Michael Calzada Sanico Teacher

Philippines Michael Gutierrez Sanico
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Michael C. Sanico

Rotunda Looc, Danao City, Cebu, 6004 Philippines

Cell +639-2330-005-47/ [email protected]


                                                                           CURRICULUM VITAE


  • To explore a new career opportunity in search for professional advancement and for character development;
  • And to expand my knowledge and professional experience and abilities via taking a job post that befits my skills and attitudes.


·         A student teacher in Bibiana Mercado Integrated School S.Y. 2015-2016.

·         Teacher and a Grade 8 adviser in SURE Learning Center Inc., class 2017-2018.

·         Senior High and College Instructor in Rosemont Hills Montessori College Inc. S.Y. 2017 – 2019.

·         Has good interpersonal relations, is adherent to the standards of work ethics.

·         Successful in establishing rapport with diverse groups of people while building confidence and respect for their holistic                       dignity;

·         And enjoys a spirit of cooperation and teamwork and is willing to learn new skills from others to develop my character and                 professionalism even more.


                                                                            PERSONAL DETAILS


Permanent Address             :           Rotunda Looc, Danao City, Cebu, 6004 Philippines

Mobile Numbers                   :           +639-2330-005-47

E-mail Address                     :           [email protected]

Birth Date                              :           14 November 1991

Birth Place                             :           Danao City, Cebu, Philippines

Age                                          :            25 years old

Sex                                          :           Male

Citizenship                            :           Filipino

Civil Status                            :           Single

Height                                    :           5’6”

Weight                                   :           53 kg.

Father                                    :           Condrado Sanico Sr.

Profession                             :           Deceased

Mother                                    :          Lucimar C. Sanico

Profession                             :           Laundry woman




College                                  :           University of the Visayas – College of Education


Major in Music, Arts, Physical Education & Health

Graduated: March 18, 2016 Danao City, Cebu, 6004 Philippines


Secondary                           :        Sabang National High School

Sabang, Danao City, Cebu, 6004 Philippines

June 2004 to March 2008

Elementary                           :     Bibiana Mercado Integrated School

Quarry Looc, Danao City, Cebu, 6004 Philippines

June 1998 to March 2004




 Training on the use of REDAS Exposure Database Module (EDM)

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PHIVOLCS) – DOST

Held at Intosan Resort Hotel and Restaurant, Brgy. Taboc, Danao City

August 8 – 12, 2016


 Disaster Preparedness (Basic life support, First Aid and Fire Safety)

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, Danao City, Cebu

Held at Rosemont Hills Montessori College, Deca – Homes, Sabang, Danao City

June 18 – 22, 2


(GEC 5) Art Appreciation

New General Education (GE) Core Courses: Modified Second Generation

Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

Held at University of San Jose – Recoletos, Main Campus, Cebu City, Philippines.

November 11,18, & 25, 2017, December 2 & 9, 2017 and January 13, & 27, 2018.





College Instructor

January 3, 2017 – May 11, 2019

Rosemont Hills Montessori College Inc.

Deca – Homes, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu, Philippines 6004


Senior High Teacher

June 29, 2017 – May 11, 2019

Rosemont Hills Montessori College Inc.

Deca – Homes, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu, Philippines 6004


Secondary Teacher

June 13, 2016 – April 7, 2017

Sustainable Unlimited Resources Education Learning Center Inc.

Catadman, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu, Philippines 6004



March 27 – May 29, 2015

Work hours starts from 10am-2pm; 5pm to 9pm

Choi City Seafood Restaurant

South Arcade, Banilad Town Center, Banilad Cebu City, Philippines, 6000



August 5 – December 2, 2014

Cebu Mitsumi Inc.

Sabang, Danao City, Cebu Philippines 6004



January 6 – June 6, 2014

Cebu Knotsberry Foods Corp.

Jolibee Danao Branch

F. Ralota st. Danao City, Cebu Philippines, 6004



July 2, – July 2, 2012

Mactan Apparrel Inc.2

Mepz1 Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines 6000


October 29 – March 25, 2011

Savemore Market Mactan

Brgy. Pusok Lapu-Lapu Cuty, Cebu Philippines 6000



·         Computer Literate (Msword, pptx. Excel);

·         Listens carefully to instructions and performs assigned tasks effectively and efficiently;

·         Can express ideas confidently and purposefully

·         Dance choreographer / Dancer




·         Consistently pursues the expansion of cognitive knowledge

·         Constantly seeks to develop practical skills

·         Uses critical thinking in making judgments and observations

·         Independent, loyal and responsible

·         Well determined and goal-oriented

·         Versatile and can multitask

·         Hardworking and dedicated

·         Manages time effectively

·         Possesses a good working attitude and interpersonal skills

·         Attentive to detail and organization

·         Has a good sense of humor

·         Respectful and caring

·         Has pleasant personality and engages in insightful conversations

·         Resourceful



I hereby confirm that the statement above are true and correct based from my own understanding and experiences. Thank you so much and Godbless.