Muhammad Zillunnabi Rubel HR, Labour

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I have successfully completed my High School at Bangladesh Navy College, Dhaka. After that, I embarked on a new journey where I had the privilege to work at Benyan Development LLC in United Arab Emirates, where I absorbed a great deal of knowledge and gained huge insight into the field of administration and documentation. My time at Benyan Development LLC allowed me to work side by side with the senior administrators and engineers on matters regarding Payroll, new recruitment, all incoming and outgoing documents, and human resources. In the period of 07 years, I acquired a good understanding of principles and practices of association, planning, records management and wide-ranging administration. My ability to converse efficiently, as well as my writing and analytical skills were all greatly enhanced. I believe my background and skills closely match your job requirements and I am confident I can make a positive contribution to your organisation.

Job Responsibilities:

Main Duties & Responsibilities include Document Controller & Administrative Support as follows:


Document Control:

·         To prepare all the submittal (material/drawing) as per project manager to the Client for approval.

·         To coordinate with all the project engineers to ensure that they have received all the updates about all materials and drawings.

·         To prepare memo as per Project Manager and distribute it to its proper track by collecting receipt copy.

·         To distribute all the incoming and outgoing documents as per instruction of Project Manager and file it on ISO Procedure & Standard way.

·         To prepare Minutes of Meeting (MOM).

·         To monitor, troubleshoot & maintenance Management System Software (SQL based customized Database) to ensure smooth operation like Distribution, archive all incoming & outgoing Documents/ submittals/ drawings etc. as per company policy, ISO Procedure & Standard.

·         Make sure all soft copies of documents are accessible and retrievable at any given moment.

·         Maintain & update regularly all ISO logs/registers/lists for document/record tracking & easy access.

·         Ensure soft copies are backed-up on regular basis.

·         Keep all documents strictly confidential.

·         Ensure that only current, authorized documents/ISO Forms are used.

·         Train new Document Controllers to be assigned at Project Sites.

·         Monitor & Coordinate with all project/site document controller/ secretaries to ensure all distribution & filing/ archiving are done properly and in accordance with company policy & ISO Standard.

·         Update all the logs/registers/lists like Material Tracing Log, Drawing Log, Incoming/Outgoing log etc.


HR & Admin Duties:

·         Provide administrative support to GM.

·         Provide & coordinate general administrative & logistics support for other Departments like Accounts, Tender & Operations as required.

·         Coordinate with Procurement & Operation Department to update Material Tracing Logs & Web based ERP Software (BillSmart) with Local Purchase Order (LPO) data and distribute & archive LPOs accordingly.

·         Coordinate with site clerks/time keeper and check daily presents and absents of labor & staff.

·         Prepare & upload & error check payroll data in BillSmart (ERP Software) and process in WPS format to disburse salary & wages as per UAE Labor Law.

·         Analyzes and organizes office operations such as assigning of support personnel, coordinate, monitor & training on filing systems, requisition of supplies etc.

·         Maintain & update personnel records in Labor & Staff Database to monitor & coordinate Manpower Distribution, labor leave/re-joining Status, coordinate labor evaluation & assign grades & monitor increment details, coordinate staff & labor allocation and annual vacation plan.

·         Work closely with accounts department in payroll management to coordinate troubleshoot & train customized & ERP Software (BillSmart) including leave administration.

·         Ticketing with best for all labors and staffs that are going on leave or termination/resignation.

·         Prepare Leave salary settlement for staff and labor.

·         Prepare End of service settlement for staff and labor.


Sr. Executive Officer

·         Recruit new Security man.

·         Coordinate with the Client.

·         Visit any new Company with Marketing Manager and help him to make quotation for the best security.

·         Monitor all the supervisor and security guards for 24/7.

·         Prepare Salary for the Guards and Supervisors.

·         Night Patrolling