Nestor Sison Electronic Technician


Nestor Acol Sison
Phone number: +639999446655 Emails: [email protected]

Mississauga Ontario, CANADA
2014 to 2015
• Handles Phone In and Walk In customer enquiry.
• Fixes all brands of Computer, Laptop and cell phones.
• In-charges of pricing of work according to its damage.

Mississauga Ontario, CANADA
2015 to 2016
• Handles Phone In and Walk In customer enquiry.
• Fixes all brands of Computer and Laptop and cell phones.
• In-charges of pricing of work according to its damage

Dubai, U.A.E.
Service Engineer 2004 to 2010
Engineering Department
• Attended enquiries over the phone concerning laptops, PC’s, mobile phones and LCD monitors issues and provide solution to the customers.
• Received defective computers from customers and provides time frame for the repair of it.
• Repairs and modifies notebooks, PC’s and LCD monitors.
• Provides hands on training in Softwares and Hardwares for the newly hired engineers from Asia Pacific Region.
• Conducts meeting to teammates for some issues concerning customer related problem.
• Arranged pick up and delivery of repaired items in any part of the world.

Taiwan, R.O.C.
Assistant Technician 1999 to 2002
Manufacturing/Assembly Line
• Responsible for testing of newly assembled laptop computers.
• Inspect all computers during RUN In period and see to it that they are functioning properly.
• Checks all softwares and hardwares of each unit for a possible problem that might occur during the burn in test.
• Prepare summary reports for of all laptop that undergone testing before bringing it to Quality Assurance Section.
• Double checks all finished computer for their appearance and functionalities before they go to the Packing Section.

Taiwan, R.O.C.
Assistant Technician 1997 to 1999
Engineering Department
• Prepares all parts needed for the replacement of all defective projectors from the assembly lines.
• Repair defective components of some finished products and checks as well all their functionalities.
• Visually inspects all finished product for shipment and prepare reports needed for each machine.

A.K. GROUP of Companies
Dammam, K.S.A.
Electronic Engineer 1995 to 1997
Technical Department
• Responsible for checking all corners of the establishment for cracks and corroded status that can be subject for Cathodic Protection procedures.
• Prepares Requisition Reports of all parts needed for mobilization period.
• Supervised subordinates as well as the status of the repair carried out by my team and brief them before proceeding to our daily task.
• Prepares Progress and Accomplishment Reports and forward it to my managers via Emails.

Al Khobar, K.S.A.
Electronics Engineer 1993 to 1995
Engineering Department
• Responsible for all Electronics and Pneumatics machineries as well as their wear and tear status.
• Conducts corrective and preventive maintenance during and after working operation.
• Troubleshoots, repairs defective machines and prepares requisitions of parts needed tobring it back to working condition.
• Prepares Daily Report of each machine needed for servicing and conducts precautionary measures and proper handling of machines to their respective operators.

Manila, Philippines
Maintenance Technician 1992 to 1993
Engineering Department
• Responsible for the repair of each and every machine in the Production Line as well as their proper operation.
• Conducts preventive and corrective maintenance daily during and after the operation period.
• Prepares Status and Inventory Report of each machines and conducts a brief meeting daily before the operation starts.

Manila, Philippines
Electronics Technician cum Salesman 1990 to 1992
• Provides technical information to the buyer and tests all the equipments before giving it to the customer.
• Responsible for all Electronics and Electrical products of the company as well as its price.
• Prepares Sales and Inventory reports daily.

• Microsoft , Novell, Intel, Cisco, 3COM, Novell, Avaya, LinkSys, DLink, SMC, Plextor, LanWorks Technologies, Citrix, ASUS COMPUTERS China Headquarter, Pinnacle, Adobe, FESTO Pneumatics Systems and Java.

Other Skills:
• Highly competent at diagnosing and fixing application software & operating system problems.
• Excellent public-speaking skills. On numerous occasions I have been invited to give talks about Information Technology by leading academic institutions for engineering studies in STI Manila, Philippines.
• High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications Microsoft Word , Excel and Access.
• Working knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD, Alias Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, CorelDRAW!, Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash and Software Utilities programs from Symantec and Network Associates.
• Working Knowledge of General Accounting Practices, Financial Accounting, and Accounting Information Systems.
• Have a relevant experience in both maintenance operation and Office works, and a strong sense of responsibilities and commitment to work.

Formal Education:

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering; graduated 1988 in Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila Philippines.

Personal Information:
Full Name: Nestor Acol Sison
Mobile No. +63 9999446655
Email: [email protected]
Date of birth: May 28 1966
Natinality: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Passport No. P1516229A
Address: #34, PH12 JV Managers Tower, Scout Reyes corner Scout Castor, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines 1101