Norberto Marquez Balatbat Cathodic protection Technician / Production worker



NACE CP LEVEL-2 ( Nace Certification number -59217)

Permanent Address: 510 Purok 4 San Miguel Hagonoy


Present Address :Block 2 Lot 2 Unit 5 Tower Hills St.Tower hills Subdivision Barangay Dolores Taytay,Rizal 1870

Mobile Number: +639163928630

Telephone Number:+637273915

Email Address: [email protected]



Provide a high level of technical support on a system basis relating to corrosion control and pipeline integrity. Maintain Cathodic  Protection  system and external corrosion facilities.



College                                              : Adamson University

San Marcelino St. Ermita,Manila

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

( 1990-1995)

Secondary                                        : St. Anne’s Catholic High School

Sta. Ana Hagonoy,Bulacan

( 1986-1990)

Elementary                                      : Teodora Cruz Elementary School

San Miguel Hagonoy,Bulacan






Ø  NACE CP LEVEL 2-Cathodic Protection Technician

Rotana Hotel Fahaheel,Kuwait

Conducted by: Hasan Sabri , Charlie Henderson

January 24-29 ,2015


Nace membership number – 328218

Nace certificate number – 59217

Ø  National Certificate III in Electrical  Installation and Maintenance

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA)


Issued on: April 01,2011

Valid until : April 01,2016

Ø Building  Wiring Installation and Maintenance

MFI Foundation ,Incorporated

Meralco Center Ortigas Avenue, Pasig city

June 19,2011- August 07,2011


Ø  Basic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

MFI Foundation,Incorporated

Meralco Center Ortigas Avenue,Pasig City

October 03,2007- October 18,2007


Ø Electro-Pnuematics

MFI Foundation,Incorporated

Meralco Center Ortigas Avenue,Pasig City

September 10,2007-September 27,2007




I have worked with  Oceaneering Muscat LLC Company  in British Petroleum (BP) Khazzan Project Oman as Cathodic Protection inspector/Technician  from  August07, 2017 to April 30, 2018 and was assigned to do Cathodic Protection System Inspection,survey ,monitoring of Pipelines Cp system,inspection of  Tanks Owned and operated by BP /Oman in  Khazzan Block 61 .

I have worked with Equate Petrochemical Company in Kuwait for  five years from September 2011 to May 23,2017  and was assigned for the maintenance contract of Cathodic Protection System (Solar powered ICCP system of road crossing underground pipelines,  remote monitoring Scada ICCP system of Sea water concrete basin,Sacrificial anode CP system,ICCP system of Multiple underground pipelines, underground and aboveground Storage Tanks,ICCP sytem of piles in Marine Terminal )

I have also worked with Tekfen-TML Joint Venture in Libya for two years from March 2009 to March 2011 as Cathodic Protection QA/QC inspector for testing,inspection and installation of sacrificial anode system (zinc ribbon anode) of 300 km underground pipelines  for Great Man Made River Project

I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering in Adamson University in Philippines and Nace CP level 2 certified by Nace International Institute.

I have more than eight years experience in Cathodic protection sytem monitoring,survey,installation ,troubleshooting,commissioning ,maintenance ,inspection and supervision .







Company Name                     : Oceaneering Muscat LLC Company

Company Address                : Regus Business Center LLC,Ground Floor,Bait Mahmiyat Al Qurum                                                            ,                                                      Building Shatti Al Qurum P.O Box 395 PC 118,Muscat,Sultanate of Oman

Position                                    : Cathodic Protection Inspector/ Technician

Period of Employment       : July 09, 2017- April 30,2018

Department                            : Asset Integrity-(Inspection)

Project                                       : Inspection/witness CP System Handover,Commisioning ,Pre-Commissioning and Post commissioning of  Cp system (ICCP and Galvanic CP system).Pipelines include ,Multiple Gas Gathering pipelines,.Fire Hydrant,Fire water monitor,Deluge skid.Monitoring of Electrical resistance probe (ER probe),Bio-probe,scale monitoring coupon and Corrosion coupon.













Summary of Activities  Done:

·         Inspection/monitoring,Troubleshooting of ICCP system on multiple Gas Gathering Pipelines, ,Export condensate pipelines (68km), Gas export Pipelines (60km),Produced water pipelines(26Km)

·         Inspection/monitoring,survey of Galvanic CP system on fire hydrant,fire water monitor,deluge skid

·         Inspection/monitoring,Survey of ICCP system on export condensate storage tank,Produced water tank,fire water Tank.

·         Monitoring/Data download of corrosion monitoring equipment such as Electrical resistance ,Bio-probe,Scale monitoring coupon,corrosion coupon.

·         Inspection of CP system handover,commissioning ,Pre-commissioning  and post commissioning of newly installed CP system.



Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø  Inspection of Commissioning Pre-commssioning and Post Commissioning of  newly installed Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system

Ø  Perform Cathodic Protection Electrical Resistance Probe (ER) data collection/monitoring

Ø  Carry out Cathodic Protection report and record in Inspection Reports Registry .

Ø  Do Cathodic protection Test Post survey of fire water monitor,Fire Hydrant and Fire water Deluge Skid Test Post Survey

Ø  Carry out On-Off Potential survey of Cathodically protected structure (Pipelines and Tanks)

Ø  Ensure Regulatory and client standard compliance

Ø  Support the Line Manager (LM) in appropriate aspects of management of Oceaneering contract providing assurance on technical delivery and cost management

Ø  Ensure all work is complaint with relevant client engineering and safety standards and practices and review any revisions and feedback from client Integrity Focal Point

Ø  Ensure implementation of client corrosion management control strategy/strategies.

Ø  Input to the production and ongoing management of the asset Annual Inspection Plans and client planning process compliance for corrosion monitoring activities

Ø  Assist with CP corrosion input to asset Turnaround (TAR) programs

Ø  Assist with producing CP inspection work scopes and work packs as directed by the Senior CP Engineer

Ø  Ensure the effective application of innovative inspection and corrosion engineering applications and specialist technologies

Ø  Input to the Inspection Query/Remedial Order (IQ/RO) process for corrosion and materials issues

Ø  Assist senior engineers with corrosion anomalies and failures

Ø  Recommend changes in corrosion criticality analyses and monitoring/inspection programs where appropriate

Ø  Ensure effective data management within ACET database

Ø  Deliver periodic reports, corrosion status of systems, identification and assessment of significant trends from CP surveys

Ø  Maintain appropriate level of contact with Asset Teams, 3rd Parties and internal discipline to ensure an effective CP corrosion service







Company Name                     : Almeer Technical Services Company

Company Address                : 9240 Ahmadi 61003 Kuwait

Position                                    : Cathodic Protection Technician-level 2

Period of Employment       : September 12, 2011- May 23, 2017

Department                            : Maintenance Department

Project                                       : Maintenance of Cathodic Protection System in

Equate Petrochemical Company

Summary of Project done ;

·         Rejuvenation of two kilometer sacrificial CP system of 10 inch fuel gas underground pipeline by installation of 73 sacrificial magnesium anodes with design calculation.

·         Installation of ICCP mixed metal oxides anodes for the protection of piles in marine terminal Operation (MTO)

·         Assist the engineer for the design of ICCP  system of cooling water supply and return underground Pipelines.(Soil resistivity test,relocation of pipeline and pipeline route)

·         Installation of 14 mixed metal oxide ICCP anodes in ethylene glycol 2 area of 48” cooling water supply and return underground pipelines )

·         Maintenance of Galvanic and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System of Underground pipelines,Above ground and Underground Storage Tanks,Sea Water Concrete basin,Piles,

·         Replacement ,Testing and installation of  17 nos.of new Transformer Rectifier

·         Perform current drainage test of  diesel storage tanks and road crossing underground pipelines.

·         Installation a numbers of anode and negative junction boxes as well as bonding boxes.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø Install,operate troubleshoot and maintain galvanic and impress current  cathodic protection system of underground pipelines,tanks ,piles,reinforced concrete structures and sea water concrete basin

Ø Carryout corrosion control activities related to cathodic protection system as per standard operating procedures to a safe and effective manner to ensure continuous operation of the system.

Ø Plan and perform duties such as testing, evaluation and installation of cathodic protection systems to inhibit corrosion on various structures

Ø Perform various tests,measurements,and surveys to ensure efficient operation of cathodic protection.

Ø Conduct electrical isolation test using insulation flange tester/radio frequency insulation tester to identify the points of electrical shorts

Ø Sketch rectifiers, anodes, test stations, and other design features on prepared drawings.

Ø Assist senior personnel in the preparation of survey reports and final job reports

Ø Monitor the condition of pipeline through pipe to soil potential survey,visual inspection,voltage and current measurement

Ø Installation of anode and termination of cables in junction boxes ,test point

Ø Prepare appropriate documentation and paperwork related to cathodic protection

Ø Oversee the construction and work activities performed by the third parties

Ø Perform all CP works in compliance with company standards,procedures

Ø Lead the group of CP tech on the implementation CP procedure,safe job plan,safety rules and policy.

Ø Provide inputs and suggestions for the continuous  improvement of practices ,operation of cp equipment and cp  system

Ø Record the results of testing using cathodic protection equipments and devices and notify supervisor or engineer if any abnormal conditions arises

Ø Operate and perform SCADA CP SYSTEM survey of sea water concrete basin

Ø Conduct soil resistivity test to determine the corrosivity of the soil

Ø Perform current drainage test of tanks and road crossing underground pipelines and perform design calculation.

Ø Testing, installation,troubleshooting of new CP transformer rectifier



Company Name                    : Tekfen-Tml Joint venture

Company Address               : Qanfoda area P.O Box 17170 Benghazi, Libya

Position                                   : Cathodic  Protection  QA/QC Inspector

Period of Employment      : February 13, 2009  to  February 23, 2011

Department                            : QA/QC Department

Project                                      : Inspection,Installation and Commissioning  of

Of Galvanic Cp system of Underground Pre-

Stressed Concrete Cylinder Conveyance Pipeline


Summary of project done:

·         Inspection of installation of Galvanic zinc ribbon Anodes  Cp system and commissioning of Galvanic system of 250kilometer  underground  Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Conveyance Pipeline

·         CIPS and DCVG survey as well as ON-OFF potential survey  and monitoring

·         Monitoring of Soil resistivity testing conducted by CP technician



Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø   Monitor a group of  cathodic protection tester conducting   survey,testing, and measurement of cathodic protection facilities.

Ø  Coordinate with CP Engineer and Client/Owner representative regarding day to day activities of cathodic protection works.

Ø  Ensure that all works activities comply with all the procedures and specifications.

Ø  Issue Non-Conformance Report (NCR) on Non-Compliance activities to ensure that procedure is being followed.

Ø  Supervise Qc inspection reports and monthly accomplishment reports regarding  cathodic protection testing and installation

Ø  Inspect encapsulation,anode to header cable jointing and crimping,pin brazing,termination of cables in junction boxes.

Ø  Conduct  visual inspection of Pre-Stressed concrete cylinder Pipe(PCCP)

to check any damage or abnormalities on the pipe.

Ø  Monitor Cathodic Protection technicians conducting commissioning test,

DCVG,CIPS survey

Ø  Supervise Cathodic Protection technicians conducting CP survey,installation and testing.





Company Name                    : Giga Storage Corporation

Company Address               : 2 Kuang Fu South Road Hsinchu Industrial Park

Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C

Position                                   : Electronic Operator/Machine Operator

Period of Employment      : March 22, 2004  to  March 20, 2007

Department                            : Production Department






Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø  Operate plastic injection moulding machine

Ø  Change mould and setup parameters of the injection machines to follow specification of product being made

Ø  Repairs and troubleshoot injection moulding machine when problem arises

Ø  Operate,maintain,and repair optical disc machines

Ø   Change mask ,setup parameters and preventive maintenance of sputter machines

Ø  Conduct sample testing of disc for the evaluation based on the standard operating procedure using MT OD machine and BASLER machine

Ø Gather data  from the machines to determine the days production and for  encoding and recording in the data bank

Ø Work out and monitor performance,safety standards and methods for    modification,maintenance,repair of production machines


Machines handled : Toyo Sumitomo Injection Machines,Sputter Machines, MT 416 OD Machines,Basler Machines,Optical Disc Machines



Company Name                    : Mingyang Traffic Industrial CO.LTD. (DEPO)

Company Address               : No 20-3 Nan Shih  Lane Lukang Chen Chang Hua

Hsien,Taiwan R.O.C

Position                                    : Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Operator

Period of Employment       : March 11, 2001 to  March 08, 2003

Department                            : Production department


Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø Operate plastic injection moulding machines

Ø Start up/shutdown injection moulding machine automation,

equipment and auxiliary equipment in a safe and cost effective manner

in accordance with production schedule and by the directives issued by

the supervisor

Ø Check safety system everytime equipment is started up and report any

safety malfunction to the shift supervisor

Ø Communicate efficiently with the supervisor regarding machinery and

product quality status throughout the shift

Ø Maintain and troubleshoots production machines during equipment breakdown

Ø Change mould and setup parameters of plastic injection moulding machines

Ø Keep the area ,machines,equipment clean during shifts

Ø Communicate effectively with the next shift operator on the production status

Ø Check and inspect finish products to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction

Ø Assemble,disassemble moulds and minor moulds repair

Ø Demoulding of finished parts from tools


Machines Handled : Injection machine for BMC ,Double Color Injection Machine ,Triple Color Injection Machines (750T and 1200T)


Company Name                      : Jacinto- Sumitomo Steel Corporation

Company Address                 : Km 21 Quirino Highway Novaliches Quezon

City,Metro Manila

Position                                     : Production Operator

Period of Employment        : June 14, 1999  to  December 09,1999

Department                             : Production Department






Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø Responsible for the operation of power- shear or slitting machines to cut metals or materials such as plates,sheets,coils to specified dimension and angles

Ø Test and adjust cutting speed and action,according to a specified length of product using gauge and handtools

Ø Select,clean,and install space rubber sleeves and cutter on arbors

Ø Measure dimensions of workpiece using tape,gauge,template or rule,or square for conformance for specification

Ø Start machine,adjust blades and control using wrenches,rule,gauge or

template and monitor operation

Ø Observe machine operation and observe cut strips for flatness,holes,burrs

and surface defects

Ø Lubricates and clean machines for proper performance

Ø Adhere to all health and safety rules and procedure

Ø Keep the surrounding clean,equipments and machines


Machines handled : Slitting and Shear Machines


Company Name                            : Mitsubishi Motors Philippines


Company Address                       : Ortigas Extension Cainta,Rizal

Position                                           :  Major Assembler

Period of Employment              :  June 20, 1996 to March 28,1998 Department                                    : Production Department


Detailed Duties and Responsibilities :

Ø Operate machines or otherwise fasten motor vehicle parts and

components together

Ø Operate and tend automated assembling equipment

Ø Connect cables,tubes and wires to complete assemblies and installations

Ø Position and install parts and subassemblies,fits and adjust parts

Ø Test motor vehicle electrical assemblies,equipment and wiring for proper


Ø Inspect fully assembled motor vehicles for defects

Ø Ensure that previously noted defects have been corrected

Ø Keep the production area clean and adhere to safety rules and regulations

Equipment used : Power tools,Automated Assembling Equipment






Trainings and Seminars Attended :

Ø 2.3 Policy – Hotwork ; 5.2 Policy – Isolation of Energy Source ;

5.3 Policy – SafeworkPermitting ( November 20,2011)

Equate Petrochemical Company,Contactor’s Lobby

Ø 5.5 Policy – Electrical Safety ( October 3, 2011)

Equate Petrochemical Company,Contractor’s Lobby

ØBasic Safety ( September 11, 2011)

Equate Petrochemical Company,Contractor’s Lobby

Ø Value Enhancement for Greater Productivity (October 23-24,1997)

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation

Mitsubishi Showroom, Cainta Rizal

Substation Engineering (December 15, 1994)

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines,


OZ AVR, Adamson University

Ø Maintaining and Trobleshooting Electric Motors ( November 11,1994)

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines,


OZ AVR, Adamson University

Ø Electrical Design of High Rise Building ( August 24,1993)

Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines,


OZ AVR, Adamson University





MCM Digital Multimeter,Fluke,Clamp on ammeter,Insulation Tester,Nilsson 400 Soil resistivity meter,RF insulation Tester,MCM Insulation Checker,Cronos –JR-2 Current Interrupter,Megger,Tinker and Razor Portable Current Supply,Safetrack Pin Braizing Equipment, A numbers of Reference Electrodes,Reference Electrodes calibration equipment.Data Logger,Minilog2 data logger,Ground tetster,Roxar data logger,Garmin GPS.






Date of Birth         :  March 08,1973

Place of Birth       :  Kalookan City

Age                           :  45 years old

Civil Status            :  Married

Nationality            :  Filipino

Religion                  :  Roman Catholic








June 1990 Bachelor of Science in electrical Engineering at Adamson University
January 24,to January 29, 2015 NACE CP2- Cathodic protection Technician at Nace international Institute


July 09, 2017- April 30,2018 Cathodic Protection Technician at Oceaneering Muscat LLC
September 12, 2011- May 23, 2017 Cathodic Protection Technician-level 2 at Almeer Technical Services Company
February 13, 2009 to February 23, 2011 Cathodic Protection QA/QC Inspector at Tekfen-Tml Joint venture
March 11, 2001 to March 08, 2003 Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Operator at Mingyang Traffic Industrial CO.LTD. (DEPO)
March 22, 2004 to March 20, 2007 Electronic Operator/Machine Operator at Giga Storage Corporation
June 20, 1996 to March 28,1998 Major Assembler at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation
June 14, 1999 to December 09,1999 Production Operator at Jacinto- Sumitomo Steel Corporation