Mecaros,Rey A. Cnc machine operator programmer & factory worker

United Arab Emirates Dubai Mecaros,Rey Mecaros,Rey
factory worker

                      Hi sir and ma’am ,  I am Rey A.Mecaros  32years of age residing of Ras Al khaimah United arab emerates, I want incourage my self to apply a job base on my position us a Cnc machine operator milling machine, and also I have experience in woodworking furniture machine us a Final processor… thank you so much for you favorable reply .


2003-2007 Diploma at Don Bosco Technical College Cebu Main Campus

Related us a Cnc machine operator programmer for furniture items using new version of 4d program autocad basic.


2005-2008 Cnc machine operator programmer final processor Furniture items at T&H furnishing Industries Inc.

Making final furniture items to feet the equal angle of cabinet furniture maker , like shift Furniture and more.

2008-2010 Cnc machine operator programmer final processor woodworking furniture at Cebu Marine Furnishing Ind.

Operate the machine using Cnc panel saw machine for final woodworking furniture items.

2010-2014 Cnc machine operator programmer milling machine aluminum curtain wall at United Arab Aluminun Company ( JEDDAH K,S,A)

I am operator for making hole in the frofile as called curtain wall making for structural building aluminum.

2014-2016 Cnc machine operator programmer Roll former (DALLAN Machine) at Knauf RAk FZE Roll former machine

Making Aluminum frofile using for Gypsom support frame, like Angle 45/45′ &45/90′ and more

April CCTV camera installer programmer at Emirates Elictronics

Making set up all camera function and intercom conection elictronic gate motor..

December 2016- January Sales Executive for cake and Fastries at Bread mart