Nowell So Production Supervisor/ Process Field Operator, Leader,

forklift operationLeadershipOver head Crane OperationProcess Plant OperationSupervisory

With more than 10 years of working experience, 5 years in electronics/semiconductors technology, 7 years in Copper (electroforming cell, concentrators, crystallization, separation(centrifugals), crushers and conveyors) and 2 years in Nickel and Cobalt Reduction and Metals handling(Refinery).


June 1999 to April 2001 Associate of Computer Data Processing and Information Management at San Pedro College of Business Administration

Working Student



• In Charge of daily operations target sustainability by ensuring production machine set-up are manage according to loading Plan from Kitted material.
• Ensure all targets will be attain (UPH, per shift, per day). Including the targets for Priority devices.
• Monitoring Manpower members record, attendance, performance and deploy daily production targets, requirements and guidelines.
• Monitoring of quality related issues and coordinate any process abnormalities that may affect product quality. To attain high productivity yield rate.

December 2014 to September 2015 Shift Supervisor at NXP Semiconductors Philipines

• In Charge of daily operations target sustainability by ensuring production machine set-up are manage according to frontline input/output and align until backend production process.(Frontline-Middle end-Back end).
• Attend Daily Operations meeting to acknowledge line Backlog and target output required for target shipment. Reporting Daily Production Performance.
• Monitoring Manpower members record, attendance, performance and deploy daily production targets, requirements and guidelines.

May 2014 to August 2014 Account Coordinator at EXPERCS INC.

• Ensures that Man Power Deployed in the company (NXP) is oriented and reporting regularly on its production schedule.
• Report to Project Manager if the Company is need of additional Manpower to be deployed.
• Conducting Orientation for new employees regarding Company rules and regulation, Mission and Vision.

• Distribution of employee personal and confidential papers such as pay slips, meal stubs and achievement reward given by the department on each production line/area.

• Monitoring of misbehavior and misconduct of each employee per shift then reporting to manager and evaluate for the suction and disciplinary action that must be apprehended.

October 2012 to October 2013 Group Leader at Hoya Lens Manufacturing Philippines

• Responsible for monitoring and make necessary action to achieve the input target daily.
• Responsible on updating the temporary and standard working procedure for the whole line
• Responsible on checking the daily output results and ensure corrective action was taken to
problem encountered
• Responsible to projects a mindset for high quality production among production operators
• Responsible to uses 3 realities and ask why 5 times principle in investigating actual
caused of defect
• Responsible to plans and reports PDCA results to superior and recommends action to standardize
• Responsible to highlights immediately to superior any quality abnormality encountered in the line
• Recommends line recovery plan to superior.
• Ensures correct input at Inside production
• Ensures 5’S is conducted on area at all times
• Ensure proper dessimination of information from management to operators or vise versa
• Responsible for monitoring manpower qualification, training and allocation
• Responsible to make countermeasure report generation for defects at Inside production
• Responsible to monitor widget from time to time.

May 2010 to July 2012 Lead Operator/ Shift Supervisor at AMBATOVY Project

Responsible for the coordination of daily activities in the plant department to meet primary objective of efficient production of Nickel and Cobalt, coordinates start ups and shutdowns to maintenance coordinator; issues service orders as required and ensures maintenance work is coordinated and completed as required; issues stores requisition as required and ensures operators have the tools and equipments required to do work; participates and ensures that all safety and environment activities are completed and as required; participate and performs incident investigations and reviews as required by shift supervisor; provides leadership and leads operators by example; understands and enforce company practices and procedures; provides and encourage training and development opportunities for crew members; communicates production information and performance expectations to crew operators.

May 2003 to May 2010 Sub leader/ Process operator at Nikko Metals Philippines

Act as shift-in-charge and manage the operation in the absence of leader. Execute daily schedule accordingly to attain daily output. Conduct hourly process monitoring to ensure conformance of machine, equipment and chemicals to operating specifications. Ensure full cooperation and strict compliance to any special instructions provided and discussed by immediate superior especially during emergency or critical production situations. Perform actual UPINORG process Control Operation. Responsible for line start as stop as per approved and updated Production Plan. Record and monitor product inventory, shipment, and warehouse management. Assist and support operators in performing UPINORG activities such as treatment, maintenance, periodic quality, in-process inspection/evaluation, monitoring and other activities. Immediately report to immediate superior any deviations or abnormalities observed in the production area. Conduct chemical concentration testing, analysis, and adjustment of solution. Assist in identifying product defects and quality problems and give ideas/suggestions in order to appropriately establish countermeasures. Ensure that all process monitoring sheets and other necessary documents are accurately maintained for good process traceability. Full comprehension of operators duties and responsibilities and provide them support and guidance in doing their work. Serve and act as a role model to all operators for adequate working attitudes are shown to them as good example to abide by. Leads TPM (Total Productive maintenance) and 5’s activities. In-charge of Forklift operation and crane operation during shipment.
Follow SOP on operations (Start-up, Roll Change, Drum Change, Unit Maintenance, Filter operation. Monitor all equipment using the check sheet aligned to the standard set by the group (digester, filter, dirty reservoir, clean tank, units, and heat exchangers). Coordinate with Process Engineers & other support groups for improvements on operations. Do periodic quality monitoring and ensure solution control is within standard specifications through solution monitoring and necessary corrective actions based on SOP. Ensure that all of actions do not endanger the safety of me, other employees and company equipment. Solution Control Monitoring for HTE, Sulfuric Acid, Copper Concentration and Total Solution Volume. Contribute in meeting the TPM Activity Targets and 5’s support.