Melodina v.agustin Nanny

Vancouver canada

hello sir and maam,i have been working in hongkong in hongkong for 8 years ,im taking care a new born baby,feeding,taking a bath,i love baby because i have no children ,hope you help me and give me chance to here in canada for my good future and my family,especially to my parent need theme help for maintinance medecine everyday.thank you and God bless


1977-83 Understanding at Esperansa elwmentary school

my dream when i was a young,i want to be a doctor ,but my parents cant afford because have no money.

1987-1991 understanding at Recaredo castillo college

first off all i just to say thanks God,i work hard because of my family,

1991-1995 Honest at Recardo castillo college

Only God knows for me to help my daily needs


2008-2012 nanny at Chung gerald

Im working in hongkong,to taking care a new born baby

2012-2016 Nanny at Christina ,yakying

Taking care also a new born baby