 2015


Philippine Maritime Institute
PMI Building – 419 W. Burke St., Manila, Philippines
Major Course: Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration
Year Graduated: March 24, 2003

Parañaque National High School
Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City
Year Graduated: March 1998 – 1999

Tambo Elementary School
Tambo, Parañaque City
Year Graduated: March 1994 – 1995


Born on the 3rd day of January year 1982 to Mr. Mat Ranillo Olivar Antipas and Clarita Rivera Antipas in Uminggan Pangasinan.
Single in Status
Excellent in Health
5’6½” in height and weigh’s 113 lbs.
Good in oral and written communication.
Can work constructively by a group or by individual.
Can work under pressure if needed.
Have strong public relation.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Any false information contained herein shall be a sufficient cause or cancellation of this application.

Matranillo Antipas Jr.