MURAD MUSALLAM Catering ..Housing ..guest service & logistics ..Sport trainer


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:
Name                                                                       MURAD MAJED MUSALLAM                                                               Nationality                                                             Jordanian                                                                                  Date & place of birth                                           30/04/1979 Amman Jordan                                                             Mobile                                                                            00962797025934

E-mail                                                                   [email protected]    [email protected]


I Looking for New challenging carrier opportunity where I can enhance my skills Capabilities


Arabia College                                                                                                                                                       Amman Jordon


Diploma (Hotel Management and Tourism Certificate)            1999 – 2002                     Accredited Certificates No.  166/2002/6


Alfteth High School Commercial Education               1995 – 1997              Specialisation: Office Management




2017 –till now              International Store Assessor    EOLAS INTERNATIONAL


2015-till now                boxing trainer and co-Club     Top fighter centre



2013-2015                              Catering supervisor & housing             Armed forces hospital northern area

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


2011-2013                              Restaurant manager                               Black orchids

Café & Restaurant


2011-2013                                           Supervisor                                           Amman Hotel Airports

Jordan Amman



2009-2011                                           Supervisors                                          Six Senses Hotel

Jordan Madaba


2005-2008                              Supervisors Casher                                  kebabs House



2005-2007                                             Waiter                                                  Grand Hyatt Amman

Jordan Amman


-2004                                   Waiter                                                 Intercontinental Hotels

Abu-Dhabi UAE


1999-                                     Waiter                                                 Intercontinental Hotels




·         Training record
•               Customers Come First We Know What It Takes “I contact”

•               Up Selling Training (1)

•               First Aid Training

•               Menus Knowledge

•               Leading Target Body Language & Postures

•               Workshop Food Hygiene & Staff Safety

•               Human Resources Management Skills Workshop

Investigative Journalism


Sport Boxing ,Music & reading



·         English – Excellent                    Arabic – Mother Tongue


I was been one of the Jordanian players in the national team of boxing sport team of Jordan

Since 1993 up to 2006 and holding many medals in men and youth categories

And I am a member in international Jordanian athlete’s cultural association form 1998 till now

It was on the Training at some stage and take care of this training and volunteer work on uninterrupted periods

I have completed the first and second level of the Trainer Preparation Program, a Canadian accredited program (NATIONAL COACHING …COACHING ASSOCIATION OF CANADA) 2017



Mr.     Wafi shokri                                           Phone    : 00962799334732

[email protected]


Mr.     Omar Jehad                                         Phone   : 00962-796602682                   [email protected]


Mr.     Jjumanto Bm                                            Phone    : 006594574927                             [email protected]                                                          006596668409


Mr.       Kazem Ghoneim                                      Phone     : 001 972 624 9883


Mr.     Ahmad alhasanat                                        Phone     : 00966544197790







Available Upon Request



1999 - 2002 Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism at Arabia College

My study offered at college will incorporate the key elements of Diploma course, and aims to be one of the best professional training courses available. In a course providing with strong professional skills in hotel and restaurant management, Professional Degree is an excellent option. Graduation from this 3-year programmers, diploma graduation requirements of training for a period of 6 months I have trained on a restaurants and then training in international hotel like Intercontinental & Hyatt Amman …etc