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Athanasiou Diakou 15, Themis Court , Apt 001, Nicosia, Cyprus 2060 • Cell: +357-99726605 •[email protected], [email protected]

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Professional Summary


Medical Laboratory Technician at the General Hospital (Nicosia), it was accomplished broad expertise in Microbiology tests, Hematology tests, Biochemistry tests and blood bank tests. During my time in the laboratories, I got the knowledge and multiple experiences and become an expert in those fields. I had to face multi-task oriented which it helps me to be more organized, ambitious, responsible, productive and well-qualified person. Consistently commended for the timely, high-quality completion of both routine and special laboratory assays of patient specimens (including blood and other body fluids, skin scrapings and surgical specimens). Ensured test-result validity before recording/reporting results, earning a reputation for meticulous attention to detail. During all those years, it was gain Knowledge to demonstrate the ability to communicate test results effectively with physicians, pathologists and nursing staff as a member of an interdisciplinary team focused on providing exemplary quality of care.

At The Cyprus University of Technology, It was gain experience as teaching assistant in a laboratory for monitoring Nursing students concentrating in Biology and Microbiology fields including indemnification of the Microscope parts, run experiments and grading them. I learn to be very motivated, skilled and enthusiastic about carrying out my duties.





COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Word/Works, Email. Power Point, Internet, Excel.


Active Listening


Group Instruction


Learning Strategies


Laboratory Assistant


• calibrated an assortment of laboratory/testing equipment
• hematology tests such as watched on microscopy and identify the Full Blood Count (FBC)




Biochemistry blood tests


Blood bank


Microbiology tests


Sterility Testing


Bioinformatics,Affymetrix Array


Elector microscopy


culturing and preparing media






Se-quencing,QRTPCR,Western Blot, Southern






Work History


Medical Laboratory Technician, 07/2009 to Current


Ministry of Health – Nicosia – Limassol Old Road No. 215 2029 Strovolos, Cyprus



General Hospital (Government).


Currently working for the Ministry of Health at the General Hospital.


Using Microbiology tests, Hematology tests, and Biochemistry.


It needs to rotate all the laboratories departments because that’s the policy of the General Hospital.

Currently, I am at the Blood bank checking the quality of RBC, PLT and frozen plasma.


I check the quality of blood by picking up 30 blood samples and checking the amount of RBC and WBC using Sysmex same for PLT and FFP, Ph and blood grouping.



Teaching Assistant, 09/2008 to 04/2010


The Cyprus University of Technology – 30 Archbishop Kyprianou Str. 3036 Lemesos Telephone +357 25 , Cyprus


Teaching assistant in the laboratory for monitoring Nursing students Teaching Biology (BIO 112) and Microbiology (MIK 219).


It was teaching assistant position in the laboratory for monitoring Nursing students various laboratory techniques and grading them.


I built strategic alliances with teams or individuals that resulted in positive outcome experiments.


Designed course on (BIO 112) and (MIK 219) and instructed students to review the samples and run experiments.



Laboratory Technician, 01/2003 to 04/2004


State General Laboratory – State General Laboratory P.O.Box 28648 2081 Nicosia , Cyprus


State General Laboratory Laboratory Technician (government ) (Water and Pharmaceuticals Microbiological Control) (Water and Pharmaceuticals Microbiological Control.)


Testing drinking and sea water for Pseudomonas aureginosa, Enterococci -Esculin Iron Agar, Enterococcus Indoxyl-f)-D-Glucoside Agar (Mei), Escherichia coli Agar (mTEC), Fecal Coliforms in Sewage Sludge (EC Medium), Salmonella in Sewage Sludge (Biosolids )by Modified Semi-solid Rapp port -Vassiliadis (MSRV) Medium. Daily pharmaceutical testing, bioassay and sterility testing.





Lab Technician Volunteer, 09/2000 to 12/2000


The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics – P.O.Box 23462 1683 Nicosia , Cyprus


DNA extraction from blood samples in cold PCR and restriction enzymes digestion methodologies applied for diagnos-tic purpose and in the preparation of agarose and polyacrylamide gels.


Familiar with Southern blot techniques, the DNA sequencing methodology and the hot PCR methodology applied for lab diagnostic purpose and for genotyping individuals at microsatellite marker loci.





PGC: Postgraduate Certificate: Bioscience (Human Genetics) , 23rd of January 2009 University of Leeds – LS2 9JT, . England, United Kingdom


GPA: Pass


During my studies at the University of Leeds, it was learned to use Bioinformatics, Affymetrix Array, and QRTPCR. It was searched and found transcription factor genes that mediating the development of the Myelin sheath. It was identified genes in development by looking at those unregulated during recovery from demyelization.



PGC: Postgraduate Certificate: Molecular Medical Microbiology , 19th of June 2008 University of East London – Water Lane, London. E15 4LZ ,England, United Kingdom

GPA: Pass


In the University of East London, the research was based on culturing and identify different Pseudomonas bacteria and their roles.



PGC: Postgraduate Certificate: Biological Research Methods , 22nd of December 2003 University of Exeter – Exeter EX4, England, United Kingdom


GPA: Pass


In the University of Exeter, The research was based on Ascorbate acid cell culturing and monitoring the absorbencies.



Bachelor of Science: Biology, 7th of May 2001


Montclair State University – 1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043, Montclair, NJ





Certification from the Ministry of Health Cyprus as Medical Laboratory Technician.


Certification, First Aid at Work (Urgent Events)






I love to read. I read books belonging to all genres. But it is adventure and mystery stories that keep me the most engaged. I enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. They are     fascinating stories that keep me very captivated.


I enjoy walking through the trees and grasses and foliage. Walking through an untidy forest or grassland on the rough paths in it is like an adventure story unraveling before me. The air in forests is very fresh.


Gardening. There is a big compound outside my house. On one side, I have made a small garden.





15/1996- 01/2001 BSc Biology at Montclair State University
09/2001-01/2002 Postgraduate biological Research Methods at Exeter University
09/2006-01/2008 Postgraduate bioscience Genetics at Leeds University