Menchie Asenjo Accounting

keen on details

 Handles Payroll for all our employees
 Prepare and calculate 13th Month pay
 Process TIN for new employees
 Prepare and process Government mandated remittances i.e. SSS,PHIC and HDMF
 Prepare and process remittances for BIR (Compensation, Withholding Tax, Annual Registration, Quarterly tax)
 Prepare accounting schedules for Financial Statement and Quarterly/Annual Income Tax
 Coordinate with the CPA in regards with the Financial Statement reports
 Prepare Cash and Check Vouchers
 Prepare and analyse the Disbursement Summary
 Prepare Sales Report
 Prepares the Disbursement Book and Sales Book
 Prepare and Process Alien Employment Permit (AEP) and VISA for foreign employees
 Prepare and process all required reports for PEZA
 Process yearly business permit
 Prepare and process documents for SEC
 Handles accounts payable
 Monitor emails
 Assist in handling applicants
 Monitors our rental renewals, health insurance and others
 All administrative task needed in the office
 Handles purchases
 Process bank transactions
 Knowledgeable in bookkeeping
 Coordinates with our retainers for legal and consultancy

Armscor Shooting Center, Inc., Cebu City
 Skilled in making sales reports
 Monitored accounts receivable and payables
 Monitored day to day cash flow
 Prepared Check Voucher
 With knowledge in bookkeeping works such as sales ledger and disbursement
 Keep tracks/managed all dealer accounts and orders
 Did marketing and sales jobs for walk-in clients
 Prepared invoices to all dealers
 Handled shipping out of goods
 Sometimes done cashiering
 Assisted our manager the day to day schedule
 Handled logistical needs in the office/store.
 Handled paperwork that goes in and out of the office
 Handled payroll
 Prepared reports for Firearms and Explosive Division