Mohamad MOUTAZ nakhal quality & safety pharmacist

communication skillsResearch skillsSpeak English & Arabic fluently


1. Studying MSc of Quality and safety management in healthcare at Royal College
Of Surgeon in Ireland(Dubai)(2017-2019).
2. Graduated from Pharmacy and Health Science College
at Ajman University with an AGPA of (3.5) in June 2017.
3. Graduated from Vision school UAE-Abu Dhabi with score of (95.2) in June 2013.
1. Working currently for julphar pharmaceutical company as a medical representative for GIT products in Abudhabi (2018).
2. Achieved an excellent sales at Julphar Pharmaceutical Company by visiting 55pharmacies in Dubai from life group during six weeks of an internship (July – August 2017).
3. Participated in research survey about the drug of choice in atopic dermatitis with doctors in UAE (15th of July 2017).
4. Participated in research survey with C & O for Sanofi about the preferred choices of diabetes medications for doctors in UAE (14th of July 2016)
5. Worked in Science festival in the workshop office (September 2016).
6. Worked in C & O as a part time employee (Kia cars owners survey, charities survey, E-gaming survey, Hotels survey) (March2016-April2017).

1. Community pharmacy training:
• New Doaa pharmacy (Feb- April2017) completed 120 hours
• Al Ihsan pharmacy (Feb- May2016) completed 120 hours
In these two courses, I have covered more than 200 common drugs regarding their dosage form, strength, indications, side effects, contraindications and more. Also, I have dealt with many patients and their different cases as we analyzed them and studied them. I helped the pharmacist in organizing the drugs and putting them on the shelves and I had multiple conversations with medical representatives who were offering their material to us. Then I have analyzed two prescriptions about chronic and OTC cases.

2. Hospital training:
• Iranian hospital training (March- May2017)
• Burjeel hospital training (September- December2017)
During these two courses, I have collected information about the most dispensed medications (antibiotics, antifungals and other IV preparations used in the hospital for infections and other chronic diseases). I have rotated in both outpatient and inpatient departments in the hospital pharmacy where I have assisted in dispensing with the chief pharmacists. Also, I have covered the most important cases in the hospital for instance: hypertension, asthma, diabetes and more. In addition, I have observed all the departments in the hospital and worked in the computer system of each one to study patients cases and then apply researches regarding them.

3. Pharmaceutical industry training:
Julphar pharmaceutical industry training (December2016)
I have been rotated inside the industry around most of its plants.I have been examined and certified by the industry and university for satisfaction and completing the training.

• Attended and participated in Career day (March 2015-2016-2017).
• Participated in Word Prostate Day Raising Awareness (November 2014-2015-2016).
• Participated in (poster and oral presentation) for Duphat and had achieved the award of most innovative poster about (Treatment protocol of hepatitis C) (March 2016).
• Certified by Ajman University for achieving the second highest score in Exit Exam (May 2017).

• Community pharmacy training (Chronic gout case).
• Hospital training (chronic hypertension case).
• OTC (multivitamins and minerals).
• Clinical pharmacy (seasonal allergy in pregnancy).
• Presenting Treatment protocol of hepatitis c in Duphat 2016.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (Graduation project):
Devised and prepared my graduation project as a team work about (General Hepatitis C knowledge) which has been applied on 250 students from pharmacy and dentistry colleges under supervision of Dr. Nihal Abdullah. (1st of March – 5th of April 2017).

1. Understanding ethics, confidentiality and law of standards.
2. Decent communicative skills and customer service skills
3. High quality of illustrating and explaining to deliver the concept.
4. Legit knowledge of pharmacology and pharmaceutics.
5. Skillful in different aspects of chemistry and mathematics related to pharmaceutical operations.
6. Ability to work with a team or independently.
7. Very well organized and oriented in working.
8. Ability to counsel the patient with pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies.

Very well rounded in overall computer skills such as (Microsoft office programs, internet explorer and social media applications, pharmacy computer programs).

Fluent in English (UK/US) (IELTS: 6.5), Fluent in Arabic, Level A in Deutsch (125/130).

Drove in all seven Emirates from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah and very experienced in using GPS system.

Socializing, traveling, Reading, Writing, Gaming, Playing Guitar, Playing chess, Cooking, Basketball, Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Swimming.


2017-2019 Quality & safety healthcare management at Royal college of surgeon in ireland

Am on my second year of the master I will finish in may 2019

2013-2017 Pharmacist at Ajman unkversity


2018 Medical rep at Julphar
2015-2017 Survey creator at C&O marketing