Michael Anthony Maletsky Banos Security Management Consultant

Philippines Michael A. M. Banos



q  Worked for the Golden Phoenix Hotel, Manila; as the Security Manager reporting to the General Manager.


·         Liaison with the Estate, LGUs, friendly and neighboring police/security forces (PNP, BFP, Barangay and SM)

·         Instrumental in putting closure to a major investigation

·         Conducted a safety and security review and audit for the property and made recommendations that made management review the present system and applied all the recommendations: includes the CCTV system, Fire Safety Plan and Equipment, Security System particularly the access control and IT security protocol; with knowledge in vast cctv systems including C-Cure 9000 and Video Edge which I easily comprehend how to use. While assigned in the International School of Manila, I had the opportunity to work with the latest CCTV system in the county sponsored by the US embassy.

o   While I was the Operations Manager for Spectrum Security Services, the service provider for Business Profiles Inc. in Makati; one of our client was a BPO company, which I personally helped improved the physical and IT security system. Implemented a new adept CCTV protocol for the company. I had to travel around the Philippines to spear head the program, worked with the other service providers, lower and upper management team.

·         Was the key person for the hotel in the training and evacuation plan, including high rise buildings; Earth Quake Drill in the MOA area, where the Golden Phoenix Hotel is located. Worked hand in hand with the SM head office and the property management group, including the local police and fire department.

·         Improved and establish new conservation program/s, like Light and Water including recycling of disposals; When disposal are not checked, this is an invite to company lost.


q  Had set up the safety and security system and programs for Fersal Hotel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan and had been adapted by the other hotels in the Metro Manila area.


q  Successfully passed and completed a Certified Security Personnel Course in Ship Security, Cruise ship (SSO), given by DNV, Horten, Norway; proficiency in both various and in-house software security and safety system (Fire Prevention) and CCTV system, including various access systems.


q  Certified Security Officer by the Philippine National Police.


q  Extensive experience in managing the overall safety and security for companies, security budget and planning, project management, event management (including crisis/ disaster response protocol) and investigations.


q  With proven management capability in handling and synthesizing security measures of both in-house and contracted security services.


q  Able to relate well with people across the company from rank and file to the corporate level.

q  A member of the crisis management team (Environmental, Health, Safety and Security) on board international cruising vessels.


q  Audit and implementation of crisis management plan; both local and international.


q  Direct experience in research, development and investigation of policies and procedure for the crisis management team.


q  Completed and passed international land and ship training on the Environmental Compliance Program/Environmental Management System.


q  Completed and passed ship to shore training on HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINT OF THE Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America.  A must for all personnel entering United States.


q  Proven abilities in customer care and services.


q  Graduate of Computer Science with proven abilities in information system services, application programming and systems design in data processing; knowledgeable in computer security, CCTV system and computer maintenance and troubleshooting.


q  While the ship was out in the middle of the ocean; we the security department were the Police and Security team , Fire Team, Medical Team (EMTs), we worked hand in hand with the Safety and Medical department; help with the monitoring and maintenance of all  safety equipments (Fire, flooding, Life and MOB boats, Evacuation Team), including anti-piracy and drugs.

Trained by the Environmental Officer/s to assist in implementing all environmental regulations pertaining to food (food poisoning), proper garbage handling (an excellent way how to remove items from ship/property/building), Green Earth Program and conservation of company and natural resources.




Security Manager                           June 2015 – February 2016

Golden Phoenix Hotel, Manila


Over all in-charge of safety and security for the hotel. Responsible for the safety and security of the hotel; monitoring the hotel and security operations of the hotel; implementing security policies, regulations, rules, and norms; and making sure that the work environment is safe for employers, guest and visitors. Check and monitor the access control of the people who are visiting the company. Besides implementing security protocols, I keep track of different events, conduct security evaluations, create emergency response procedures for safety, medical, security, others and supervise and train the hotel and security staff. Lead all investigations and other special project directed by upper management.


Chief of Security and Safety Officer      July 2013 – September 2014

Fersal Group of Hotels

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan


As the Chief of Security and Safety, I was in charge of the comprehensive safety and security system which includes the intrusion and CCTV system of the FERSAL building/hotel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, I had set up the security, safety, business continuity and contingency plans for the new building, analyzed various standards of security and safety operation programs that would fit the structure, people and business; perform risk assessments to implement a safe and secure environment in the organization for both visitors and employees.  I also orient and train employees and workers on safety and security measures, coordinating all safety and security measures with local law enforcements and other friendly forces and reporting flagged issues to head office regularly.  Together with the security team, I conducted regular security and safety inspections/assessments and report all possible irregularity to the department concern and head office.  I regularly acquire in-depth knowledge on security and safety legislation from different sectors to secure the business and environment from related hazards and threats. Attended safety and security seminars conducted by both the government and private sectors.


Freelance HSE and Security                   December 2008 – Present

(IT and Physical Security)



Provide possible outcomes and results for clients on Crisis Management, Health, Fire/Safety and Environmental Issues, Information Technology and Security to improve on loss prevention control; make assessment on security risk, challenge physical security system and establish/improve (system’s upgrades) and remote surveillance system. Conduct test on prevention control and make improvement suggestions.


Ship Security Personnel                        April 2010 – Nov 2012

(Team Leader)

Celebrity Cruises


On board the luxury vessels M/S SUMMIT, M/S MILLENIUM and M/S SOLSTICE, this was based in Europe doing the ‘Mediterranean Sea Cruise’.  Performed security watches, protected and inspected secure areas, and granted access to ship’s facilities to authorized personnel. In-charge of inspection of I.T. equipments and coordinated all deficiencies to the I.T. department.  Conducted periodic ship’s training on security and how to react to major emergencies (Rescue Squad Leader and Breathing Apparatus Refill Team Leader, part of the Crisis Management team).  Enforced security Standing Operating Procedures on all ship personnel at all times.  Conducted periodic ship’s training of new security personnel.

Received security hardware maintenance and I.T. classes while onboard from the I.T. department.

Recipient, ’Employee of the Month’ – MS Summit 2010.



Deputy Operations Manager                      May 2009 – March 2010

Spectrum Security Services Inc. (SSSI)



Oversee operations and management for SSSI, monitored and review all activities related to the detachments/clients under SSSI around Metro Manila, CALABARZON area including Cebu City and Clark Industrial ECO Zone in Angeles City.  Supervise all clients’ investigations and coordinate logistic support.  Coordinate with the Human Resources Manager and help with interview in providing suitable security personnel for clients.  Consolidated daily reports from detachments and formatted recommendations before disseminating to concerned departments/clients.  Formulated in house policies for clients and conducts security surveys, audits and creates security plans for clients as needed or required.

Successfully developed and executed a ‘Lost Prevention Plan’ for a client that resulted in the arrest of bad employees. Natures of some clients’ businesses: Business Process Outsourcing Centers (BPO), Production of Semi-conductors, Chocolate Factory and Residential Towers.


Asset Protection Associate                 September 2008 – May 2009

Business Profile Incorporated (BPI)


Conducted in-depth Physical audits of clients; which include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, Security Policies and Procedures, and Security Surveys.  Investigated and analyzed clientele’s business process, including warehouse/delivery systems for vulnerabilities.  Initiated research and profiling of company assets as directed. Conducted investigations, road and safety analysis, location and venue survey for the International School of Manila. Part of an audit team task to study the security system of a high end residential building in Makati and successfully made the project’s board of directors satisfied.

Conducted desk top and site audits on maritime vessels to comply with the ISPS code and other maritime regulations for both local and international clients.

Solved a three (3) month old cold case on theft while assigned to the International School of Manila in Taguig Global City.


BAÑOS INTERNET STOP                             December 2006 – 2010

Santol, Quezon City



Responsible for the conceptualization, set-up and operation of the entire business, this includes promotions, sales, marketing, security and maintenance, budget coordination and management.


Security Officer, Sr.

Fred Olsen Cruises                      October 2005 – February 2008


On board the luxury vessels M/S Boudicca and M/S Balmoral.  Functions are the same as that performed in Holland America Lines.




Security Manager

Holland America Lines, U.S.A.           October 2002 – February 2005


On board the luxury vessels M/S MAASDAM, M/S Zuiderdam, M/S Veendam and M/S Zaandam.  Performed security watches, protected and inspected secure areas, and granted access to ship’s facilities to authorized personnel.  Conducted periodic ship’s training on security and how to react to major emergencies (Rescue Squad Leader and Breathing Apparatus Refill Team Leader).  Enforced security Standing Operating Procedures on all ship personnel at all times.  Was the acting Security Officer/Manager on board the M/S Zuiderdam and the M/S Veendam during the absence of the Security Officer.  Was instrumental in passing the ISPS certification of the M/S Veendam during the routine U.S. Coast Guard State Control vessel inspection in Juneau, Alaska on June 30, 2004.


Service Manager                            April 2001 – October 2002

Schallenberg and Associates

Metro Pacific Corporation, Philippines


Hired as a Food and Beverage Supervisor and immediately promoted to Service Manager to upgrade and implement HANS GOURMET SERVICES INC.’s standards for a three-star floating hotel with Negros Navigations.



Aquinas University of Legazpi,

Bachelor of Science Degree, Computer Science           March 30, 1997



§  Fire, Safety and Medical Emergency;

Palawan Police
July 2014
§  Required Refresher courses for Safety, Security and Medical Response

On board every ship


Ø  Basic Safety Training and Instruction (STCW/SOLAS)

Ø  Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft And Rescue Boats

Ø  Advanced Firefighting

Ø  Crisis Management

Ø  Crowd Management

Ø  Crowd and Crisis Management

Ø  Familiarization and Safety Training on Board Passenger Ship including Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety And Hull Integrity on Board Passenger Ships

Ø  Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training

Ø  Leadership and Management
June 1997 – Nov 2012

§  Security Level 4

(Ship Security Officer Certification)
July 2004
§  Security 1, 2 and 3 Training

(Requirements for SSO certification)
April 2004
§  Special Security Personnel Training

(X-ray equipments, Metal detectors and other security equipments)
April 2002
§  Leadership and Management, Star Cruises
October 1998
§  Suggestive Selling,

Star Cruises
January 1998
§  Food and Beverage Operations,

Star Cruises
October 1997
§  The Foundation Course,

Star Cruises

Ø  Life away from family

Ø  Working abroad

Ø  Travel and work

Ø  Expectations

June 25, 1997
§  Leadership Seminar,

Aquinas University, Legazpi City
July 1996


I am energetic and self-motivated with a strong attention to detail and high aptitude for analysis, very proficient in both oral and written English.  I enjoy cycling, trekking, chess and reading.  I am willing to travel and relocate.