Neil Romano Registered Nurse, Nurse Systems Manager, Senior Health Informatics analyst

New Zealand, London, Canada, USA


Block 1 Lot 48 Solare Subdivision

Buyong Road, Maribago

Lapulapu City, Cebu

Philippines 6015


[email protected]

Skype ID: iceaiene




Age                 :           44

Date of Birth  :           July 02, 1974

Civil Status    :           Married

Gender           :           Male

Nationality     :           Filipino




Maters of Science in Nursing Informatics

American Sentinel University (Online)


October 2016 – October 2019



Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Cagayan Capitol College


June 1991 – March 1996





Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination 1996

PRC License No. 0307381

PRC Rating: 82.60

Date First Issued 05 March 1997

Valid Until 02 July 2021


Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

Saudi Arabia

License No. 08-J-N-0236016

Date Issued: 31 October 2005

Valid Until: 31 October 2020




IELTS Academic Total Band Score: 7.5

Date Issued: 07 December 2013



Total Years of Experience:  20.6 years


Rawdah, PO Box 40047 Jeddah, 21499 Saudi Arabia

Tertiary specialist hospital and one of three campuses of the KFSHRC (Gen.Org)

With 500-bed Capacity

Accredited by JCIA, Magnet, CBAHI



Health Informatics Support

Hospital Information and Technology Affairs (HITA) – KFSHRC

01 January 2015 – 25 March 2018                                                                       3.3 years

Job Description and Responsibilities:

Responsible for leading, supervise and mentor five staff, as part of the team.

Ensure yearly unit and individual goal setting with measurable KPI and performs an annual appraisal.

Efficiently coordinate and allocate staff as a resource to meet implementation requirements of the Integrated Clinical Information System or HIS/EMR:  Cerner’s Powerchart, iNet and Anesthesia with device interface, SurgiNet, FirstNet, and Capacity Management.  Including other systems such as Clairvia, Pyxis, Provation Medical for Nursing Care Plan and Voice Recognition by Dragon Software. Responsible for  System/Parameter Build and maintainance of Clairvia and ANSOS module.

Ensure validation of system build against the requirement prior to implementation.

Act as a consultant/subject matter expert to support Physicians, Nurses and Allied Health Providers in improving clinical documentation which includes; gather and reviewing requirements, propose new processes, review/change and creates new policies.

Responsible for training new Physicians, Nurses and Allied Health Providers joining the organization.

Responsible and ensure creation of curriculum.

Ensure educational materials are created using Captivate and Articulate applications.

Responsible for creating online educational material using iLearn Module (e-Learning).

Effectively creates training schedules for the year.

Performs in-services to units and Departmental rounds.

Maintains membership in various Committees as part of quality improvement.

Creates and generate reports promptly.

Act as Level 2 support.

Trains Service Desk Personnel to handle identified Level 1 issues.

On-call after hours, weekends and holidays as per schedule.

Travels to sister site and attend out of the country conferences as required.

7th International Nursing Conference speaker.

Led the team in identifying requirements for the Virtual Build of the new proposed SMART Hospital into our Integrated Clinical Information System or HIS.

Responsible for creating RFP’s as required.

Review hardware vs user ratio and propose hardware purchases.

Adheres to the hospital policies as directed.



Nursing Informatics Department

Nursing Affairs – KFSHRC

01 January 2005 – 31 December 2014                                                                10 years


Job Description and Responsibilities:

Formalized the creation of the Department of Nursing Informatics and directly reports to the Deputy Executive Director, Nursing Affairs.

Headed, supervise and led the multi-cultural Department of Nursing Informatics.

Formulate yearly strategy in implementing the use of technology and latest innovations to enhance processes through the use of Integrated Clinical Information System (HIS/EMR) of Cerner Company.

Led the assessment, built with the team the requirements needed, validated, tested, implemented and taught ANSOS from McKesson (Automated Nurse Schedule Operating System) with a Successful Go-Live on May 16, 2010.

Efficiently led the implementation of Electronic Attendance Logging System with the integration of ANSOS.

Actively involve with NDNQI reporting requirements.

Advocates/proposed integration of the Oracle HR with ANSOS system.

Involved in the change of Oracle ERP system to a barcode system.

Effectively led the implementation and the utilization of Electronic Bed Board System.

Established a data management group/analytics group within the team and designs reports for better decision making.

Involved in the implementation of the Pyxis system (Automated Drug Dispensing System).

Supervised the implementation of the Shared Folder for Nursing Affairs.

Streamlined the electronic approval process of Service Desk Request for the Nursing Affairs.

Performs Gap Analysis of hardware vs users every six months.

Successfully advocated, implemented the weekly training of physicians, monthly training of new nurses and developed core users (superusers) from different allied health professionals for applicable systems.

Developed strategy to implement the utilization of e-learning (iLearn System).

Involved in the writing of Magnet Documents which led to a successful accreditation in June 2013.

Heavily involved with the re-accreditation processes of JCIA.

Established the Nursing Informatics Council with a membership of staff nurses from different divisional groups that would serve as a forum for staff nurses’ difficulties coping with implementations of technology in the work area and an arena to suggest change and improvements.

Successfully led launched and the maintenance of Nursing Internal and External Websites.

Created the Crescent of Care Website; (

Studied, assessed and implemented with the Nursing and Pharmacy team the integration of electronic Medication Reconciliation flow with the Pharmacy MyCare System, which achieved 100% compliance and reduced the risks of error and improved quality care.

Deployed the strategy on adopting the Code upgrade of ICIS (Integrated Clinical Information System) from Cerner Company.

Involved heavily in the Project Implementation of systems that would need to change manual medication order entry to a computerized order entry format utilizing a homegrown MyCare System.

Involved in the implementation to integrate automatic charges to the electronic MyCare Billing System from HIS.

Worked heavily with the technical team, Finance Department, Business Leaders to direct creation and electronically design the workflow to match and augment the manual process, keeping in mind its usability, current practice, and future state workflow of revenue cycles.

Created the first Saudi Career Development Program within the hospital to train and helps Saudi Nurses form a career path in informatics and a form of succession planning.

Works with Quality Management in monitoring and compliance and develops strategies addressing issues.

Creates/modify policies and procedure based on proposed system future state and workflow.

Member of various Steering Committees leading the implementation of applications systems in the hospital.

Represented KFSHRC-Jeddah Branch in site visits in the U.S.A. for implementing new endeavour such as the Clairvia System (Acuity and Workload Management).

Attends Seminar in the USA on behalf of the hospital and Nursing Affairs – Jeddah

On-call as scheduled.

4th International Nursing Conference speaker.

Act within the limits of the directed hospital policies.



Medical Ward

Nursing Affairs – KFSHRC

No. of beds in the unit: 23

Patient Ratio: 4-5:1

19 September 2004 – 31 December 2004                                                          0.3 years



Job Description and Responsibilities:

The only staff within the Medical Ward allowed to be the Charge Nurse after two months of employment and still within my probationary period.

Direct care up to 5 patients per shift.

Determines patient care requirements and performs nursing care as required.

Administer medication.

Carry out physician orders.

IV Cannulation.

NG Tube Insertion.

Foley’s Catheter Insertion.

Assist in bedside procedure such as Lumbar Tap.

Assist in bedside intubation during code and emergency.

Prepares patient for the procedure.

Caring patients directly post procedure as prescribed.

Supervises and/or help other nurses within the shift.

Monitors supplies (inventory) and makes necessary orders within the shift or endorse as applicable.

Formulates nursing care plans.

Communicates and documents all relevant information to the patient electronic/manual health record.

Maintains professional relationships with patients, significant others and colleagues.

Engages in patient education every shift.

Participates in unit in-services and other mandatory educational requirement and privileges/competencies.

Abide hospital policies.

Performs other duty as prescribed by the Head Nurse.



Andalus, PO Box 9862 Jeddah, 21159 Saudi Arabia

A Tertiary Hospital for the Armed Forces

With 420-bed Capacity

Accredited by JCIA



Surgical Ward

Number of Beds in the Unit: 74

Patient Ratio: 5-6:1

05 August 2002 – 04 August 2004                                                                       2.0 years


Job Description and Responsibilities:

Act as a Charge Nurse as assigned.

Prepares patient for the procedure.

Directly care for six patients per shift depending on unit staffing.

Supervises/directs/helps other colleagues.

Monitors supply and equipment of the unit per shift; orders supply as needed and report the problem of the equipment immediately to Biomed.

Carry out physician orders.

Prepares and administers medication promptly.

Initiates patient education and assesses understanding of care.

Formulates nursing care plans.

Precept new staff.

Participates in educational activities such as in-services and presentations.

Follows hospital policy.



Iligan City, Philippines 9200

Private Hospital

with 200-bed Capacity



General Ward Consisting of:

Surgical Bed: 5

Pediatric Bed: 10

Medical Bed: 10

OB-GYN Bed: 5

Private Room: 4

Team Nursing – Day Shift:  1 Charge Nurse, 1 Med. Nurse and 1 RN/LPN/Midwife

Team Nursing – Night Shift: 1 Charge Nurse and 1 Medication Nurse

05 May 2001 – 31 July 2002                                                                                  1.3 years


Job Description and Responsibilities:

Charge Nurse or Medication nurse in an 34-bed general ward with mix patient population.

Carry out physician orders.

Prepares and administers medications as prescribed.

Prepares patient for the procedure and cares patient post procedure directly.

Involves the family in the care of the patients.

Formulate nursing care plans.

Abides with the hospital polices and guidelines.



Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines 9000

Tertiary Teaching Hospital

With 300-bed Capacity



Operating Room with:

Major Operating Room: 4

Minor Room: 1

Recovery Beds: 10

Patient Ratio: 1:2 (Scrub Nurse/Circulating Nurse)

18 June 1997 – 31 March 2001                                                                            3.9 years


Job Description and Responsibilities:

As a Scrub Nurse:

Prepares equipment/instrument for the procedure.

Count equipment/instruments before the procedure.

Assist Surgeons intra-operatively.

Maintains aseptic techniques throughout the procedure.

Count equipment/instruments before closing of patients.

Equipment aftercare for sterilization.

As a Circulating Nurse:

Receives patients before procedure.

Checks consent and proper documentation.

Check the site for markings.

Count the equipment/instruments before procedure with the Scrub Nurse.

Helps scrub nurse in preparing for the procedure.

Aseptically prepares the site for procedure.

Proactively assesses needs intra-operatively.

Verifies count of equipment/instruments before closing of patients with the Scrub Nurse.

Document and records the intra-operative procedure.

Makes sure that Surgeons completes operative notes post procedure.

Endorse patient to Recovery Room Nurse.

Helps in cleaning/aftercare of equipment/instruments for sterilization.



Public Information Office

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines 9000



Barangay Canitoan, Cagayan de Oro City

23 February 1997 – 31 May 1997                                                                         0.3 years


Job Description and Responsibilities:

Assess patients and record appropriately.

Carry out immunization review with age specific groups.

Administers medication as ordered.

Performs educational forums with community.

Helps with generating reports.




Health Informatics Course

De La Salle University (online)



22 July – 08 November 2013

Certificate of Distinction Awarded


Nursing Informatics Course

American University of Beirut



19 – 23 July 2010


Web Design Fundamentals Course (HTML)

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

Cebu City


22 – 23 May 2007


Integrated COBOL Programming

Systems Technology Institute

Cagayan de Oro City


February 1999 – May 1999


Computer Fundamentals and Programming (dBASE)

Systems Technology Institute

Cagayan de Oro City


October 1998 – January 1999




Dr. Sandra Lovering, RN, DHSc, CTN-A, FAAN

Executive Director, Nursing Affairs


+966 12 667 7777 Ext. 65836

[email protected]


Fiona Haines MCur BCur, RN, Adv. Mid. Adv. NeonSc.

Certificate Holder in Fundamentals of Magnet®

Magnet Program Director, Nursing Affairs


+966 12 667 7777 Ext. 63577

[email protected]