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Chemical Lab Technician


To acquire a position as Chemical Lab Technician where my lab experience, technical knowledge and communication skills will contribute to successful operation of the lab in research and development or quality control of the products.



·         Extensive knowledge in field of Chemistry

·         Able to perform manipulation of test samples using instrumentation: GC/HPLC, IR, UV/VIS, FTIR, AAS, Titrations, Extractions, pH meter, refractometer.

·         Able to conduct and set up chromatographic techniques such as Gas Chromatography,  High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Thin layer chromatography, Column and Ion Exchange Chromatography etc.

·         Working knowledge of basic Titrimetric, Colorimetric and Gravimetric analytical principles

·         Understand and perform Wet Chemistry Analysis Methods, Sampling Techniques, sampling criteria and sampling discipline, Solvent extractions

·         Awareness of Canadian Environmental laws laws and regulations (CEPA, EPA, Ontario Water Resources Act, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act etc.)

·         Proficient knowledge in conducting analytical tests and experiments.

·         Knowledge of regulations and standards for food and chemical industries.

·         Ability to write clear and concise lab reports and notes.

·         Familiarity with WHMIS, HACCP, MSDS etc.


Laboratory Operator, Butcher Industrial Finishing Inc.                                Aug 2014-Oct 2016


·           Maintained temperatures and solution levels in the tanks on the wash line

·           Collected and recorded process results and laboratory testing data

·           Maintained chemical baths by sampling, chemical testing and chemical additions to ensure product quality

·           Performed chemical titrations with chemicals such as Sulphamic, nitric and hydrochloric acid and potassium permanganate to maintain proper operation of the wash system and DI system

·           Collected data for the pre-treatment and the waste water treatment

·           Operated waste water system and DI water treatment system to maintain the required pH and water quality

·           Recorded and issued all customer correspondence (Quality related)

·           Verified all quality department gauges (daily, quarterly and annually)




Line Packager, Mars Pet Care, Bolton ON                                                               June 2014- Sep 2014


·         Making stacks of pet sticks coming on belt by ensuring the number of sticks in a heap

·         Packing heap of sticks into the packets after confirming the quality of sticks

·         Operate sealing machine to seal the packets and packing it into the boxes after checking the product is sealed properly and ready for shipping

·         Making pallets of packed boxes for large orders according to proper pelleting pattern for further shipping to the customers


Part Time Office Assistant, HM Staffing Solutions Inc, Brampton ON.            Sept 2013- Aug 2014

·         Preparing work orders and helping managerial team to create reports and documentation

·         Greeting customers and answering customer enquiries

·         Developed and maintained positive client relationships

·         Data entry, formatting, writing and mailing letters to customers

·         Sending and receiving emails to customers

·         Faxing and photocopying as per requested

·         Sorting incoming and outgoing mails



Volunteer at Energy Audits, Sheridan College, Brampton ON                               May 2013 – July 2013

Participated in Energy Audit conducted by Sheridan College at Community Centre at downtown Toronto, where the main responsibilities were:

·         Identifying the sources of Energy

·         Recording various characteristics of building envelope

·         Prioritising the energy usage for cost effective opportunities for energy savings


Chemical Expert, Apex Cardboard Industry Nakodar Road Malshian, Jalandhar Punjab (India)

June 2010 – July 2011

·          Checking the pH of waste water

·         Examining the turbidity of waste water

·         Analysing the concentration of various metals in waste water generated by cardboard industry



·         Chemical Laboratory Technician (2 year diploma) with high honours         May 2014

Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Brampton ON


Relevant Course Content

Applied Chemistry, Microbiology            , Mathematics, Waste water treatment, Organic Chemistry                  Biochemistry, Calculus, Inorganic Chemistry, Statistics and probability,            Environmental Science, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Industrial System, Electrical Sciences


Awarded with Award of Excellence for High Academic achievements from Faculty of Applied Science and Technology of Sheridan College, Davis Campus Brampton.


·         Bachelor of Science (3 year degree) in Medical                                                                   April 2007

Evaluated by WES, Equivalent to Canadian Bachelor Degree (Four years)


Relevant Course Content

Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.


·         MSc in Chemistry (2 year degree)                                                                            April 2010

Evaluated by WES, Equivalent to Canadian Post Graduate Diploma (One year)


Relevant Course Content

Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Advanced Physical Chemistry, Mathematics.