Narwin Diez Pinlac New Product Introduction Engineer


42 Northcote Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622
Email : [email protected]
Skype : Narwindpinlac1
Mobile: (+64)2108889485

Strength and Skills:
 Can interact effectively with customer; good relationship with customer and maintain the closeness and
good communication to then in regards the product development.
 Can successfully interact with staff, management and other departments to find immediate solutions while
achieving key deliverables.
 Positive attitude, pro-active, motivational, strong drive, flexible; able to adjust new task and responsibility.
 Experience in Oracle and SAP base system.
 Strong interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication and can easily adapt to new environment.
 Good and effective working in team, been working more the 10 members in a team.
 Sports minded person, very open for any improvement and suggestion or new learnings.
 Good problem solving skills, technical sound person, fast learner and willing to learn in every new task and
responsibility being provided.Experience:

Machine Operator
Company : Sistema Plastics Limited (Penrose)
Nature : Manufacturing
Duration : February 24, 2016 – Present
 Follow required task being provided by the supervisor.
 Maintain the machine to keep it continually in operation and to prevent down time during
 Meet the daily target or output that is being required.
 Keeping the good quality output of the product during production without affecting the
efficiency of the production.
 Follow SOP/WI that is being posted in production.
 Follow Quality specs, limits and golden samples that are acceptable quality to the running
Sr. Specialist Assistant Manager,
New Product Introduction Dept.
Company : Cal-comp Electronics Technology Philippines Inc.
Client : Toshiba
P roject : External Hard disk assembly and SMT PCBA
Duration : January 2015 ~ January 2016
Sr. Engineer
New Product Introduction Dept.
Company : Cal-comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
C lient : Verbatim/ Toshiba /Western Digital
Project : External Hard disk assembly and SMT PCBA
Duration : June 5, 2012 ~ August 2014
 Implement standardization of both assembly process and SMT process production line methods,
standard operating procedures (SOP) and work instructions (WI) for good process and can
produced good quality of each new model to satisfy customer expectations.
 Design, test and implement the QC and QA function test software’s, JIG’s, fixtures and machine
that need to be used for the production line.
 Create evaluation report or yield rate report to assure the effectiveness of the machine being
 Controlling and maintaining good traceability information of the product and parts being used for
production, can be used for future reference for any customer complaints for root cause analysis.
o Collect and compile statistical quality data.
o Responsible for document management systems.
o Control and manage shopfloor system
 Lead in creating 8D report for any customer complaints and organizing all related team during
analysis and finding root-cause providing.
 Provide engineering support for all activities in product development process.
o Support to develop production strategies across high volume productions.
o Checking the quality of the product and identifying the error or faults.
o Monitor risk management activities.
o Evaluate audit findings and implement appropriate corrective actions.
 Drives for continuous improvement by obtaining high quality with good efficiency in production
output to satisfy customer expectations.
o Obtaining the target to improve the output efficiency to 35% without affecting or being
improved the quality of the product.
o Controls the production with balance cycle time each station.
o Improved production line Manpower from 32 operators to 19 operators per line without
affecting line output /day and improved the quality of the product due to if product will be
passed into multiple process the quality of the product will be at risk.
 Coordinate with customer in every new models and any Engineering changes for the existing
models; for 1 year I handled 15 new models and approved by customer for mass production
without any conditions, every month need to control 8 – 15 Engineering Notice / Changes that
can affect the process and design of the product and need to control so that to keep the best
quality and efficiency of the production.
 Provide six sigma reports to the team and top management quarterly regarding the products
process and quality improvement by following 7S manufacturing rules.
 Control JS (Junk Stocks) and SS (Scrapped Stocks) during production for effective cost saving
and good quality production.
 Assure ongoing compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements.
Sourcing Engineer / Quote Specialist
Company : SVI Public Limited Company (Thailand)
Nature : EMS Company
Duration : September 2014 ~ January 2015
Sourcing Engineer
 Coordinate with Sales and Suppliers to meet business development objectives and move
opportunities through to production stage.
 Develop and maintain good relationships with suppliers.
 Evaluate and approve sources, including supply of both Electronic and Electro mechanical
components, supplier selection in accordance to supplier strategy, supplier development and
optimization of supply chain.
 Source new parts at competitive prices and do bench marking.
 Maintain familiarity with the market for all parts purchased and negotiate with suppliers to keep
costs low.
 Supplier performance management.
 Supplier management like contract negotiation, supplier classification and evaluation.
 Negotiate win-win solutions with the goal of avoiding cost increases.
 Communicate with suppliers to ensure parts are delivered on time and to specification.
 Performances: Quarterly cost down amount is USD 50K and Develop 5-10 local suppliers with
competitive unit price.
Quote Specialist

 Quote job assigned base on Project.
 Analyze BOM, make sure BOM information correct, focus on MPN, MFG Name and annual
demand etc.
 BOM cover components as Cap., Resistor, Diode & TR, IC, PCB, Connector, Switch, Relay,
Cable, Plastic & Metal parts etc.
 Send RFQ to quote, via Quote Win & Supply Win of PolyDyne Software Company.
 Push supplier to quote on time and coordinate with suppliers & internal Sales Dept. to solve
quote related problems.
 Do cost analysis; make sure COSTED BOM with a high quality.
 Submit COSTED BOM to customers on time.
 Performance: COSTED BOM 100% on time with high quality to customers.