Nitesh kadu Automotive technician



Automobile   CV

Name                         :   Nitesh Kadu

Present Address    :    Dubai, U.A.E

P.O.Box 34034

Address                    :    Hazraaryan Residency,

Flat -2, Deulwada,

Marcela, Goa 403107.

Contact                     :   +971525134857

Email                         :    [email protected]






·     To  equip myself  professionally  and personally, to  contribute  to the development  of  the organization  I  belong through   teamwork  catalysed   by sincerity and  dedication.

·     Possesses  Good  communication  skills.

·     Can work  Effectively in a group as well as Independently.




§ Profile                                       :   Male

§ Name                                         :   Nitesh  Kadu

§ Nationality                               :   Indian

§ Religion                                     :   Hindu

§ Date  of  Birth                          :   10/12/1988

§ Current Location                    :   U.A.E

§ Married  Status                       :   Unmarried

§ Experience                               :   6 Years  in  the Automobile Industry

§ Date of Placement                  :   Immediate

§ Preferred Job Locations       :   Europe

§ Salary                                         :   Negotiable

§ Present  Designation             :   Auto Diagnostic Technician




Ø English                                     :   Fluent    ( Speak & Write)

Ø Hindi                                         :   Fluent    ( Speak & Write)

Ø Konkani                                    :   Fluent   ( Speak &  Write )



Ø  Passport  No                          :    K0627346

Ø  Place of Issue                         :   Panaji

Ø  Date of Issue                          :   08/02/2012

Ø  Date of Expiry                       :   07/02/2022




I am a mature,  positive and  hardworking  individual,  who always  strives to  achieve   the highest  standard  possible  with  any  given  task. I  possess  Excellent Communication skills and I have experience  to solve  automobile problems .  I can work  very  well  under  pressure  as  well  as   I  have More than 5year experience with Automobile dealership , Also I am willing to  learn  and  enjoy  new  things.



Œ Job Title                                                 :    Automobile  Technician(Chevrolet

And GMC Brand)

Employers  Name  &  Address     :     Al Ghandi  Auto  Group’s

Dubai, U.A.E


Employee  Date                                  :    22nd January 2015 –  Present .


Work Duties                                       :   Auto Technician  (Diagnosing  the          cause  of  malfunctions   such  as  Engine  Drivability, Transmission

A/C, Diffrential, and  Electrical  and  performing   those  work  specified  on  the  repair order  with efficiency  and  in  accordance  with dealership  and  factory standards.


   Job Title                                               :    Automobile  Technician(Chevrolet)

Employers  Name  &  Address     :   Yusuf  Ali  Alghanim  &  Sons

Shuwaikh, Kuwait.


Employee  Date                                :    11th  July 2012  –  21st   September         2015.

Work Duties                                      :    Technician.



v   Other Work Experience (Inplant  job training IJT)


Ž    Employers  Name  &  Address       :          Alcon  Hyundai  Motor’s

Pvt   Ltd , Goa.


Employee  Date                                   :          5th December 2011-

4th  May 2012.


Work  Duties

Ø   Implant  Training  as  Auto  Technician (2 months).


Ø   Implant  Training  in Accidental  Repair  Job  (2months).


Ø   Implant  Training  as Service  Advisor ( 2 months).






   Employers  Name  &  Address         :  Caculo   Ford   Motor’s

Pvt, Ltd, Goa.

Employee  Date                                      :   24th May 2010 – 8th

October 2010.

Work   Duties                                          :   Implant   Training  in  Auto

Mechanical  section.








Ø   To  use  Tech-2/MDI/GDS .


Ø  Perform  all  type  of   diagnose  in the vehicle  and  carry out   the  job    as per  manufacturers   standard .


Ø  Deliver  the  highest  technical  standard,  workmanship  & quality  from the  workshop  staff  in  order  to Assure  total  Customer  satisfaction.


Ø  Ensure to conversant with all Technical updates.


General  Motor’s  North  American  Export  sales  Middle east      Operation  Technical  Training.


1)    Electrical and electronic  Training.

2)    Precious tools Training.

3)    A/C   [HVAC]  Training.

4)    General repair Training.

5)    Transmission Training.

6)    GDS Training.

7)    MDI Training.

8)    TECH 2 Training.




1)   Diploma  in  Automobile   Engineering , India/Goa,  Year  2009-2012,

(Agnel Polytechnic Institution).

2)    HSSC  Vocational  Automobile   Engineering   Course,  India/Goa, Year   2007-2009.

3)    SSC Goa Board Examination ,India/Goa, Year 2006.



1)   Automobile  Course  Human Resources Development Foundation (State Directorate of  Craftsmen Training) Year 2007.

2)   Computer   Hardware  & Networking  6 months course Year 2008.



I  hereby  declare  that  the  above Information  is  true  to  the  best  of   my  knowledge  and  Belief.


Yours  Sincerely,




Nitesh   Kadu


2009/2012 Diploma in Automobile Engineering at Fr.Agnel Polytechnic


2015-Present Automotive Technician at Alghandi auto (GMC , Chevrolet,Cadialac )