Neil T. Varona Licensed Real Estate Broker

Cavite, Philippines
(Infoserve Systems) Finacial Network Systems (FNS) Fujitsu Casa and GL Systems Windows and MSOffice Operations from Lower to HigherVersions Computer Hardware & Software Installationetc. Computerized and Online Accounting Systems Operations such PeachtreeI- Marketing/Internet Marketing and Social MediaNetworking Real Estate Service Practice and related laws like Real Estate Mortgage and ForeclosuresQuickbooks

Neil T. Varona

Lot 21 Blk. 36, St. Charbel (South) Executive Village, Barangay Sampaloc IV, Dasmariñas Cavite

Mobile#+63999-6674338, Landline No. 046-8523218, E-mail : [email protected]

R  E  S  U  M  E

Position Applied For  :     MARKETING DIRECTOR


Work Experience:

Employer and Address :                 Position:                                                    From      – To                    Length of Time


San Jose Kitchen                              Admin Officer                                           12/17/15   –  04/03/16          3 and ½ months

Cabinets Mfg.

PTC, Carmona, Cavite


Self Employed                                 Practitioner–Licensed Real Estate Broker    06/11/08   –  12/31/2014


INFORMATION MANAGERS     Product Manager                                    10/02/06   –  03/31/2008

2nd Plaza, Sen. Gil Puyat,             Stepup Accounting, Processware ERP and Infobank Systems

Makati City, Philippines                Functions :

1.      Design Financial Statements and prototypeChart of Accounts and Account Structure for

StepUp Accounting Clients.

2.      Conduct Demo on StepUp Accounting Basic and Enterprise Editions/Processware ERP

3.     Install Stepup Accounting Software and Progress OpenEdge and Assist  clients in the

implementation of Accounting System.

4.     Project Management, Business Analysis and Software Implementation

5.    Infobank Systems Product Management


BANK OF MAKATI,                        Branch Manager/Head                                    06/16/05    –  01/03/06         6 and ½ months

Zapote Branch Functions :            Functions :

1.   Overall administrator of the branch

2.      Ensures that periodic marketing targets are achieved.


BANKONE, Isetann                         Br. Operations Officer/ Branch Cashier/)      04/16/2001 – 06/15/05     4 yrs & 2 mos

Cinerama Complex, C.M  .              and Accountant (Assistant Manager

Recto, Quiapo, Manila.                    Functions  :

1.      Supervision, planning, coordination and control of  the overall operations of the branch                                                                        from cash to Accounting Operations both for Local Currency and Foreign Exchange to                                                                          include Western Union Transactions.

2.     Efficient Delivery of Customer Service

3.     Approved Transactions in Accordance with Bank Policies and Procedures and BSP                                                                                 RULES   AND REGULATIONS, BIR and other agencies of the govt.


BANKONE, Isetann                          Branch Accountant                                           11/03/98 – 04/16/01      two (2) years &

Cinerama Complex,                          Junior Assistant Manager)                                                                           six (6)mos

CM Recto, Quiapo, Mla


PDCP BANK, Binondo                      General Acctg. Bookkeeper                             12/95  – 4/98                   2 yrs and  4mos.

Dasnariñas Branch                            (Acting Branch Accountant)

Functions :

1.      Check and call back daily transactions

2.      Reviews all computer generated reports and print – outs

3.      Acts on problems that can not be handled by staff.

4.      Checks and signs all accounting entry Tickets  as to the accuracy and propriety.

5.      Checks Daily Reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Statement of Earnings and                                                                          Expenses (Income Statement), etc.

6.      Supervises Accounting Staff

7.      Ensures that all accounting practices and procedures are in accordance with Generally                                                                          Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

8.      Implement and ensures compliance to internal control policies and procedures.

9.      Checks Cash in Vault on a daily basis

10.    Open and Close Vault Door and Cash Safe Combinations

11.   Armed and Unarmed Alarm System

12.   Ensures Faithful Compliance  of Existing Internal and External Control Procedures                                                                                and Policies.

13.   Ensures Reconciliation of Float Items

14.   Report to Controllership all irregularities and material errors

15.   Checks General and Subsidiary Ledgers, Accruals, and  Inventory of Supplies

16.   Design and Monitor Depreciation and Amortization of Assets

17.   Design Financial Statements, Accounting reports and Schedules

18.   Prepare Variance Report and Justify Variances

19.   Prepare Monthly, Quarterly, Semestral   PDIC and Banko Sentral Reports, Loan                                                                                      Reports and other Reports and Schedules   needed by the Management.

20.   Prepare Tax Schedules and Returns, File and Pay them on or before the due date.


22.   Annual Budget Preparation
PDCP BANK, Kalookan                       Posting Bookkeeper                                   07/94 – 12/95                 1 yr  & 5 mos.
Branch, Gracepark,                              (General Accounting Bookkeeper)

Kalookan City                                        Functions :

1.   Check Daily Transactions                                                                                                                                                                                  2.    Check Reports and Schedules Prepared by Posting Bookkeeper and Distributing Clerk

3.    Prepare Journal Entries, Journal Vouchers, and Update and Monitor Accounts Payable                                                                         Accounts Receivable and other Sensitive General Ledger and Subsidiary Accounts.

4.      Prepare Daily Reports and Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet, Income                                                                                        Statement,        Cash/Deposit Position Reports, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly,  and                                                                                    Semestral  PDIC and BSP Reports.

5.      Prepare Accrual of Interest of Deposits

6.      Create & Update General & Subsidiary Ledgers, Inventory of Supplies

7.   Prepare Amortization and Depreciation Schedule

8.   Prepare Tax Schedule and File and Pay them on or before due date.

9.   Assist the Branch Accountant and act as Branch Accountant in the absence of the                                                                                   later
FIRSTBANK, Paseo de                         Roving Teller                                                  07/93 – 02/94             7  months

Roxas, Makati, M.M.                             Functions:

1.  Pick up deposits from  various clients

2.  Transfer Cash from Head Office to Branches and vice versa

FIRSTBANK, Cotabato                         Posting Bookkeeper                                     03/92 – 07/93              1 yr. & 4 mos.

City Branch                                              Functions:

1.  Post Daily Transactions such as Deposits, Withdrawals, etc.

2.  Balancing of Transactions at the end of the day.

3.  Compute Interest of Deposits

4.  Posting of Interest

5.  Lodge Dormant Accounts and Collect Charges.


Education  :

Name of School  & Address:                                        Date Attended :           Course/Degree

San Sebastian College – Institute of Law                                                        Bachelor of Laws

C.M. Recto, Quiapo, Manila                                        1995 – 2000                Fourth Year


Notre Dame University                                                 1988 – 1991                 Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Cotabato City                                                                                                          Major in Accounting

Notre Dame of Midsayap College                                1987 – 1988                Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Midsayap, North Cotabato


Notre Dame of Pigcawayan                                            1983 – 1987                High School

Pigcawayan North Cotabato


Pigcawayan Elementary School                                    1977 –  1983                Elementary

Pigcawayan North Cotabato


Government Examination Passed :                     Rating                       Date Taken

Career Service Sub-Professional Examination             84.23%                         September 1989

Real Estate Brokers Board Examination                       76.00%                         May 25, 2008


Special Skills  :

I- Marketing/Internet Marketing and Social              MediaNetworking

Real Estate Service Practice and related laws like Real Estate Mortgage and Foreclosures, etc.

Computerized and Online Accounting Systems Operations such Peachtree, Quickbooks, and

StepUp Accounting.

Banking Laws and Manual of Rules and Regulations(Policies and Procedures)

Banking Systems/Application Programs Evaluation

Computerized Banking Operations such as :

Informix CASA and GL Systems,(Infoserve Systems)

Finacial Network Systems (FNS)

Fujitsu Casa and GL Systems

Windows and MSOffice Operations from Lower to HigherVersions

Computer Hardware & Software Installations

Special Training/Seminar:

Property Management

Estate Planning and Division of Inheritance

Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar for Brokers

Microcomputer for Executives – DOS, WordStar, Lotus Symphony, Dbase III+ Assist

Windows, MS Word, Excel, Power Point

Customers Service Seminar

Signature Verification and Counterfeit Detection

Value Formation Program

Electronic Technician

Accountancy Training

StepUpAccounting Basic and Edition Training

Personal Details:

Age  –  46 ½ years

Height  –  64 inches or 5`4”

Weight  –  56 kgs
Address : Lot 21 Blk 36 Phase I, St. Charbel South (near PalaPala), Brgy. Samp. 4, Dasmariñas, Cavite

Mobile No. +09996674338

Date of Birth  –  December 31, 1969

Place of Birth  –  Poblacion I, Pigcawayan, North Cotabato

Nationality  –  Filipino

Religion  –  Catholic

Language spoken –  English, Pilipino, Ilongo, Cebuano, Antiqueño

PRC Reg./License No.  0001957

SSS Number  –  09 – 1257786 – 7

PHIC  –  19-050524446-3

T I N  –  139 – 204 – 335

Pag – IBIG ID Number 0002-203246 -11


Referrences :

Name :                              Occupation :                             Address/ Contact No.:

Jose Ma. Serrano            Retired CPA/Professor           St. Charbel Exec. Vill. Dasmariñas City
Mobile No. 0917-8538538

Jose Aims Rocina            Professor                                    c/o De La Salle University – Dasmariñas
Mobile No.  0932-8536731

Angelito Oliveros             Retired/Businessman             St. Charbel Exec. Vill. Dasmariñas City
Mobile No.  0917-5289304



Neil T. Varona