Michael Dennis L. Sabio Pipe Fabricator

FabricatorMaterial CoordinatorMaterial ExpediterPipe Fitter APipe Piping Crew LeaderTool Keeper
  • Attend Safety Meeting.
  • Coordinate to Piping Foreman and Crew Leader.
  • Prepare all material to be use in Fabrication and check if safe to be use.
  • Double check the material to be use base on checklist and Isometric Drawing.
  • Make sure the Pipe to be use have tag or check to the checklist of Isometric drawing if the same material and size.
  • Check the Bevel is clean before tacking and weld.
  • Fabrication is than bring to Sand blasting area with TAG of base on Isometric Drawing.
  • Clean the area before to live.


1994 to 1998 High School Graduate at Panalipan National High School
2000 to 2001 Pipe Fitter and Welding at TESDA Cebu Philippines


2003 to 2006 Pipe Fitter at M.S. Al-Suwaidi Co. Ltd. K.S.A. Jubail.
2006 to 2012 Pipe Fabricator at M.S. Al-Suwaidi Co. Ltd
2013 to 2014 Piping Crew Leader at RONESANS Co. Turkmenitan.
2015 to 2018 Pipe Fabricator and Material Expediter at AYTB Co. Ltd. K.S.A Jubail.