Nishanth Reddy Logistics Coordinator

United Arab Emirates
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C A result oriented professional with more than 8 years of extensive experience in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations, Procurement, Custom Clearance & Inventory Management

C Comprehensive experience in managing complete Operations growth and profitability within the defined guidelines

C Proficient in effectively developing, supervising end to end supply chain as well as ensuring smooth materials & Logistics movements

C Successful track record of leadership & achievement in all assignments; consistently progressed to positions of increasing

C responsibility

C Efficient in end-to- end development of software products from requirement analysis to system study, designing, coding testing, de-bugging, documentation and implementation as well as ensuring the availability of all hardware requirements

C Self motivated, hard working and goal-oriented with a high degree of flexibility, creativity, resourcefulness, commitment and optimism

C Outstanding communication skills, verbal as well as written coupled with exceptional presentation skills with the ability to perform above expectations


Logistics & Operations

C Managing logistics functions, negotiating with transporters for cost effective transport solutions & clearances.

C Taking adequate measures to monitor and analyse the performance of transporters, processing & packaging units pertaining to cost, quality and delivery norms.

C Managing distribution network & handling transporters, distributors, modes of transportation for the timely delivery of goods.

C Sustaining existing network & managing supply chain and ensuring timely distribution; managing the entire logistics operations control for materials at different locations.


Inventory / Materials Management

C Handling the store management function and maintaining reduced inventory levels.

C Overseeing inventory ageing, conducting logical ageing analysis and assisting in disposal of scrap.

C Meeting customer orders by designing, implementing, monitoring effective procurement schedules and establishing the quantity level for effective inventory control.

C Streamlining the system and procedures for effective procurement and cost reduction.


Sourcing/ Procurement

C Managing inventory levels for ensuring ready availability to meet procurement & dispatch targets

C Designing & scheduling material procurement plans for raw materials, process items & maintenance items

C Coordinating with other departments for material requirement planning, material procurement & purchase planning, ensuring continuous supply at optimum costs

C Handling sourcing through identification of cost effective vendors/suppliers for procurement with an aim of reducing cost while improving quality & reliability


Customs Clearance

C Coordinating with customs clearance agents to finish the clearance rask with specific time frame.

C Follow up daily tasks, escalate for timely support when there is a risk of delay.

C Streamlining the customs procedure for effective smooth clearance process and avoid any such.

C Identify the HS codes which are intended for any special approvals from the goverment prior to release, to avoid such delay and pay demmurage and dunnage.

C Maintains good relationship with goverment dept.  And customs.




Key Result Areas:

As Sr. Logistics Coordinator

C Responsible for coordinating all aspects of day-to-day material planning and delivery activities in accordance with the established logistics policies, procedures and systems approved by the company.

C Freight Forwarding – the custom clearing and release of material of material flowing into and out of the UAE by Air & Sea freights.

C Booking the shipments (Export / Imports) via courier services as required with the cost-effective manner.

C Drafting shipping documents and apply COO (Country of Origin) through online and obtain documents for the export shipments.

C Engaged with third party freight service providers regarding customs clearance processes for the International shipments through the customs.

C Coordinating with ADNOC logistics and services to obtain duty exemption facilities for all TWMA shipments.

C Apply government permits, obtain ESMA, FANR approval for the dangerous goods & TRA for electrical & communication item shipments prior to clear from the customs to avoid any delays.

C Submit and refund all the deposit paid to the customs for the lack of documentation and reclaim the deposit once submit the documentation.

C Updating the International shipment tracker to enable for all to view and know the status of each shipment on regular basis.

C Follow up PO deliveries with the International suppliers to avail and receive the shipments within the time frame.

C Saving shipping documents (Airway bill, Bill of lading, bill of entry, duty exemption declaration form, delivery notes and etc) to combined with PO copies.

C Dealing with overseas suppliers regarding INCOTERM agreement for the shipments to ensure the smooth flow deliveries through the customs and to all customs documentation is organized in an accurate and timely manner and with most cost-effective manner.

C Review & negotiate rates with carriers with competitive market value when necessary.

C Assessing and recommending ideal shipping methods, routing or carriers to meet necessary parameters, specifications and costs.

C Served as main focal point for logistics interface as well as coordinating equipment certification in line with company and client requirements.

C Managing the information control, compilation, and distribution while keeping consistent control and coordination of the Main Distribution Centre and the individual sites to ensure the needs of the sites are matched according to Company targets.

C Oversea the Inventory of the Warehouse (In & Outbound processes).

C Overseeing the reverse logistics items being returned for repairs/warranty claims both locally and globally and the processing of inter site transfers to meet targets

C Oversee the Main Distribution Centre, RMA (Reverse Logistics) department, Freight forwarding and receiving, and document control for GRPO of incoming freight.

C Providing expertise in providing various management reports to include Aging of Stock, Transportation Costs, Warehousing Costs, Recommendations to Reduce Stock Holdings, Monthly Analysis, and various KPI’s.

C Reverse Logistics – the flow of defective and damaged material back to vendor (inside and outside of UAE) for repairs, as well as the flow back into UAE

C Data Control – the capturing of all shipping and receiving electronic information of material flow and Purchase Order re-conciliation

C Material Management – flow of material from main warehouse to site warehouse, issue to customer/site as well as return back to main warehouse if needed.

C Monitoring specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems.

C Creating policies or procedures for logistics activities, as required.

C Producing Weekly/Monthly KPI’s for the logistics/Warehouse (Third party equipment hires, Inventory, In & Outbound processes (Local & International shipments)

C Organizing transportation activities, including storage of goods, managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating transportation movements, and arranging for services as necessary.

C Communicate with the overseas suppliers for the quotations and deliveries through customs as part of supply chain process.

C Engage with procurement department to expedite the purchase order deliveries to the Warehouse to enable of stock availability to meet the project requirement within time frame.

C Engage with the procurement / purchasing department to evaluate the vendors performances to ensure quality of service provided all the time as part of supply chain process.

C Liaising with vendors to ensuring the quality of the service provide.

C Controlling and managing, in a timely and cost-effective manner, on/off hire of third-party equipment’s based on the project needs.

C Deftly communicating necessary information to key personnel to ensure quality of service provided.

C Monitoring third party offshore container/baskets to utilize them for the project needs in time frame with efficient manner.

C Accountable for maintaining accurate and up-to date documentation in respect of hazardous materials and material certifications

C Conducting annual/cycle stock checks including spot stock checks and problem-solving stock issues

C Marking entries into management system to generate purchase requisitions, asset details, and material certifications

C Implementing and following the company quality system

C Proactively dealing with the team members to ensure of incoming correspondence and dispatch paperwork and authorize as appropriate.

C Communicating with subordinate staff, both formally and informally, to ensure expectations are understood

C Allocating and managing staff resources according to changing needs.

C Maintaining metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements.

C Ensuring that all personnel are made aware of their health & safety and environmental obligations

C Ensuring to the Health and safety committee is provided with support and assistance as required

C Liaising with management for discipline and grievance issues

C Address any HSE concerns and take appropriate actions in conjunction with TWMA procedures

C Undertake Health & Safety responsibilities and monitoring procedures as defined in the Health & Safety Manual


As Logistics Co-ordinator

C Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the day-to-day material planning and delivery activities in accordance with the established logistics policies, procedures and systems approved by the company

C Dealt with ZADCO, ADMA and Total Esnaad for the offshore deliveries

C Implementing weekly logistics reports (for off Shore & on Shore sites)

C Maintained records (Soft & hard copies) for all off Shore & on Shore sites

C Managed materials and supervise the storage arrangement (SKU, description, quantity), accuracy against S.A.P

C Visited the various offshore sites as per company requirement

C Coordinated with warehouse to schedules of deliveries to site

C Requested the materials in S.A.P Applications

C Performed reverse logistics in S.A.P Applications

C Responsible for producing material delivery report on daily basis to the line manager based on outbound daily transaction

C Conjunction with Site Implementation managers that all materials required are planned In accordance with site requirements and company logistics time frames

C Coordinated with warehouse to schedules of deliveries to sites

C Liaised with material delivery transport companies and as well as liaise with direct – to – site suppliers, as requested

C Conducted work and any instructions given for handling materials are in accordance with the governing HSE policies

C Assisted the Sites Implementation managers to store materials to requirements of the operating Companies and in compliance with construction drawing (AFC – Approved for Construction) and specifications

C Responsible for implement and update an excel spreadsheet tracking system to capture all deliveries to and from site to identify source, date, description and quantities of delivered materials

C Received the materials in to various Off Shore & On Shore sites

C Handled the responsibilities of receiving goods, processing documentation, storing deliveries at warehouse, tracking as well as distributing materials

C Assigned the tasks of processing shipments of materials and equipment like confirming of delivery as well as liaise with shipping vendors


As Warehouse Operations Coordinator

C To Liaise with Logistics Data Control Team to ensure all pre-alerts (draft GRPO) for deliveries to the warehouse are known and expected and that the 3PL is aware of such deliveries and has the required manpower and handling aids in order to receive the shipments

C To be the main Point of Contact (POC) for any material returns/dispatches to/from the warehouse, ICAD facilities from the projects and to liaise directly with the Site Material Planners about such returns/dispatches

C Monitor the receiving of all inbound / outbound items, ensuring that any discrepancy is reported to the Logistics Operations Manager and the QCC department

C Receives and inspects all incoming materials and reconciles this with the purchase order, contracts and other documentation

C Prioritizes activities in accordance with daily work schedules and assigns the responsibilities to individual staff to meet performance targets and deadlines as required

C Reviews job performance of staff by observing daily duties and providing the necessary feedback to improve where required. (KPI’s)

C Ensuring that when the material is physically received / dispatched, that it is the correct item as per invoice and HAWB / Delivery note for outbound, that the qty and condition of the materials are correct

C Ensuring that all items that are correctly received (Site Name, Qty, Description, Serial number, P/O details) are informed to the Logistics Data Control Team

C Ensuring that the items are stored correctly IAW instructions received and IAW health and safety standards

C Responsible for the 3PL updates his WMS system with the correct data of the items received / dispatched including the correct location, also trying to avoid duplicate locations for the same SKU’s

C Ensuring that any items that are serial number controlled are captured and the serial number is input into the SBO/ WMS and is shown on the label for the item

C To monitor if the correct label for each item with Division, Site, Description, SKU Number, serial number (if required) and quantity is on each item received at the MDC

C To prioritize all material issues based upon Pick up Request details, and to ensure that the 3PL actions the PUR’s in priority order

C To monitor the issuing of all outbound items, ensuring that any discrepancy is reported to the Warehouse Operations Manager and the QCC department

C To ensuring that FIFO (First In – First Out) principles are used where appropriate.

C Ensuring that the items for dispatch have the correct label for each item with Division, Site, Description, SKU Number, Serial Number if applicable and quantity on each item

C Ensuring that the stock picked is from the correct division/site held stock, unless an authorized Site Transfer Request (STR) has been raised to cover movement from other divisions/sites

C Ensuring where a Serial Number controlled item is requested that the right serial number is picked and that the appropriate actions are taken within our and 3PL WMS

C Assisting the warehouse management team in the discrepancy process

C Monitoring if the all materials loaded in the dispatch area are on the correct transport and the person collecting must sign, print name and provide mobile number, on the Delivery note that is produced

C Ensuring that the 3PL carries out his duties to the highest order and is to report to Senior Management any lapses in the quality of the service given by the 3PL

C Ensuring that the 3PL updates his WMS system with the correct data of the items issued.

C Assisting in the continuous improvement of the Warehouse to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

C Follow all company policy and procedures as contained in the Logistics Division MDC Policy & Procedures document


C Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications from Sun Solutions Computer Education, Andhra Pradesh in 2007

C Microsoft Dynamics NAV Software System (Navision) from TWMA Middle East Limited, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2016

C SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) – SAB Business One from Advanced Integrated System, Abu Dhabi in 2013

C WMS (Warehouse Management System) – LISA (Distributions) from Advanced Integrated System, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2014

C Basic First Aid & Fire Fighting Training Course (Valid 3 years) from Emirates Technical & Safety Development Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2016

C Risk Assessment & Method of Statements Training Course from ATS Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2012

C Time Management Program Training Course from Spearhead Training, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2016

C Advanced MS-Excel Program Course from Time Training Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2017

C Valid UAE Driving License (License No. 2505006; Issue date: 30-Oct, 2018; Expiry date: 29-Oct, 2020; Place of Issue: Abu Dhabi.