Nagassou HR Assistant




Nagassou Fiwaouadi Raoul

Human Resources Assistant,

American Embassy Chad Republic,

Phone: (+235) 66-67-92-14/93-40-43-23

[email protected]

[email protected]

N’Djamena 5-11-18

To: Human Resources Officer

Request:          Application for the Position of Human Resources Assistant

Dear Sir,

I ‘am applying for the position of  Human Resources Assistant, which has been advertised on the website.  I believe my experiences and educations qualify me for the position.  I have studied Business Administration with specialty in Management for four years from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria.  I have also a Diploma in Modern Human Resource Management, in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, in Project Management, in Human Resources, in Data Processing and Computer Programming, and so many certificates from  U.S  Department of State Foreign Service Institute in Washington, DC.  I am currently working for U.S. Embassy in Chad in HR Section.  I would welcome a chance to prove to you that I am fully qualify for this job.

My working experiences include the following:

Ø  Administrative Assistant with Chad Discovery and Hobbies

Ø  Administrative Assistant  and Work Order Clerk American Embassy N’Djamena Chad.

Ø  Human Resources Assistant and Payroll Liaison in American Embassy N’Djamena Chad to date.

I welcome the opportunity and the chance to work as part of your dynamic team where I can fully utilize my experience and education to make a significant contribution to the fulfillment of Consular Section and the Embassy in N’Djamena.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss further my qualifications. I can be reach at (+235) 66-67-92-14/93-40-43-23

Sincerely  yours,

Nagassou Fiwaouadi




Nagassou Fiwaouadi

·        N’Djamena, Home: 93-40-43-23  Cell: 66-67-92-14   [email protected]

Professional Summary

I am successful at helping new employees adjust to company culture and feel valued in their new roles. I will bring an innovative approach to UNICEF Organization while creating a team-driven environment that fosters room for development and growth. I am equipped with the analytical skills necessary to process a continuous influx of benefits applications and legal compliance forms. I am a dedicated person and i will develop unique customer service. I am a Hard-working person who is highly efficient in time-critical situations. Skillfully prioritizes and manages all aspects of project. I will manage long and detailed task lists on a daily basis. I will help HR Manager to conduct interviews and performs all recruitment process in a professional manner. I am expertise in problem solving and mediation.


·        Human Resources Certification

·        New employee orientations

·        Compensation and benefits

·        Termination procedures

·         FMLA comprehension

·        Project management

·        MS Office proficient

·        Knowledgeable in all HR Systems

·        Team building

·        Employee recruitment

·        Business mediation

·        Society for Human Resource Management

·        Trained inFMLA/ADA/EEO/WC

·        In-depth knowledge of HR Compliance

·        Professionals in Human Resources Association

·        SharePoint Internet software
·        Organizing

·        Multitasking

·        Dealing with Grey

·        Negotiation

·        Communication

·        Discrete & Ethical

·        Dual Focus

·        Conflict Management & Problem Solving

·        Change Management

·        Leadership

·        Future Planning

·        Understand the Business

·        Leverage Technology

·        Have a Versatile Work Experience

·        Understand Where the Information Resides

·        Possess International Capabilities
Work History


Assistant Director, 01/2000 to 01/2002
Chad Discovery & Leisure –N’Djamena Chad
Coordinates all Mission travel arrangements.  Receives approved Travel Services Request and prepares initial draft of travel itineraries using the “OAG Travel Information System”.  Makes reservations at Airlines or Travel Agencies.  Ensures that passengers are confirmed and submits price quotations to passengers for cost construct travel. Drafts travel orders for the Director’s approval. Coordinates with the Health Unit Emergency Medical Evacuations by preparing Travel Authorizations, making Airline reservations. Reconfirms tickets.

Human Resource Assistant & Payroll Liaison , 08/2007 to Date
U.S Department States – State

I perform a wide range of Human Resources duties and substitutes the other Human Resources Assistant and the Travel Clerk during their absences.  During the Absence of the Human Resources Specialist, I supervise the two other employees of the HR Section. I do Backs-up the Human Resources Specialist in personnel related matters when absent or on leave. As principal timekeeper and payroll liaison, I receive T&As from all timekeepers and transmits them to Charleston for payroll processing.  I prepare personnel actions for Non-DS employees, allowance applications and other required personnel forms for the signature of the Management Officer or Human Resources Officer. I handle the full recruitment process for all Non-DS vacant positions, assist in maintaining and updating the Post profile database for employees. I serve on administrative matters to health benefits and services provided to FSN employees. I advise FSN employees of accident coverage by the Chadian Social Security by assisting them in the claiming paperwork and following up with the Social Security for injury reimbursements.  I prepare the final time and attendance telegrams to be sent to FSC Paris and FSC Charleston from reports by timekeepers.  Tracks payroll errors and problems, deals with FSC Payroll division on all pay issues.  Double-checks Earnings and Leave Statements to ensure that payments are correct. Files documents in Official Personal Folders.  Prepares all cables and allotment of pay, etc.  Prepares all advances and send them to HRO to be released, and perform other duties as required.


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Zaria Nigeria 2006


Diploma in Data Processing and Computer Programming, Zaria 2003


Associate of Science: Diploma in Modern Human Resource 2016
Alison a New World of Free Certified Learning – USA


Associate of Science: Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, 2016
Alison a New World of Free Certified Learning – USA
Associate of Science: Diploma in Project Management, 2016
Alison a New World of Free Certified Learning – USA
Associate of Science: Diploma in Human Resources, 2016
Alison a New World of Free Certified Learning – USA


Associate of Science: Diploma in Data Processing and Computer Programming, 2003
Computer Technology Institute – Zaria, Nigeria


A Level 2000, N’Djamena Chad

LE Staff Human Resources Management, Washington DC FSI 2018.

Executive Excellence and Wellness through Strategic Leadership

Working with Aggressive People

Managing your Manager

Leading a Generationally Diverse Workforce

Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Business Management and Strategy:HR Functions and Roles

Starting up, Initiating and Directing a Project

Mission Classification

Strategic Approaches to Human Resources Development (HRCI/PHR)

Non-Unionized Workplaces (HRCI/PHR)

Unionized Workplaces (HRCI/PHR)

Management of the Human Resources (HRCI/PHR)

Health and Safety in the Workplace (HRCI/PHR)

Risk Assessment & Prevention (HRCI/PHR)

Sexual Harassment  at Work (HRCI/PHR)

Employment Relation (HRCI/PHR)

Program to Benefit Employees (HRCI/PHR)

Employment Management (HRCI/PHR)

Developing Human Resources (HRCI/PHR)

Developing Employees (HRCI/PHR)

Compensating Employees (HRCI/PHR)

Affirmative Action & the EEO (HRCI/PHR)

Offers, Contracts, & Exit from the Organization (HRCI/PHR)

Recruiting and Selection candidates (HRCI/PHR)

Strategic Management Human Resources Fundamentals (HRCI/PHR)

Human Resources Strategic Role in the Organization (HRCI/PHR)

Tomorrows Managers’ Competency

Compensating Employee

Time and Attendance (WinTA)

Web.PASS Post Personnel Software

Strategic Approche to Labor relation

Business Execution in Action