Nathan Edmund Keck Senior Sales Representative

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Canada Drives May 2017-May2018

Senior Sales Representative

Starting in Personal Loans I was responsible for gathering documents and helping close deals on outbound and inbound sales campaigns. I moved up quickly becoming the first representative to hit senior sales in 3 months time. I was offered management but chose instead to move to Auto Finance where I was on pace to hit the rookie record. I became fluent in using Salesforce and multiple other online tools. I did some assisting in helping train new employees but mainly I was an individual sales representative.


September 2011- December 2016 Bachelor of Commerce - Management Major at University of Saskatchewan

I graduated U of S with a Bachelor of Commerce with a focused major in management. I chose management because it allowed me to take the largest variance of classes. I wanted to get a good grasp of all areas of business and I like to think I was successful in doing so!